Livadia Other title Mariposas nocturnas del imperio ruso

  • Title: Livadia
  • Author: José Manuel Prieto
  • ISBN: 9788439710233
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Other title Mariposas nocturnas del imperio ruso.

    One thought on “Livadia”

    1. It's hard to write a review of this book without being paralyzed by the fact that my writing, and that of most other humans, is so inferior to Prieto's that effectively describing the astonishing beauty of this novel is all but impossible. The prose is almost unbearably good. I would have to stop every few paragraphs--sometimes every few sentences--to let my plodding mind absorb the words just read. It is so so good. Please read it as soon as possible.

    2. After enjoying the insane brilliance of Rex: A Novel, I got this earlier novel from the library. (It's his second book, but the first to be translated. Rex is his third, but translated into English second; Encyclopedia of a Life in Russia is his first, translated third. I think?) Prieto is a Cuban writer, now living in New York City, but these three novels (Esther Allen, who translated the other two, refers to them as a trilogy) stem from the decade-plus he spent in Russia. So take your Russian [...]

    3. Prieto's reverse-epistolary novel is such an homage to Nabokov, it's almost hard for it to be it's own self, which I suppose is appropriate. This is no two-bit I've-read-Pale-Fire-and-so-can-I, but really a masterful bit of stylized prose, mulling over memory, borders, (erotic) love, and butterflies (I mean, I mentioned Vladimir Vladimirovich, right? Oh, and there's a bookseller by that same name, and one Sirin is the author of a lepidoptery guide in the book). Though brilliant and admirable, fa [...]

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