Runaways, Volume 3: The Good Die Young

Runaways Volume The Good Die Young The world as we know it is about to end and the Runaways are the only hope to prevent it But if our fledgling teenage heroes are going to succeed they may have to become just as evil as their villain

  • Title: Runaways, Volume 3: The Good Die Young
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan Adrian Alphona
  • ISBN: 9780785157366
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • The world as we know it is about to end and the Runaways are the only hope to prevent it But if our fledgling teenage heroes are going to succeed, they may have to become just as evil as their villainous parents The Runaways have learned how their parents criminal organization began, and now they must decide how it should end As the Runaways epic battle against theirThe world as we know it is about to end and the Runaways are the only hope to prevent it But if our fledgling teenage heroes are going to succeed, they may have to become just as evil as their villainous parents The Runaways have learned how their parents criminal organization began, and now they must decide how it should end As the Runaways epic battle against their evil parents reaches its shocking conclusion, the team s mole stands revealed, and blood must be shed Which kids will still be standing when the smoke finally clears This is the story that changes everything seriously.

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    1. The showdown between our teenage protagonists and their parents is entertaining enough, if a bit on the generic side. The mole affair in particular could have been handled more convincingly, I thought. Still a fun read, don’t get me wrong, just not quite as original, radical and daring as I had hoped based on the previous two trades. I’ll keep reading, though, especially since the final issue collected here marks a promising return to form. Who knows, maybe our teenage heroes still have bigg [...]

    2. I think this is my favorite one yet! We get to hear about the Pride's origins and there is a HUGE twist I did not see coming! I love these kids. Captain America makes an appearance and is his typical stodgy self. Pfft. Lots of surprises in this one. --------------------------------Oh, BTW, I bought the paperback version of this and it is BRAND-NEW and the pages are falling out. Appears to be Sheridan Books, published in 2011. Avoid this version if you can. reviews back this up as well. It was a [...]

    3. The Runaways discover the bizarre origins of their parents’ supervillain group, The Pride, before deciding they need to confront them once and for all. But the mole in the group threatens to bring them down, while The Pride have their own insurrectionists. Whatever happens, there will be blood! After a lull in the weak second volume, Brian K Vaughan is back with a much more energised and focused third book. The origin story for The Pride is completely bonkers but in keeping with what you’d e [...]

    4. Thank you Mr. Brian K. I was beginning to worry you were getting bogged down in editorial notes to "make this more like Strangers in Paradise and Archie - straight-arrow melodrama and romance" that just bores the shit out of me. (dorkshelf/2013/02/07/oh-ro) I mean, if I really want to read Jane Austen I'll just torture myself full-frontal, not the sidelong wanna-be-modern-but-not-self-aware Boredom Books.(Sorry, I'm picking on the comics I remember with a flavour of that, even though they're har [...]

    5. "At least once during our adolescents years, many of us felt that our parents were the most evil people alivebut what if they really were?"I can't even say how much i love and suffer this numberLet's give so contextThe Pride was the Runaways parents evil organization but, How is that this completely different people start this? I've wonder this since i'd star reading the fist volumen, fortunately i found out in this volumen.The other thing isuld you be able to stop the people who love you and ra [...]

    6. I'm really liking this comic series, which is weird because I'm definitely not a comic person at all. The original plot of the villain parents ended in this volume so I'm excited to see what the next big plot is going to be for the next volumes. I'm loving the series as well and though I can tell is going to be a little different from this comics it seems as if is going to be just as good. I wished Hulu was like Netflix so I could have all the episodes already and I couldn't have to wait.

    7. I feel like my estimation of Runaways has gone down from the first volume. The first volume was awesome. The second felt like a filler-- seriously? Random vampires? WTF? It didn't even need to exist, in my opinion. The third tied up the issues from the first, fleshed out the plot, and answered my questions. Now, however, I have a few more questions:Why are the girls always being led around by guys? They're in the majority!Why do they constantly fight over boys, to the point of the guys needing t [...]

    8. Holy. Shit. I definitely wasn't expecting things to shake down the way it did. I honestly read most of this volume with bugged eyes and a dropped jaw. The mole plot twist was very cleverly implanted from the beginning of the series and to see it pay off in a pretty spectacular fashion is so satisfying. I was surprised by the reveal, and was just as shocked by the events that transpired.The story concluded on a positive note but it is also open-ended enough to know that it wasn't The End. Ultimat [...]

    9. Okay, it's official - the original 2003-2004 erm run (for lack of a better word) of the Runaways is one of the coolest things I've ever read.

    10. I apparently had read this before, but didn't remember it at all. This volume ends the original arc as the Runaways face their parents in conflict, and the secrets of the Pride are revealed. There's a lot of stuff going on here, and the battles are pretty intense, especially when the mole switches sides (the identity of whom is guessable and a little disappointing, but it makes sense). But everyone gets a chance to shine, and the Pride's motives are explored a little bit more to make them margin [...]

    11. Still slight, still fun. Things unfolded much as I expected re: the mole plot. Did have a little squee at Cap's brief appearance, and I love the end. I'm not so keen on the way omg everyone must pair up (I mean, what've we had so far: Alex/Nico, vampire boy/Niko, vampire boy/Karolina, Chase/Gert, Karolina's crush on Nico). And I agree with another review that points out that Molly certainly doesn't act her age.Still. Despite those quibbles, I am enjoying this, and I'll be interested to see where [...]

    12. This edition of the runaway s didn't disappoint! The kids managed with nudges from one of the group to actually reach their parents(the 'rents) in time to stop the big plan.It was good fun reading a new group of players in the Marvel universe. Seeing what they were able to achieve on there own, as the avengers didn't turn up till it was all over. So the story arc dealing with the evil parents is over and the kids are on the run once again, I wonder what will happen next?

