Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in Rodanthe Adrienne Willis is forty five and has been divorced for three years abandoned by her husband for a younger woman The trials of raising her teenage children and caring for her sick father have worn he

  • Title: Nights in Rodanthe
  • Author: Nicholas Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780375728228
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adrienne Willis is forty five and has been divorced for three years, abandoned by her husband for a younger woman The trials of raising her teenage children and caring for her sick father have worn her down, but at the request of a friend and in hopes of a respite, she s gone to the coastal village of Rodanthe in North Carolina s outer banks to tend the local inn for theAdrienne Willis is forty five and has been divorced for three years, abandoned by her husband for a younger woman The trials of raising her teenage children and caring for her sick father have worn her down, but at the request of a friend and in hopes of a respite, she s gone to the coastal village of Rodanthe in North Carolina s outer banks to tend the local inn for the weekend With a major storm brewing, the time away doesn t look promising until a guest named Paul Flanner arrives.At fifty four, Paul is a successful surgeon but in the previous six months his life has unraveled into something he doesn t recognize Estranged from his son and recently divorced, he s sold his practice and his home and has journeyed to this isolated coastal town in hopes of closing a painful chapter in his past, completely unaware that his life is about to change forever.Adrienne and Paul come together as the storm gathers strength over Rodanthe, but what begins between them over the weekend will resonate throughout the rest of their lives, intertwining past and future, love and loss.

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    1. I watched every movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novels but I never cared to actually read his novels which made me feel like I was cheating on this author. I thought it was kind of unfair that I benefit so much from his stories by merely watching the movie adaptations. So, when I saw my chance at retribution through a book sale, I automatically laid my eyes and hands on this book and yes I braced myself for the tears and the death common in Sparks' books which I indeed encountered in this b [...]

    2. First off, I'd like to offer myself as exhibit A in the case against the hypothesis that carriers of the XY gene are love story averse. Though I must admit that partly the reason for my reading this novel is Diane Lane. What can I say? Shes really pretty.With that said, I was a little, well disappointed with this one. I've never read a Spark's novel before but enjoyed the silver screen version of The Notebook so I was expecting something a lil more I suppose. If I could use one word to describe [...]

    3. I bought this book before my vacation in order to get special mood of romance, love and ocean. The setting of the book is perfect, I love romantic stories which begin by the sea. The book is easy-reading, it took me less than 3 days to finish it. I find all Sparks novels similar and, nevertheless, it didn't prevent me from enjoying this one. The book is about middle-aged love, I am enraptured by such kind of love stories because it reminds me that this wonderful feeling doesn't belong only to th [...]

    4. What I learned from this book is merely a confirmation of something I already know because I have children - most parents willingly and without hesitation make tremendous sacrifices for their children. They will put aside their own wants and needs and sometimes personal happiness so that their children's lives go on uninterrupted and relatively normal. Usually the children are unaware of what they have been given. An older mother shares with her grieving daughter a yet untold story to help her d [...]

    5. I am just a big Nicholas Sparks fan! I love the way he writes. This is just another great one of his that I loved as I was reading it and could not put it down. Can't wait for the movie!

    6. Just a bare-bones list of what I SHOULD/COULD have done with the 2 hours it took me read this sorry excuse for a book:1. Cleaned my bathroom2. Painted my daughter's bedroom BEFORE more paint gets spilled3. Cooked AND ate a romantic dinner with my husband, which would be much better for my marriage anyway4. Gave myself a MUCH needed mani and pedi5. Weeded my garden6. Caught up on laundry7. On and on and on8. And last, but not least, read ANY OTHER BOOK, I mean, besides another one by Sparks.I hav [...]

    7. The story captivated me from beginning to end and I thought it was very well written in a smooth, easy-(and fast)-to read format. But, I wantedexpect my romance books to have happily every afters (HEAs) and this one did not. It bothered me that Adrienne did not go on with her life, that she made decisions for herself based on the lives of her kids (that were not young) and she paid for those decisions in later years when she was left alone. Everyone is entitled to have a life of their own. She w [...]

