Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man: An Unauthorized Biography

Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man An Unauthorized Biography This text tells the story of Led Zeppelin s legendary guitarist producer Jimmy Page It portrays all his spiritual artistic personal dimensions from his childhood in war torn Britain to his pivota

  • Title: Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man: An Unauthorized Biography
  • Author: George Case
  • ISBN: 9781423404071
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This text tells the story of Led Zeppelin s legendary guitarist producer, Jimmy Page It portrays all his spiritual, artistic, personal dimensions, from his childhood in war torn Britain, to his pivotal role in the recording studios that launched the British Invasion in the 60s to his achievements with Led Zeppelin.

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    1. A perfectly adequate but not very interesting unauthorized biography of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. It mostly charts the path of his music career with a few interesting tidbits about his personal life including heroin addiction and an interest in Satanism. He is one very private and strange guy to put it mildly. Nice to know he has mellowed with age and seems like a ordinary and responsible adult now who devotes time and money to his favorite charity. Page is a musical prodigy who taught [...]

    2. I'm a heavy metal maniac. I love guitars and the people who play them. There are many guitarists I admire, envy and enjoy.just to name a few: Hide, Slash, Joe Perry, Brian May, Zakk Wylde, Warren de Martini, Frank Hannon, Randy Rhoads, Aoi, Uruha, Miyavi, Chachamaru, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Rick Nielsen, Rik Emmett, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, George Lynch.you get the picture, I am leaving out a multitude. I have loved listening to them and hundreds of others my entire life but [...]

    3. Any rabid Zeppelin lover won't be stopped by bad reviews. So far so good. It sheds light on his early session work credits. The guitarist for Zeppelin was also the six stringer behind Joe Cocker's roaring cover of "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends", and recording sessions for--The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, and more. More than ever I realize, this man IS Classic Rock.

    4. Believe it or not, it took me a long time to really appreciate Led Zeppelin and their Magus-guitarist, Jimmy Page. And believe it or not, that length of time was determined by two psycho girlfriends who also happened to be obsessive Led Zeppelin fans. I connected the two, psychosis and Zep-fandom, and only made the mistake twice in dating luckily, my mistake of re-examining Page and Zep came about when I traded for my first Zep bootleg concert with another bootlegger. He has the Texas Pop Fest [...]

    5. I’m a pretty serious fan of Jimmy Page. As a guitarist, songwriter and producer, he was largely responsible for the output of one of my favorite bands (Led Zeppelin). He’s been an inspiration to me on several fronts, musical and otherwise. For me, guitar inevitably goes back to Page, because that’s where, for the most part, my guitar journey began.And all that is leading up to my admitting I expected to be disappointed by this book from the get go. Bios just aren’t all created equal. The [...]

    6. 3.5 true rating but definitely not worth rounding up to 4, this biography is written by a die hard Zeppelin fan & includes specifically technical details of every piece of equipment ever used by Page, minus the bad press of "Giants" (which covered the more juicy aspects of the band's behavior & rumors), is not a biography I'd recommend if a reader could only choose one.Lacking true facts in countless areas, it often reads like a second hand report or repeat of news or rumors without conf [...]

    7. This is one of those biographies that the author received no cooperation from the subject in the writing of the book. The author went ahead anyway and researched and wrote the book from existing information from various and wide ranged sources. The book is well organized with the sources of the information explicitly documented.The author writes very well. I particularly liked how he used his musical background to give insight on how a particular song was written or played.Despite the positives [...]

    8. HB -- library -- I am reading this book as a discovery about myself I luv Led Zepplin and my favorite is Kasmir. I was lucky enough to see LZ 5 times. I can remember the 1st time they came out on stage it was as if a canyon was lit with fireworks. Bathrooms were off bounds since the drugs and sexual abuse was rampant in or near the bathrooms. If I needed to use the pot I had to have a sober person be holding the stall door closed. going near the stage especially during certian songs was dangerou [...]