    13. This volume is immediately on top of wrapping up the plot and answering questions, so fortunately nothing included feels boring or pointless. Exactly how and why the gang's parents got involved up in becoming super-villians is finally described, and while the given story is definitely weird it's solid enough that I never questioned it when I read the series previously.However I don't like the outcome of the mole plot even while reading it after the original wound of betrayal has healed, and feel [...]

    14. This was a solid ending to the trilogy! Again, Vaughan provides great writing, drama, dialogue, and a fun mix of genres. I was very impressed and I really liked it. In terms of "superhero" fiction, this has to be among the best I've read. He made the situations believable, understandable, and definitely suspenseful--we finally learn who the "mole" is, and although I had a hunch it was still a fun ride. He makes his stories more about the characters and their development and I really appreciate t [...]

    15. I was mildly entertained by Runaways, the graphic novel trilogy about a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are evil supervillains. The kids run away after seeing their parents kill a young woman, and they try to figure out the truth about their parents and about themselves. This final entry was a nice wrap-up to the story. I did hear about the t.v. show that was made based on these graphic novels, so I will check that out just to see how they portray the different characters. The [...]

    16. Okay, now that I've finished the first brief run, a few thoughts1. I love these stupid characters. 2. I enjoy the ever-so-slightly edgy humor in these. I laughed a lot. 3. I really like the character designs, but sometimes the characters have their mouths open in weird ways and it's really distracting. 4. My ranking of the characters remains the same. 5. When are Nico and Karolina gonna kiss???

    17. This book certainly brings this first arc to a stop, and wow I'm shook at the ending Also seeing the Avengers was so cool!!I'm really looking forward to keep reading this series, I'm so curious about what comes next, after that ending

    18. I love most everything Vaughan is involved in, so maybe it's a bit harsh to feel so disappointed by this volume but (view spoiler)[THESE ARE THE EVIL MASTERMINDS BEHIND THE PRIDE? SERIOUSLY!?!I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop laughing after the Big Reveal. And, yes, I know that this is a Marvel comic, the same folks who brought up a giant purple guy who eats planets and a mutant archnemesis named Apocalypse who conveniently uses an "A" for a belt buckle so we always remember who he is, but Come On [...]

    19. The last volume of the Runaways was actually pretty satisfying. I can't go into too much detail without getting spoilery, but the gang heads to the final faceoff between them, their parents, and the mysterious weird six-fingered giants that live off the coast of Los Angeles. The 18-issue arc is at an end, but the book sets up the team for new adventures. If you liked the previous two volumes, you owe it to yourselves to finish the darned thing. I don't think I'll try to read more, but this was g [...]

    20. Runaways VOL. 3: The good die young 4.5/5 ⭐ I enjoyed this volume way too much! We get to know more about PRIDE and how's life going to be for the Runaways kids.Excited to read the next volume.#13: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5#14: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5#15: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐#16: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5#17: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ --->OMGGGGGGGGGG #18: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    21. Glad that story-arc is over. I had previously guessed who the mole in the runaways was, but was surprised at just how deep the conspiracy actually went. Just a quick semi-spoiler: THE MOLE DIES. And then the whole group dynamic gets thrown off completely. The dumb jock character is suddenly super-smart and able to figure out machinery like a whiz. Molly is suddenly in on the cultural remarks and is a bit of a sullen pre-teen, without the babyish edge. The remaining girls (other than 11 yr. old M [...]

    22. The Runaways follows a group of teens and tweens who have known each other all their lives. Their parents were friends and for the most part they merely tolerated the annual get-togethers of their families. That is until they discovered their parents' secret identities as 'The Pride', a super-powered criminal organization that all-but-rules Los Angeles.In the first two volumes, the kids escape from their parents and discover their inheritance: one way or another, each one of them has skills, pow [...]

    23. Originally posted at pinoypeterpanThe best of the series so far, lots of revelations and a good ending if you'd ask me (not that I wanted it to end, I'm just stating what I thought). It started with how "The Pride" was formed. It would give you a better understanding as to why they wanted the world to end. A lot of interesting facts was also added to the story. A very interesting twist (though looking back, I think that hints were given on the the previous issues), one of the character turns out [...]

    24. Beklediğimden de etkileyiciydi! İhanet üstüne ihanet, sürpriz üstüne sürpriz, şok üstüne şok Olaylar öyle bir açıklanıp bağlanmış ki, hiçbir şeyin (ailelerin çocuk sayılarının bile) rastlantı olmadığını öğreniyorsunuz bu ciltte. Rastlantılara dayalı birçok çizgi roman klişesi bu seride yıkılmış resmen:) Gerçi bu seri kendi başına da tamamen klişelerin dışında bir seri olmuş. 11 ciltlik bu seriyi bitirmek için sabırsızlanıyorum:)

    25. Wrapping up the first season of what may have been the first comic to talk in terms of 'seasons', this volume sees the mole unveiled and the villainous parents confronted, before a resolution which even the characters point out is somewhat hypocritical leaves the team ready for new adventures. One of those volumes which is necessary for a wider story rather than being particularly enjoyable in itself.

    26. Bullet Review:Wow, what an explosive end to that storyline! I didn't see the mole's identity (though I'm sure to most it would have been obvious) and I love how the story gives us some answers. Oh and yay to wrapping up the loose ends while still managing to leave the series open-ended.Now I'm in a quandary: should I continue? I've got enough series to follow - but then Vaughan is amazing and Saga isn't out yet. Hmmmmm

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