Crying Wolf

Crying Wolf This is a free read Also available as part of the Stuff My Stocking AnthologyFleeing an intolerably cruel existence even at the risk of his life outcast Wolf stuck in a form neither human nor lupin

  • Title: Crying Wolf
  • Author: Jade Archer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Online
  • This is a free read Also available as part of the Stuff My Stocking AnthologyFleeing an intolerably cruel existence, even at the risk of his life, outcast Wolf, stuck in a form neither human nor lupine, encounters a reclusive Master Mage who is struck by the young pup s vulnerability.

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    1. I didn't know this was on here but I loved this story!It was amazing. It is a free short story and can be read by itself but I highly recommend reading Ethan's Freedom I loved wolf

    2. Read as part of the Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty anthology.Wolf is 'defect'. He can't shift into human form neither into wolf form. He escaped slavery and is now out in the cold. He almost gave up when he sees the light in the distanceSomething about this story touched me deeply. I just can't pinpoint what it was.I would have read a whole book about Wolf and Cy and I will definitly take a look at the Portals series!

    3. This is the story I wrote for the MM Romance Group Christmas 2010 celebrations here on . It is available as part of the Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty anthology, however, I wanted to add it seperately as well to show where it 'fits' in the Portals series. I loved writing Wolf and Cy's storyd I have to say I don't think their tale is over. There is definitely more calling to be written for these two! In the meantime, this can be read as a stand-alone free shor [...]

    4. I really loved this story! The world building was great and the author managed to make the setting and the MC’s feel very credible in only a few pages. I liked the way Wolf was described, it seemed very interesting and I might get a look at the other books of the series! 4 stars!

    5. Sweet, free short story about two beautifully disfigured creatures finding each other one night during a snowstorm.

    6. Good read, but too short. I would love to see these two further into their life together. Just a thought.

    7. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsPoor little Wolf. He’s part of a freak show, a slave that no one even bothered to give a name to, just calling him Wolf. He is stuck in a half-shifted form, with pointed ears, a muzzle and a tail, a furry body. When he finally gathers the nerve and escapes, it is in the middle of a frigid snowstorm and he knows he is going to die. When the mage Cy finds Wolf, passed out at the bottom of the valley by his house, he has to take the boy in. Cy has a bad history [...]

    8. I don't typically get turned on by the thoughts of sex between man & dogI think that's a good thing! Yet, once in a long while, I'll read something about sex in shifted form & enjoy it. This is about a man-wolf hybrid that is found, hurt and exhausted, by a human. The human feels affection for the poor creature, and for reasons that are unclear even to himself, he is compelled to nurture this wolfboy and nurse him back to health. The wolfboy, after his initial fear, returns his affection [...]

    9. 3.5 stars Very unique story. Not entirely sure on shifters' place in this world, and how exactly Wolf ended up a slave. But for the length, they focused on the important stuff. Seeing both of their POV's was important in understanding motivations and what was drawing them to each other, so that it didn't seem so sudden. Even though it was totally sudden. But who cares, right? Sweet and sexy and different, I liked it. FREE at Pride Publishing

    10. I hardly know what to say. I read this for a challenge and I'm glad I did. Now I'm curious about the rest of the series, even though m/m paranormal isn't really a favorite. The author managed to pack a punch into this story with strong characters and the promise of an interesting relationship. I especially liked Cy's character. He was very three dimensional. I would like to read more about Cy's past and everything that has shaped him into the character he is in this book - even if that story wou [...]

    11. lol a furry. hmmddacryphilia?Soe Wolf's eyes gray or gold? Cuz they were definitely gray at first, but now apparently they're yellow-y.This is pure fantasy. Not fantasy the noun, as in the genre, but fantasy the adjective, as in the imagined deepest darkest wishes of a certain individual.This story seems to exist outside of the canon universe of this series.As a little character piece, it was pretty good. I liked it.

    12. I truly enjoyed this story. Part of the "Stuff My Stocking" bundle as well as the "Portals" series it is worth reading. The characters are intriguing and I liked that there was an instant connection without grand gestures of love. Cy is gentle, caring and protective of Wolf from the beginning. It was nice to see that Wolf quickly comes to realize that Cy is to be trusted. The ending hints at years of happiness for the both of them. Adult read

    13. It was a cute read. Both Cy and Wolf (btw, not a very inspired name, if you ask me :P) had interesting personalities and backgrounds and would make for good characters for a lengthier story.The pace was rather fast for their meeting and falling in love but worked well enough in the space limitations provided.

    14. Hooo, cute! Mostly pwp since the length but it's let us see that something bigger can happen. Yes it's short but it's well done and touching. Two broken men and a touch of D/s (even if the world they live in is one of institutionalized slavery, it's evident that Wolf's no force in the situation). And yes, I certainly want to read more about them both.

    15. Story 5 of Stuff My Stocking:This story was actually quite good.But I can’t help it… The half man/half wolf did not get me all hot and bothered during the sex scenes Bestiality is not really my cup of tea…

    16. This was positively disturbing. I find new things about myself everyday. Today I found I don't like this type of furry stories. Seemedo depraved and degrading for my tastes. Thankfully it was short and free.

    17. A free read on the author's website. It has nothing to do with the rest of the Portal series, except maybe he is the lone wolf heard at the auction? (but not important to the story). Sweet and charming - especially considering he's stuck as half wolf and half man!

    18. (read from Stuff My Stocking anthology)Now at least there's a story. A warming one about a mage and a wolf-guy. Yeah, you read that right. It's kind of icky at first, (wtf, doing it with a wolf-guy?!) but at least the story is good and has a point.

    19. Not sure the fact that he was half wolf (wolf face and tail) really worked for me or not. Great match to the picture, and kind of sweet but it kind of distracted me.

    20. Nice little PNR M/M romance between and Mage and a "shifter". Could make a good full-length book filing in the backstories of both.

    21. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    22. Subject matter not really my cup of tea. Read as part of the Stuff My Stocking collection of short stories.

    23. Was really surprised about liking this I haven't read anything with shifters before; intrigued enough to read other things by the author.

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