    9. The author gets credit for not sensationlizing what has certainly been a sensational life, but geez, throw me a bone, dude! I guess the book is interesting if you want to dissect every chord progression in every Led Zeppelin song ever written, but it doesn't offer much insight into the man behind the power chords. I haven't learned anything I didn't already know from "Hammer of the Gods." What makes Jimmy tick? You won't learn it here. He is surely far more interesting than what you'll glean fro [...]

    10. Not a bad portrait of a very mysterious and media-shy man. It's unauthorized, and it uses as it's sources a lot of third hand accounts - which makes you wonder as to the veracity of some of the things you read about Page. Never the less, it was interesting enough to read all the way through. It's obvious that Page has never recovered from the demise of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham; and that heroin took it's toll on Page and probably very well hindered his recovery from the disbanding of Led [...]

    11. This is a pretty good book, slightly dry and with many of the same stories you can read elsewhere but an interesting book none the less. This book excells when it comes to describing his music though, the Author has a thorough understanding of the guitar and cords ( is that how you speel it? :P) and such so gives quite detailed accounts ofriffs (?) etcAs you can probably guess it was lost on me. Im sure though that others who understand it, Will find it very interesting.A nice easy read.

    12. this book was very good. it tells a story of the life of led zeppelin best gutiar player jimmy page. this tells about his childhood in music into the yardbrids then into led zeppelin.

    13. In the book, ive read that jimmy page used to bring in his guitar to school every day and get it taken away by teacher and returned at the end of the day! haha! he ultimately joind the crusaders afetr secondary school, he toured and finaly got a taste of being a rock and roll musician. but then he got realy sick during the tour and had to drop out. He put his musical dreams on hold to center his attention towards being a painter. But he kept playing and got the amazing privelige of playing with [...]

    14. only read the first third of this - the pre-zeppelin sessions/yardbirds era. nothing here i hadn't read about 100 times already, sort of the cliff's notes version of all page-related mojo articles from the past 15 years. not bad, i guess, but if you're looking for new (or even DETAILED) information on page's pre-yardbirds exploits, look elsewhere.

    15. Far too technical and not gossipy enough for the likes of me. If you understand guitar, by all means read it. If you want an understanding of what life looked like to a rock god of the 70s, you won't find it. I did find myself marveling at the intricacies of guitar stuff that I'd never even thought about. I'm a musical dunderhead and this was so far over my head that I got dizzy.

    16. It's ok. I was surprised at how many details everyone involved has forgot. I think the author realized this and to make his book bigger he tried to squeeze three times the adjectives in that he should haveridiculously wordy at times.Jimmy Page sure can play.

    17. I was curious whether he was really as bad Richard Cole claims and the answer as presented here is yeah, he probably did engage in pretty awful behavior. The Crowley and Luciferian-ish stuff didn't bother me too much but the seeming ephebophilia was unpleasant to read about.

    18. My rock and roll idol but the book falls flat. Nothing in this book is overly profound. I was hoping for more insight into the man himself, but was treated to mainly rehashed stories from other sources.

    19. I liked most of the book. The author did great research. It just got a bit boring at times. I also think it could have been cut down at the end which seemed to drag a bit.

    20. The book was a decent read. It would have been far better had the author actually been able to interview Page. That said, it was still very informative.

    21. Unauthorized biographies are for the most part always dull and boring. They read like book reports,this book is no different. I never thought Jimmy Page could be so boring.

    22. My full detailed review is at my website: rnrchemist/2013/1All in all, a solid and enjoyable book. Not great, but very good.

    23. Entertaining, but Stephen Davis' Hammer of the Gods: the Led Zeppelin Saga is much better reading, even for this Jimmy Page fan.

    24. excellent comprehensive memoir of a fascinating guitarist. lots of technical stuff in there to please guitars players

    25. I just read this book, and I recommend it to Zeppelin fans. Jimmy Page was one of my heroes when I played guitar, now in middle age, I see that his personal life was very troubled.

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