    8. Sekali lagi saya terpesona oleh gaya penceritaan Nicholas Sparks. Mendayu-dayu tapi tidak menye-menye. Romantis namun tidak bombastis. Ceritanya mudah ditebak, walaupun begitu tetap saja saya dibawa ikut dalam irama drama yang naik turun. Hebatnya lagi begitu jelas dan detilnya Nic Sparks menceritakan bagaimana kisah cinta dua manusia di usia yang tak lagi muda, namun tetap sangat menarik. Saya ikut merasakan getar dan gelora asmara yang dialami kedua tokoh utama Nights in Rodanthe. Plus saat me [...]

    9. Adrianne terbiasa hidup untuk keluarganya. Untuk suaminya, juga anak-anaknya. Saat sang suami meninggalkannya demi wanita lain, Adrianne bukan hanya kehilangan suaminya. Tapi Adrianne kehilangan semangat dan hidupnya. Tertinggalkan bersama anak-anak mereka yang tentunya juga kehilangan figur keluarga yang utuh.Paul terbiasa hidup untuk pekerjaannya. Untuk keluarganya, melalui pasiennya. Saat ia banyak meninggalkan momen bersama keluarganya dan sang istri menyerah, barulah Paul sadar. Ditambah de [...]

    10. She had fallen in love with a stranger in the course of a weekend, and she would never fall in love again. The desire to love again had ended on a mountain pass in Ecuador. Paul had died for his son, and in that moment, part of her had died as well.Apart from this world full of deceit, anguish and hatred, there exists a world full of love, sincerity and longing and I want to live there. Sparks, hats off to you, you made me think this.I had rarely come across the books in my life that brings tear [...]

    11. Tak membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama untuk membaca novel ini. Ceritanya mudah dan ringan untuk diikuti. Kisah ini berpusat pada tokoh Adrianne. Seorang ibu yang terlihat lemah tapi ternyata mempunyai jiwa yang kuat yang orang lain tak sangka. Adrianne mengajarkan anaknya dan kita semua bahwa jatuh dan menangis setelah kehilangan itu adalah normal. Namun, bangun dan kembali melanjutkan hidup membutuhkan perjuangan tersendiri.Hanya butuh sekali kehilangan seseorang untuk membuat kita kehilangan p [...]

    12. This book is a quick read (easily read in one sitting) with a great message driven home clearly, poetically and effectively.While I understand that Nicholas Sparks gets glowing reviews about how touching and beautiful his sensitivity to romance is, what I actually found more remarkable about this book were the characters themselves. There were two main characters: A man and a woman. It was my experience that the man was the stronger of the two characters and the woman served as a witness to this [...]

    13. This book left me feeling conflicted. A few years ago I probably would have loved this book and given it 5 stars. I used to be such a sap for anything (which explained my love of twilight) but now I'm more sensible. I'll start with the positive things about this book. First of all, I liked the books message. Adrienne wanted her daughter to understand that even though she was grieving the loss of her husband, she had responsibilities to look after her children. My dad died when I was 15 and my mo [...]

    14. Opening line: "Three years earlier, on a warm November morning Adrienne Willis had returned to the Inn and at first glance had thought it unchanged, as if the small inn were impervious to the sun and sand and salted mist."Even in a book that's only 222 pages long Nicholas Sparks manages to weave his magic. Building a level of suspense as we await breathless to learn of Paul's fate. Reminisent of The Bridges of Madison County this is a quick, easy read but a great story nontheless. The story begi [...]

    15. Ketika Robert Torrelson (yang istrinya meninggal dan menggugat Paul sang dokter) mendatangi Paul di penginapan Rodanthe untuk menceritakan tentang sang istri, saya menangis."Kaulah orang terakhir yang bicara dengannya, orang terakhir yang dilihatnya dalam hidupnya. Istriku perempuan terbaik di dunia, dan kau bahkan tidak tahu siapa dia".Ketika Adrienne sendirian di penginapan setelah Paul pergi, mengenang kebersamaan mereka, saya menangis.Ketika Adrienne mengunjungi sang ayah yang terserang stro [...]

    16. This book sucked. Sorry all you Sparks fans! Don't mean to offend, but I can't believe a retired high school English teacher recommended it to me. Maybe they thought I wanted something "light". It was very True Romance in my view and his characters were sappy and overly sentimental and sweet. Nicholas Sparks has a great following, maybe I'm just too old to like romance books anymore! After I finished it, not sure why I did, I felt guilty that I could have been cleaning my bathroom with the time [...]

