Some Of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby

Some Of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby Includes nine short stories Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby The Glass Mountain I Bought a Little City The Palace at Four AM Chablis The School Margins Game and The Bal

  • Title: Some Of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby
  • Author: Donald Barthelme
  • ISBN: 9780141195773
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Includes nine short stories Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby , The Glass Mountain , I Bought a Little City , The Palace at Four AM , Chablis , The School , Margins , Game , and The Balloon.

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    1. Donald Barthelme (1931-1989) - American author of some of the most charming, curious, quizzical, probing short stories every written.Alienation, absurdity and the reality of death, themes central to the existential imagination, receive powerful expression in two unforgettable French classics: Jean-Paul Sartre’s The Wall and Albert Camus’ The Stranger. Readers have come to expect such serious, penetrating works are part of the rich European literary tradition. But, we may ask, how will these [...]

    2. i enjoyed 'some of us had been threatening our friend colby'as well as 'the palace at 4am' and 'the balloon'those stories alone are what made the book 'worth reading to me'i like the 'way'/'perspective' he chooses to develop a storyseems unconventionalfor example 'the palace at 4am' is i guess a love storybut it is a series of letters sent from the king's advisor to what we later realize is his wife/ex-lover who lost himthe advisor sends excerpts of the autobiography the king is writing and thro [...]

    3. I loved this short story. No only did I love it, but I laughed heartily through the whole thing. Colby has "gone too far" and he sits there and provides input about the punishment he should receive. Fantastic.

    4. My first encounter with the author has been a blast. I have to admit - I picked the book up in the second-hand section of the bookstore; but I am utterly glad that I did.In every story there is a sarcastic sadness, that makes snippy remarks at the sad state of affairs in the realm of general human condition. Titular story caught me off guard at the beginning, but then i managed to steady myself and the joyride began. I think that if there is one general theme to be addressed in all of these stor [...]

    5. Nee, je snapt er weinig van. En ja, daarom moet je het lezen. Donald Barthelme schrijft over luchtballonnen die om onduidelijke redenen, en zonder dat het veel commotie oplevert, hele steden bedekken (inclusief speelpark bovenop!), tirannen die aangetrokken worden door biografieschrijvende boselven (en in dubio zitten over hun eigen levensverhaal), basisscholen waar alles en iedereen doodgaat (en de juf seks moet hebben met de meester) en Donald Trump-achtige eigenaars van steden die er een rotz [...]

    6. "Edward was explaining to Carl about margins. 'Thewidthof the margin shows culture, aestheticism and a sense of values or the lack of them,' he said. 'A very wide left margin shows an impractical person of culture and refinement with a deep appreciation for the best in art and music. Whereas,' Edward said, quoting his handwriting analysis book, "whereas, narrow left margins show the opposite. No left margin at all shows a practical nature, a wholesome economy and a general lack of good taste in [...]

    7. I was a little disappointed by this set of surreal, almost nonsense, tales. The first, the title story, was diverting, as was the third which portrayed the idea of power not so much corrupting as boring its owner. However most of the rest of the collection did not grip me. I kept wanting to like them more because of their surreal quality but I really just could not as they did not seem to have much else about them other than their surreal setting or structure. However the last two stories do mak [...]

    8. Memorable QuotesSome of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby “.ough hanging Colby was almost certainly against the law, we had a perfect moral right to do so because he was our friend, belonged to us in various important senses, and he had after all gone too far.”

    9. A collection of quirky, mischievous and teasing stories, written with a clarity of language that is as transparent as it is citrus clean. Barthelme's imagination is a pleasure to peruse, and the stories all exude a happy craziness that is something akin to devouring tutti fruity cocktails during a vaudevillian curtain call.

    10. A strange little collection. Original, ingenious and in places quite funny but essentially a cold stylistic exercise with minimal substance and virtually nothing I can remember just a few days after finishing it. High end literary fast food.

    11. Wonderfully inventive short fiction. Funny with a reflexive depth to it. Only slightly removed from conceivable reality in occurrences, but emotively faithful. The eponymous story, 'The School', and 'The Balloon' stand out for me.

    12. This book gives you a really nice glimpse into postmodern literature and Barthelme's work. I particularly liked the title story and The Glass Mountain. Would recommend it and give it a 3.5.

    13. Perfect little gem. Lovers of the absurd and grotesque in an impeccably written very short story take heed. Uncharacteristically, I own the paperback.

    14. "the fact that nobody has ever gone TOO FAR again"friends should care about each other even in hard times

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