Blown Away: The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties

Blown Away The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties From the acclaimed biographer novelist and screenwriter comes an unparalleled portrait of the Rolling Stones an expose of the mysterious death of the band s founder Brian Jones and a stunning exp

  • Title: Blown Away: The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties
  • Author: A.E. Hotchner
  • ISBN: 9780671693169
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the acclaimed biographer, novelist, and screenwriter comes an unparalleled portrait of the Rolling Stones, an expose of the mysterious death of the band s founder, Brian Jones, and a stunning exploration of the sixties 8 pages of black and white photographs.

    One thought on “Blown Away: The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties”

    1. 3 stars might be too good for it, but it must have been just the diversion I was looking for, because I read it in less than 4 days and was entertained. More of a Beatles/Bowie girl myself, I was never a huge Stones fan, but I am fascinated by all that went on in the rock world in the ‘60s when I was at that “impressionable age.” (I’m not saying exactly . . . just that I was impressionable. Trust me.) I initially chose this to read as an introduction to Anita Pallenberg, whose name I onl [...]

    2. This is a thoroughly unpleasant book - not the book itself but the lives of Brian Jones and his fellow Stones. I like their music, but their drugs and violence and excesses made me grateful that my son did not, as he tried to do, become a rock 'n roll star keyboardist. (He's now a theatre musician and musical director, not as glamorous but ultimately more liveable.) Hotchner uses several series of interviews with commentary to tell the story. It's not a bad way to report it all, twenty years aft [...]

    3. An interesting, if overlong detailing of the Stones through the Sixties, and the death of Brian Jones. It's a pretty ugly story, overall, and it really paints Jagger in a bad light. But it's also an interesting look into the alien world of the Lords of Rock, those who've achieved a godlike status that most of us can't even conceive of.On the other hand, it's also very much a standard success story of meeting the right people at the right time, and leaving a trail of blood and bodies in your wake [...]

    4. Loads of inaccuracies!I just reread "Blown Away" after almost twenty years, it floored me back in the day but despite being interesting it just seems to fizzle now in comparison despite still being an essential Stones read. I not only caught many mistakes when it came to basic class and historical aspects of the UK (eg:Cheltenham Spa is NOT or never was a "lower class suburb of London"-it is a perennially wealthy area almost two hours away tucked into the Costwolds countryside!) Nor was "John F [...]

    5. Despite Vietnam, civil rights and an itchy trigger-finger political climate, this book shows a lot of the "peace and love" counterculture was rooted in selfishness. While a tremendous amount of good was done to advance human rights and eventually end the Vietnam war, a lot of the '60s idealism proved to be a mere exercise in self-indulgence of any kind, often at a tremendous cost to others, and especially if one had an audience. The Altamont concert is a perfect example. It happened again at the [...]

    6. Interesting information on the Stones. However, the author clearly does not like Jagger, nor the Rolling Stones in general. His "murder" theory concerning Brian Jones and "evidence" to support this theory is weak if not runours.I fully understand why the Stones did not authorize this book.

    7. Pure entertainment! No wonder the Stones didn't endorse it! The author uses interviews without dates, which makes it a questionable arrangement for argument about authenticity. But I enjoyed the gossip, found several discrepancies and the conspiracy theory is just thata theory.

    8. Yet another Rolling Stones bio. This one, written by A. E. Hotchner, uses personal interviews with friends, contemporaries and significant others to flesh out the facts about the death of Brian Jones, albeit twenty years after the occurrence.

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