The Holiday

The Holiday Number one best seller Jane Green author of The Beach House and Spellbound and her friends bring you this enchanting trio of tales for the holiday season If you had one wish this Christmas what would

  • Title: The Holiday
  • Author: Jane Green Jennifer Coburn Liz Ireland
  • ISBN: 9780241952221
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number one best seller Jane Green author of The Beach House and Spellbound and her friends bring you this enchanting trio of tales for the holiday season.If you had one wish this Christmas, what would it be Sarah wishes not to be lonely She shouldn t be not with Eddie, her husband, and their two children by her side but since Sarah waved farewell to the bright lNumber one best seller Jane Green author of The Beach House and Spellbound and her friends bring you this enchanting trio of tales for the holiday season.If you had one wish this Christmas, what would it be Sarah wishes not to be lonely She shouldn t be not with Eddie, her husband, and their two children by her side but since Sarah waved farewell to the bright lights of the big city and moved to a picture perfect home in the country, her marriage is missing its usual sparkle So when Eddie s job takes him away from home shortly before Christmas, the enforced break in their relationship while tricky probably couldn t have come at a better time.But will his absence make her heart grow fonder And if so, for whom As seasonal cheer begins to flow, Sarah discovers rather a lot can happen in one holiday especially when it s Christmas.

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    1. Though all three of the stories were pretty good, my favorite was the third one, Mistletoe And Holly. <3Individual ratings would go something like this:The Holiday: 3 Stars.The Second Wife Of Reilly: 2 Stars.Mistletoe And Holly: 4.5 Stars.

    2. I enjoyed both Jane Green and Liz Ireland's story, but I wasn't too keen on the one by Jennifer Coburn. I wouldn't recommend reading this if you are looking for a happy Christmas read as all three stories were quite depressing, even though they did end happily.

    3. 1.5 Stars3 short stories by 3 authors. Jane Green's story was readable but, I was looking forward to a more realistic outcome. I enjoy Jane's books, but I felt cheated out of good story telling for a quick release of 3 bad Christmas stories. In this first one, Sarah and Eddie find themselves unhappy in their marriage. They moved to the suburbs, had children, grew fat and fell out of love. (view spoiler)[ After separating, overnight they fix themselves up, lose weight and automatically fall back [...]

    4. I had only read one book written by Jane Green prior to this one, but it didn't stop me being very excited to pick this one up! I really enjoyed Green's fun and relaxed style of writing in Jemima J, and was even more impressed with her latest release, The Holiday. I was also impressed with the other two short stories, The Second Wife of Reilly by Jennifer Coburn and Mistletoe and Holly by Liz Ireland.I am not usually completely taken by short stories, I prefer the depth of a longer novel, but I [...]

    5. I received this book as a gift last Christmas, and being that it was too late to read it by then, I thought it would be perfect to read now in the run-up to this year's seasonal festivities.Well, meh…This book contains three short stories, all focusing on relationships around the Christmas period. The first story is by Jane Green and it involves a married couple going through difficulties during the "holiday season", as the Americans call it. It explored an interesting theme about marriage ove [...]

    6. I received this as a somewhat unexpected gift for Christmas. I may read the occasional Historical, but the wide field of Contemporary Romance is new to me. These were published in 2005, so they're not even that contemporary anymore, but that's nitpicking. And there's no need to nitpick, they're bad enough in the broad picture. Three novellas, all by different authors, of whom one is probably more famous than the two others, I wouldn't know. They all share a lose Christmas theme and not much else [...]

    7. From New York Times best-selling chick-lit author Green, along with Coburn and Ireland, comes this irresistible Christmas collection of three sweet, sexy holiday stories where romance is the gift that keeps on giving. I LOVE the holidays, especially Christmas. I am not a huge fan of short stories however, I thought this was done very well. It just gives you the holiday spirit and melts your cold heart. I highly recommend this if you want a good holiday book, to get you in the mood, or to stop yo [...]

    8. This is actually three novellas in one, the credited author, Jane Green, having written the first story about a marriage that is falling apart mainly due to them not making the effort anymore. The classic tale of the husband that works hard and spends his night in front of the television with his beer and the young wife that keeps the home and raises the children without his involvement and she finally gets fed up, thinking their marriage has no more life in it and feeling a sense of loss as to [...]

    9. 3 contemporary Christmas stories. None of which have ANY sex. Jane Green - 4 stars. WOW! This starts out as a sad story. Married couple who used to be madly in love, now not so much. He gets transfered to Chicago & she thinks it's a sign to seperate. As they spend time apart, they both begin to take stock of their relationship. Can it be saved? You've got to read the story (but would I give it 4 stars if they can't?). Jennifer Coburn - a reluctant 3 stars. I really didn't want to like this o [...]

    10. Don't waste your time. I'm not a big fan of short stories. They're just, well short! By the time you get hooked the story is over. These were generic, predictable "love stories". Here they are in a nut shell. I suppose I'll put spoiler tags for anyone who couldn't guess the outcome after the first two pages(view spoiler)[1. Unhappy married couple separates for a while. Wife gets a fun job and a makeover, husband starts working out and spending solo time with kids. They come together on Christmas [...]

    11. This was a good reads book that I won November 15th. It didn't come by mail until late January. I would have rather read during the holidays since all 3 stories are Christmas related.I enjoyed story 1. I especially liked how Sarah & Eddie each grow and change and make good on mistakes made. I wished the story would have continued a bit more before ending abruptly. Yeah for Eddie for working hard and having faith in their marriage. All in all it was a cute Christmas story.Book 2 I would have [...]