    17. What a waste of time. Read chapter one and you don't need to continue. This is so predictable and such an overworked concept. How did this guy get to be a best selling author?

    18. 4,5Gostei do livro mas achei que os acontecimentos e tudo o que se passou entre eles dois foi muito rápido. Se tivesse pelo menos umas 100 páginas a mais, gostaria ainda mais.

    19. I don't know why I attempted another Sparks novel. I think my friend told me to read it and I had previously trusted her knowledge of literatureuntil she recommended Twilightbut I digress. One question: why are all of Nicholas Sparks' characters out of the ordinary and incredible people in one way or the other? They're flawless, perfect, super-beings from another realm. In other words, they're unrelatable. Seriously, the protagonist in this novel had this back story: grew up on a farm with his d [...]

    20. Glad to finish.I am so sorry to those who have read and loved this book but I did not because it is flat. I really wanted to like this book but I just don't feel I was brought into any serious connection with these characters at all. The only picture I have of them is from the movie and that in my opinion is not good. Having read several books that have been adapted for movies I just believe the book should have more detail after all it's words but no, not with this one. Don't get me wrong, ther [...]

    21. Adrienne Willis’ daughter has suffered the death of her husband, leaving her with two small sons to raise alone. Adrienne is concerned that her daughter’s grief is consuming her, leaving her sons adrift without their mother’s attention. Adrienne decides to share with her grieving daughter an experience that happened years before.In a flashback to fifteen years earlier, Adrienne is raising her three children alone since her husband left her for a younger woman.Dr. Paul Flanner was a highly [...]

    22. You know, I read The Notebook and didn't like it, but I thought I'd give Nicholas Sparks another try. I always hear people raving about his books. So, I am planning on watching Nights in Rodanthe with my mom, and I wanted to read the book first. Let me tell you: it is terrible. Sparks' writing is so damn cheesy. I guess I shouldn't say the book wasn't entertaining because it had me laughing out loud several times. I even read certain passages to my girlfriends so we could get a good laugh. Plus, [...]

    23. A simple story that tells you how love strengths you and makes you a better person than you are. The story made me feel like crying at the end but it gave me strength too .

    24. 3.5 starsNights in Rodanthe is about love and loss. It's a small book really but heavy on emotion, tenderness, yearning, and love. In this book, Sparks takes us from the present, to the past and back to the present seamlessly. His story flows and tears that the heartstrings. The book starts in the present day 8 months after Adrienne's daughter's husband has died from cancer and she (the daughter)is struggling after his death. Her grief is so much that at times she has trouble taking care of hers [...]

    25. Just finished reading and I bawled my eyes out for an hour I'm depressed and I have an awful headache I absolutely refuse this end This is really amazing book I loved it so much even if it made me cry so hard A lot of life lessons you can learn from only 222 pages * It learns you that it is never too late to find happiness even after 54 years * Love always gives you the strange and changes you to be a better person * Few days of love and happiness with the person that you are meant to be [...]

    26. Nicholas Sparks is such a wonderful story teller. I started this book last night at 3 AM when I couldn't sleep, and less than 24 hours later I was finished. I couldn't put it down! The sweet, secret romance that took place between Adrienne and Paul was so romantic. Just about every woman dreams of the whirlwind romance that is portrayed in the novel. That said, I felt this was more like a short-story than a novel. It was over too quickly, and I felt that there could have been more to the romance [...]

    27. One star because I wasn't able to finish. I was recently told one way to read more in 2015 is to not force yourself to finish a book you don't enjoy so I'm moving on!

    28. 3 1/2 starsI loved everything about this story except the insta-love. Had it not had that it would have been 4 1/2-5 stars.

    29. Selesai saat terjebak macet di busway Pulo Gadung - Senayan ;p #review lengkap menyusul karena udah telat masuk kerja nih, hiks hiks#yang pasti, berterima kasih pada cerita ini, bahwa mungkin bahagia bukan hanya sebuah kebersamaan. Tapi juga pertemuan dan kehilangan yang saling mendewasakan ;) #jiahhhasanya# ***Pertama kali saya membaca buku Nicholas Sparks kira-kira sekitar 10 tahun yang lalu. A Bend in the Road dan Message in a Bottle. Yah bisa ditebak, saya yang kala itu (sampai sekarang sih) [...]

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