Peril in the Palace

Peril in the Palace The place China in The quest The golden tablet of Kublai Khan The problem Just about everything The Imagination Station adventures continue as cousins Patrick and Beth are kidnapped by Mongol war

  • Title: Peril in the Palace
  • Author: Marianne Hering Paul McCusker
  • ISBN: 9781589976290
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • The place China in 1271 The quest The golden tablet of Kublai Khan The problem Just about everything The Imagination Station adventures continue as cousins Patrick and Beth are kidnapped by Mongol warriors Only the friendship of fellow traveler Marco Polo saves them from harm They are brought to the Mongol palace, where the Kublai Khan dislikes both their gifts andThe place China in 1271 The quest The golden tablet of Kublai Khan The problem Just about everything The Imagination Station adventures continue as cousins Patrick and Beth are kidnapped by Mongol warriors Only the friendship of fellow traveler Marco Polo saves them from harm They are brought to the Mongol palace, where the Kublai Khan dislikes both their gifts and their message about Christianity The tension grows when the Mongol magicians challenge the cousins to a spiritual power showdown As war breaks out, Beth and Patrick are locked in a secret room to prevent their escape How do the cousins get the golden tablet they need to save Mr Whittaker s friend Albert How do they escape the city and find the Imagination Station Enter the perilous palace and find out

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    1. In this adventure pactrick and beth go to china in the time of Kublai Khans rein to search for the golden tablet but they dont know where to find it.i dont want t obe a spoiler so i wont tell you any more but i loved the book and highly recommend the series.

    2. it was a great book you never know whats going to happen next your always wanting to move to the next chapter, there is lots of suspense and i loved it:)

    3. Peril at the Palace by Paul McCusker and Marianne Herning is the third book in the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station series. Cousins Patrick and Beth have been traveling through time using the Imagination Station to collect pieces of history to save Mr. Whittaker's relative Albert who has been captured by the mysterious Lord Darkthorn. This time the kids have gone to China in the thirteenth century to get a golden tablet from Kublai Khan, but that might not be as easy as it appears. Firs [...]

    4. We have been listening to Adventures in Odyssey since my son was born. It is a family tradition that he still enjoys at 13 years of age. If you listen to the show then you are very familiar with The Imagination Station. Since we love the radio broadcasts, our family was excited to receive Peril in the Palace to review.Peril in the Palace is written by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker. The story is set in 13th Century China. Beth and Patrick find themselves in an unforgettable adventure courtesy [...]

    5. Having read books 1 & 2, we (my son and I) were excited to continue the adventure with Patrick and Beth in book 3, Peril in the Palace.In book 2 Patrick and Beth, who are cousins, are trying to help Albert a friend of Mr. Whittakers.So, now in the adventure of book 3, the cousins need to meet Kublai Khan and find the golden tablet. They are ready to go to China. Beginning their adventure in China the cousins are captured Mongol Warriors who believe they are evil because they "appeared out of [...]

    6. Peril in the Palace was another exciting adventure in the continuation of the quest to save Mr. Whittaker's friend, Albert. You can read my reviews of book 1 here and book 2 here. Much like the other books, Patrick and Beth learn about the history and culture of the time they have been transported to. In this book, they travel back in time to the year 1271 to the land of China to meet Kublai Khan. Their mission is to find the golden tablet of Kublai Khan. Mr. Whittaker gives them several package [...]

    7. Adventures in Odyssey! Mr Whitaker! The Imagination Station! Does childhood fun get any better than that?Now Focus on the Family’s radio adventures are in book form. One of our summer reads is Peril in the Palace. The story follows to young cousins Patrick and Beth on another leg of their journey to rescue Mr. Whitaker’s Uncle Albert. This book is the third in the series and we can’t wait to read them all.Beth and Patrick land themselves in the middle of the desert of China in the year of [...]

    8. The adventures continue for cousins Beth and Patrick as they travel through time to help Mr. Whittaker's friend Albert and unravel the mystery of the unknown knight who appears to have equal access to the imagination station. This chapter finds the duo in ancient China in search of a Khan's golden tablet. In the meantime, they're kidnapped by Monguls, introduced to Marco Polo, and threatened by Shaman, Kublai Khan, and giant eagles. How will their gifts help them escape the danger, attain the ar [...]