    12. Ok, so this is a book with three short stories. And again, I'm not a huge fan of the short story--just to quick to wrap up stories for me. I decided to rate these individually."Vacation" by Jane Green:This is the one I looked foward to the most, because I really like Jane Green. Unfortunately, I only give it three stars. It was an ok story, but there was virtually no ending--it wrapped up in like 2 paragraphs and I was confused--as though I was missing pages. It was almost like the author was gi [...]

    13. This book is a compilation of three short stories by three different authors, all focused on very different events in women's lives at Christmas. They are all clever, humorous depictions of emotional dilemmas which seem like they might be best serialized in a woman's magazine. The book is an entertaining, light read, but certainly not terribly impressive nor memorable. It would probably make an appropriate gift for a female friend, as many women could relate to the situations described: disappoi [...]

    14. This book comprises three different seasonal stories by different authors. The first story "Holiday" by Jane Green is a great read regarding a relationship between husband and wife and what their combined life means to each other when they are together and when apart. It deals with how reliant you become and how you can take each other for granted. The second called "The Second Wife Of Reilly" by Jennifer Coburn did nothing for me. I found the story line silly - so much so that reading two third [...]

    15. I think the price I paid for this book was worth it (I bought it from the dollar store). I don't think they are bad stories, I just don't think they hit the genre I enjoy. I had a hard time staying interested, especially in the second story. I just felt like most of the stories had no climax, but then again suspense and mystery romance are my favorite books to read. My favorite out of the three stories was the first one. I just enjoyed it the most. The second story was really hard to get through [...]

    16. This book is three novellas by three different authors. I got through the first, "Vacation," and while I wouldn't hold it up as a standard of great writing, I got through it and even liked how it made me appreciate my family more. I wasn't impressed by the author's use of profanity, though. Unfortunately, I made it only partway through "The Second Wife of Reilly" before I put down the book, and I'm not going to pick it up again. I have no desire to read female locker room–type talk, nor the ex [...]

    17. I enjoyed all three of these stories to be honest even if I did read them at the height of summer :-) The Holiday - Brilliantly told short chick-lit. Easy to read and an all too real story told of a married couple who have become stuck in a rut. The only thing I found was that the last chapter seemed more rushed than the others. It was quite a build up that led to a very short conclusion. Still very enjoyable though.Second wife of Reilly - An enjoyable and easy to read short chick-lit. The story [...]

    18. I am not a big fan of short story collections, I have read quite a few in the past and have never been too impressed with any of them but for some reason I still feel compelled to purchase them in hope that "this one will be different". Well `THIS CHRISTMAS' was definitely different! This is the best short story collection that I have ever read hands down. Each story put a smile on my face and kept me totally enthralled. I like that there were only three stories to this collection so I was able [...]

    19. I would rate this 2.5 stars if I could but I can't so I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt because I picked this up specifically to read Jane Green's story. which is exactly what I did and I wasn't very satisfied with the ending. Sarah and Eddie got married 9 years ago and have gotten to the point where they feel old and out of love so they have a separation period. that part of the book is pretty good the characters become related but the ending (pardon my French) is just shit! its so rus [...]

    20. Only read the first story in the book- Vacation. It was just okay. The point of view was extremely distracting- third person omniscienta lot of head hopping going on. I only cared about the main characters opinions and her husbandt what everyone else thought. Then at the end, the climax to the storya scene endsxt scene, the entire climax is over. The writer basically skipped over the resolution!!! I wanted to know what happened!!!!! I was left wondering how they solved their problem. One minute [...]

    21. I received this book as part of the giveaway. I wish I had received it before Christmas but I would sum the stories up as "beach reading" for in front of your fireplace. All of the stories are short, easy to read in bits and pieces if necessary but unfortunately, very predictable. That isn't to say they were not good, you just knew what was coming. If you enjoy light romance where you know you are going to get a happy ending, and really, who doesn't need that every now and then, then this is a b [...]

    22. I picked this book up because of Jane Green, love her stories. So of course, I loved the first one in this trio by her. The second book by Jennifer Colburn I really didn't care for. I just didn't like Sarah and could care less that she was trying to find a husband for her husband's ex. I just read it quickly to get it over with. The 3rd book by Liz Ireland, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. I read this last story in just a couple of hours. I will put Liz Ireland on my list of aut [...]

    23. Jane Green and Liz Ireland’s stories were your traditional chick-lit, light, relationship-focused stories. Each of those I enjoyed. I’d rate Jane Green’s story 4 stars and Liz Ireland’s with 3.5 stars. I found Jennifer Coburn’s story nearly unbearable; 0 stars - it was annoying and had a creepy, stalker-like storyline that seemed too bizarre to comprehend or enjoy. I didn’t see any connection to Christmas in her story and believe the book would’ve been better without her contributi [...]

    24. I only had time to read the first short story before I had to return it to the library. Literally no character development or thought to the story, and so mind-numbing. Thought it would be about Christmas. Guess not. Don’t think the middle one was either. Wanted to read the last one because it seemed christmasy, but didn’t have time. Sure I didn’t miss anything.

    25. This book contains three novellas and the stories are along the lines of your average Hallmark holiday movie. Of the three, only the third, by Liz Ireland, would I actually want to watch if it were adapted. The other two were clichéd and dull.

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