Marvel Encyclopedia


  • Title: Marvel Encyclopedia
  • Author: Alastair Dougall
  • ISBN: 9781405344357
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Marvel Encyclopedia”

    1. Somehow, and I'm not exactly sure how, but this is one of those homage/self-promotion pieces that makes you walk away wondering if reading comic books for the past 40 years of your life has been the best thing you could have done with that time and money. It's a completely different experience from reading one comic at a time. But when taken in bulk, it becomes abundantly clear that most traditional comics are weakly written, with one dimensional characters, relying on violence to solve most pro [...]

    2. Ok I will say I have finished as much as you can finish a book of this size and complexity. It sounds so much like a cliche but its true this book is packed with fascinating facts and amazing illustrations. I will admit that DC and Marvel universes are utterly new to me - I know only what I would say are out of pop culture and common references (which I suspect in fact are incorrect or totally erroneous). But rather than being intimidating or uttering in accessible like some books this is someth [...]

    3. Does exactly what it says on the tin: provides an extensive (if inevitably incomplete and ever more out of date, given its 2010 publishing date) account of characters and events in the Marvel Universe. It's certainly a solid effort at the subject, though if what you actually want is exhaustive and up to the minute information on Marvel, you'd be better off hitting up the online wiki. Get this if what you want instead is a big old coffee table book of Marvel stuff.

    4. 400 paginas de personajes Marvel, en la cual te resumen la historia de cuanto personaje esta activo (Capitan America) o fue relativamente importante en la historia de los comics ( ahi esta x-Man)otros que no se que hacen ahi ( Blizzard) y faltan importantes ( Star Lord) pero es un tomo de lujo, que te cuenta mil cosas que no sabia, aunque se nota que es un libro dirigido a toda la familia,por lo cual momentos duros de la historia de Marvel son minimizados u obviados , nada de imagenes sangrienta [...]

    5. This encyclopedia is fantastic. It has little bits about almost all of the characters in Marvel's universe. I have an older copy as well as a newer one. The newer one is better and has more characters in it. There are still a few missing I noticed, but if you are looking for something that will help introduce you to the universe and the characters in it so that you have a better idea of what's going on when you read the comic or watch the movies, this is it.

    6. This book brings back all the fondest memories of my childhood and allows me to cleanse my mind of the mundane boredom that is my job in the nerdiest, fanboyish-est, wonderland that is the Marvel Universe.I thank my lucky stars for these heroes often enough for it to be almost sad and now I have them all in one book. Thank you, Marvel.You make me proud to be the geekiest of my friends.

    7. Awesome reference material of the Marvel Universe. I dont believe this is totally complete unfortunately, but for the most part its all here. Great introductions to all the characters, stats, key issues to look for, and first appearance references. Beautiful layout and would make an awesome coffee table book. A must for the Marvel collectors out there.

    8. A very great, informative book that does'nt just give you the history of almost every character in the marvel universe, but all the major events, like the secret invasion and all the other events. A great, big coffee table reference book that any marvel fan would love to own

    9. I was definitely actually trying to read this entire thing, but there's too much for three weeks at a time. I found this so interesting, though. I'll probably go back every now and then and make a little more progress.

    10. Although some of the character details are incorrect in this encyclopedia, it is a must-have for any comic geek. The art work is beautiful, the information is interesting and it is a huge compilation of some of the greatest characters ever created!

    11. I enjoyed this encyclopedia a lot. So many characters I had never heard of. The main articles were very well written.

    12. не 5 потому что издание пострадало от значительного количества опечаток. Смысловая нагрузка не страдает, но за такую цену могла бы быть вычитка и получше

    13. A comprehensive multicoloured guide to the Marvel multiverse, telling you all you ever wanted to know, and a lot you didn't about Stan Lee's costumed super-heroes and super-villains.

    14. Every "Marvel" lover should possess this AMAZING BOOK. Comprehensive information about every single "Marvel" heroes.

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