    9. PERIL in the PALACEThe Imagination StationBy Paul McCusker and Marianne HeringKids can take another adventure into the past with Patrick and Beth thanks to The Imagination Station. This time they are journeying to China where they befriend Marco Polo. But they are about to discover new dangers when they offend Kublai Khan with their message of Christianity.Beth and Patrick find themselves in trouble almost from the start when they are captured by Mongul warriors almost as soon as they step out o [...]

    10. Patrick and Beth are on another adventure! This story takes the kids to China to find the golden tablet and continue the story line from the first two books. In each book there is a prologue so that the reader knows what is going on if (like me) you are reading the books out of order. I like the outfits that they get to wear, they obviously have to look the part so Whit always sends them into the Imagination Station wearing the proper attire. I also found this story interesting because I didn't [...]

    11. Peril in the Palace is Patrick and Beth’s third adventure in Mr. Wittaker’s Imagination Station. They are on a quest to get a tablet of Kubli Khan, an ancient Mongolian emperor. Along the way, they meet Marco Polo and his family, outwit some shamans, and encounter giant eagles called rocs.This book is a fun adventure for young kids, written at an easy reading level. The two cousins in the story show bravery by standing up for what they believe in, in front of a disbelieving emperor and his g [...]

    12. Since this book isn't meant for my age group (which I was aware of before starting it), I was able to read it within 45 minutes - 1 hour, but it was a good hour. Well develped in all aspects, this book is great for elementary kids who want to have a little history, adventure, and Jesus in there books. My only complaint is that a couple of parts could have been developed a little more but considering the age range appropriate for this book it might have only confused or lost the reader. Still, I' [...]

    13. In this exciting story when Patrick and Beth are picked up by the Mongol warriors, they are eventually taken to Kublai Khan’s palace where they find the floors are made of something special. What is it? Then Kublai Khan wants to find out who has the most power: our God or the Mongol shamans. How did Beth prove that the metal pitcher rose off the table for the Chinese lamas because of magnets? What did Patrick and Beth show the Kublai Khan that he liked?

    14. A good book for young childrenA good book in the Imagination Station series. Unlike some of the other books in the series, however, this one is not a stand alone - you need to read the book following (if not the books before) to really get the broader storyline. This book didn't seem to carry any "lessons" like some other books in the series do, but everything considered, it's still a good read for young children.

    15. Peril in the Palace is another great book in the Imagination Station series. This time Patrick, Beth, and Mr. Whittaker are whisked to China to help Albert find a golden tablet while battling mishaps, frightening creatures, and people who want to stop them. They also meet important people like Marco Polo, the Chinese Emperor of the time period, and the Mongols. This was a great book for kids and will take them on an adventure while teaching them important Christian truths.

    16. The story continues as you follow cousins Patrick and Beth as they try to help an ancestor of Mr. Whitaker. This time they are in China to retrieve a golden tablet. The mishaps they go through keep you interested. This time the book ended in a cliffhanger, so you look forward to the continuing saga. Looking forward to the next book.

    17. Another fun book about the Imagination Station and 8 year old cousins Patrick and Beth. This time they have gone to ancient China and learn about Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Mongol warriors and that Christianity was known and followed by some Mongols even then. Great history with Christian influence for young readers.

    18. This book takes place during Marco Polo’s travel. One main character tries to share the gospel & a Bible is eagerly received by another character. God is present in this story, but is more in the background.

    19. Sam says: my favorite part was when they got out of the machine and they were in the caveAmelia says: My favorite part was when they met the Mongol princess and she gave them the golden golden tablet of Kublai Khan.

    20. Peril in the Palace takes Beth and Patrick to China where they meet Marco Polo. Not our favorite Imagination Station book but it was a fun adventure and we look forward to continue to read the series. 4 stars.

    21. Read aloud to Emma and Will. Will does a great job with chapter books now, especially as this one is a bit longer and with less pictures. Kids enjoyed the historical context and thanks to CC knew about Gehngis Kahn, the Mongols, and Marco Polo already!

    22. In this I.S. trip, cousins Beth and Patrick go to China and meet Kublai Kahn, Marco Polo, and the Mongol Princess Beki.

    23. I really enjoy this series. It was a good book that touched on the Mongol's during the time of Kabul Kahn. Another hit!

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