Undone The ImpostressThough celebrated in Irish society for her extraordinary beauty Elizabeth Gunning is just playing a part The supposed daughter of Viscount Mayo is in fact a common woman of uncommon app

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  • Title: Undone
  • Author: Virginia Henley
  • ISBN: 9780451210647
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • The ImpostressThough celebrated in Irish society for her extraordinary beauty, Elizabeth Gunning is just playing a part The supposed daughter of Viscount Mayo is in fact a common woman of uncommon appearance And if her domineering mother has her say, she is going to keep up the charade and take London society by storm.The DuchessWith her golden hair and violet eyes, ElizThe ImpostressThough celebrated in Irish society for her extraordinary beauty, Elizabeth Gunning is just playing a part The supposed daughter of Viscount Mayo is in fact a common woman of uncommon appearance And if her domineering mother has her say, she is going to keep up the charade and take London society by storm.The DuchessWith her golden hair and violet eyes, Elizabeth has men falling at her feet, but only one has captured her heart John Campbell, the rakishly handsome Duke of Argyll If she surrenders to his smoldering gaze and heated touch, she ll be playing with fire Because only John knows her deepest secret and knows just how to unleash the passion within her

    One thought on “Undone”

    1. A friend lent me this book, telling me it was one of her favorite historical romances. For the most part I enjoyed it, although it's not quite as Scottishy as Outlander, it sort of reminded me of that book. Maybe because two of the main characters are Scottish peers? It's an enjoyable bodice ripper type of novel written with a good eye toward historical details. Henley obviously took some liberties with the facts of the relationships in this novel, but that's more or less to be expected from a n [...]

    2. Great tale set in the 1700s, encouraged me to look up Elizabeth Gunning and the Duke of Argyll. It was interesting that the information I found online merged with the story line in the book.

    3. baca novel ini serasa baca novel cheryl holtbeda banget dengan novel VH yg biasanyaMaria & Elizabeth Gunning, kakak beradik yg sangat jelita & mempesona sayang kehidupan mereka yg tersingkirkan dari keluarga besar sang ayah & hidup di Irish.di Irish elizabeth bertemu pria tampan bernama John. perkenalan yg sangat berkesan baik dalam diri Elizabeth maupun johnidget, ex actress, ibu dari maria & elizabeth mengajak keluarganya ke london untuk mencari pasangan yg kaya untuk ke 2 pute [...]

    4. This story's heroine, Elizabeth Gunning, is a true historical figure. She and her sister were celebrated beauties in the era of George II. Unfortunately, Henley takes considerable liberty with a story that, without embellishment, would have been a pretty damn good tale. As Henley would have it, Beth met and fell in love with John Campbell before her stage mom decided to drag her and her sister to Dublin to meet Margaret Woffington (renowned actress of the day). The family gets an invite to an up [...]

    5. The whole story was too dragging. Elizabeth is one of the worst, most uninteresting, and annoying female characters that I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. All throughout the book her "beauty" keeps getting mentioned -yeah we all get it, we don't need to be constantly reminded on how ethereal her looks are. Elizabeth was spineless and it takes until two hundred pages or so for her to finally stand up for herself (nope, it's not gonna kick off from there ladies and gents). There's [...]

    6. So many mixed feelings about this book. Slow to start, so much so that I almost left it. Then Ms. Henley played very fast and loose with historical fact and that bothered me. I guess this is a sort-of romance, maybe a couple of bawdy scenes, but not a real bodice-ripper, so it falls short on that measure as well.Bottom line, the author does far better when spinning her own tales - leave historical fiction to Phillipa Gregory and that ilk who honor most of the historical accuracies.All that said, [...]

    7. Too High a PriceThis book scrambles the idea that love. conquers. all.It reveals hidden lusts, secrets and desires of people who gamble away their happiness and the happiness of those they purport to love.In this book, the author weaves a titillating tale of love battered on all fronts. This is a story that will keep you awake.It is unsettling: a love so near yet so far.A lot happens in this story . The losses seem too real but it is the thing hoped for that releases us to resume breathing.

    8. For the most part I liked this book. It wasn't as good as some of the books by this author. While there is a good amount of "real-life" history it didn't seem as real as some of her books. It was based on an actual person, Elizabeth Gunning, and at the end there is an epilgue. I went on Wiki after and learned that the son we learn to care some much about in the book dies at age 14. She also has 2 more (I think)children that die in infancy. All in all the lady has a tragic life.

    9. Ages since I'd read a Henley. Potential spoilers in what follows.The heroine is indeed young, but not disturbingly so, especially compared to her "older and wiser" sister who is so NOT Nice that she finally gets a bit of backbone, even if it comes late and almost leads to her shooting herself in the foot, metaphorically speaking.Not the greatest read, but ok.

    10. I can say alot of research was done in writing this book. The Georgian era of England in the mid 1700's is brought to life by this tale. This is my first read by this author and I'm quite impressed. It was a tale of secrets, deception, betrayal and seduction. I will look for more books from this author :)

    11. I have loved this author from the beginning. I enjoyed this book but enjoy her older books more!! John and Beth's story is tragic, funny, charismatic and her writing talent is unmatched, her detail, creativity is smoking. The backdrop of Henley's historical novels is unmatched.

    12. Historical romance is my fav genre and this book didnt disappoint me. Yeah lots of things happening and hero seems to be missing in action most times but loved the story. felt charlie's death was unnecessary but maybe for Beth's realisation, there was no other better way.

    13. How can anyone pass this off as having any basis in history? I am so pissed off with authors that fabricate a book and say it is based in history and I am doubly pissed with readers who do not make the effort to see if anything they are reading has any references to fact.

    14. One of my favorites in the romance!! This book as everything from beauty, lies, secrets, pretty sisters, etc!! LOVE IT!!

    15. Good read. The plot was unexpected which I liked. The heroine got on my nerve at times. Hero was ok but very much like a background character. Entertaining.

    16. I liked it. interesting conceit on 2 historical figures. an author's imagination at work or did Henley pull from research that isn't typically mentioned?

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