Training Amy

Training Amy When Amy starts her new job at a book shop she has no idea what kind of merchandise her two bosses have stored in a private back room for select customers She s never been allowed back there One night

  • Title: Training Amy
  • Author: Anne O'Connell
  • ISBN: 2940012125989
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Nook
  • When Amy starts her new job at a book shop she has no idea what kind of merchandise her two bosses have stored in a private back room for select customers She s never been allowed back there One night, when she s closing shop alone she decides to take a look Big mistake Brad and Eric her bosses catch her snooping around They don t tolerate rule breakers and Amy mustWhen Amy starts her new job at a book shop she has no idea what kind of merchandise her two bosses have stored in a private back room for select customers She s never been allowed back there One night, when she s closing shop alone she decides to take a look Big mistake Brad and Eric her bosses catch her snooping around They don t tolerate rule breakers and Amy must be punished Will her secret desires plunge her deeper into their world Or will she run back to the safety of her normal life and the dull boyfriend who has a dark side of his own Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM theme and content includes dubious consent, bondage, spanking, anal play, and m nage m f m, f f m.

    One thought on “Training Amy”

    1. Oh.godNot 'oh my god' because of the subject matter (BDSM) but because of the "written by a 15 year old" style of writing. This was 'recommended' by a friend who thought I may like it as I couldn't be arsed to waste my brain cells on 50 shades of dullness I'm weeping now as I think of the innocent little brain cells that committed suicide after being used to read this dross. The writing - awful; the style - awful; the story - awful; I think you get my drift. I'm confused as to how this has got s [...]

    2. WowThis was quite interesting and so hot. Amy found what she wasn't looking for in Eric and Eric found Amy to be his perfect match bit of course the exes are always a problem. I really enjoy the drama as well. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    3. Training Amy by Anne O’ConnellIt started off promising with a funny and the words a woman NEVER wants to hear when it comes to sex…"Babe, don't leave me like this. It will only take five minutes, I promise." Unfortunately because of the DAMN question marks all over my copy it went down hill from there. If that were the only problem I had with this story I might have overcome it however I felt that the writing was choppy and didn’t move from scene to scene seamlessly. There was some M/F/M a [...]

    4. Why I waited so long to read this book, I'm not sure. It was spectacular for me. It turned me on big time and afterwards, I really wanted a good flogging. I also wanted to read the next book in this series. Doesn't look like Brad and Kali has been written yet. There are several other books that look good.In this story, Amy is a 21 year old looking for a job. She's going to school to finish her Business degree and is stuck living at home with parents that are pretty boring, if you ask me. Her boy [...]

    5. Perhaps as an author myself as well I saw what the author of "Training Amy" was trying to allow her readers to understand. However, also as a former Master Dominatrix I could see that this book was solely based on imagination and perhaps a little bit of internet research. The characters were a bit on the stereotypical side, with almost all four main characters being hollow, empty dominating entities that were there for one purpose only, to punish. Although the main character gave me a bit more o [...]

    6. Most definitely a moderate level of BDSM but takes far more into consideration re: the relationships of the characters. Amy was a college student needing work and finds it in a book store she loves. What she doesn't know is that the two owners are Doms and ultimately she runs amok of their rules. She then learns about their way of disciplining her and gives her a very mild and non-painful introduction to BDSM. But there is also an ex-boyfriend who is a pure schmuck, an ex-girlfriend of one of th [...]

    7. I love this book! I don't know how many times I've read it but I can't get enough. I really want my own play room and I blame this book for making me want that! Amy is a cute slightly bratty sub that doesn't know she is a sub or really anything about bdsm until she starts working at a bookstore. She then starts picking up on different things to do with her bosses and certain aspects of their business. One night she gets caught snooping and has to deal with the punishment. *fans self* Eric is a d [...]

    8. This book is HOT HOT HOT! Ouch! For those who like it hot with a good story behind it, check this out! Can't wait for Switched (Book 2) to come out!

    9. I read this at the request of a friend who is writing their own story that is in the genre of S&M erotica. When my friend asked me to read their manuscript and I said I have no point of comparison they gave me this book which apparently is on 's list of bestsellers for S&M erotica. Why I ask? I guess if you like that genre I can see why because the book read easily so maybe if you're into this style it may be a favorite but I was not sold. Perhaps it is just me but the story was about pe [...]

    10. I've recently moved into a D/s lifestyle and am soaking up literature. Eh. She's immature, and he pushes way too fast for a dom. There's no endless talking or figuring it out beforehand. Just pick her up and toss her into a cage and call it a day. Eh.

    11. This book is a good example of the BDSM lifestyle. It's tastefully done and pays a lot of homage to it's roots. It's not super extreme, but has enough heat to keep you thoroughly engrossed.

    12. So. The BDSM community better not hear about this book :D They are gonna be really angry. Nothing was realistic. She took the first punishment all the while thinking "I need to do this, I can't lose my job" That's a perfect start to a BDSM relationship. Subs apparently all have mental problems. And more importantly, those mental problems can be solved with BDSM. Eric, man, what have you been doing, living in BDSM lifestyle with a schizophrenic woman? And why both their exes have serious issues? [...]

    13. DNF @38%I couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop after Amy, a newly hired book store employee, goes and looks into the forbidden room. She isn't in any kind of consensual relationship with any of her bosses at this point. Her boss finds out and orders her to strip naked and get into a cage as punishment. Fearful, she complies, and two hours on display turns her on. There is so much wrong with this from both ends. You don't order your employee to strip naked and get into a cage for disobeying yo [...]

    14. 47680 – Purchased at Smashwords Okay, I really liked this one! In fact I was left wanting more!! I understand the author is going pick up the story with some of the other chars in the book, but I was left wanting more of Amy and Eric. The ending seemed a bit cut off because I never got a feel for how Eric about his ex at the end So the only negative was I was left feeling incomplete. Well and that it was all from one point of view but I like to better understand each character… not that it [...]

    15. This one is really a 3 1/2 *. It's the first book by Anne O'Connell that I've read and while I enjoyed her writing style and the characters were pretty well developed, the story was basicly one I've read many times before,kind of a cookie cutter theme.Amy (h), 21, in college and still living at home with her parents, is in need of a job. She goes to an interview at a bookstore called By The Book. During the interview the owners, Eric (H) and Brad, ask all kinds of questions and by the end, she f [...]

    16. Maybe the only good thing about this book was it's plot. Everything else including the writing and the details weren't even tolerable. One of the problems was that the book was too short for such a plot . You can't even portray a good beginning with that number of pages and the author wanted to push all the details of a very complex bdsm threesome and possibly foursome ! relationship with a traumatized sub and physco exes and family drama . A good , safe and sane BDSM relationship needs a lot of [...]

    17. This one was pretty good, but not really good. I can't say what would have made it really good.I thought it was kinda helpful/coincidental that both Brad and Kali recognize that Amy is retreating and recommend the pain as a way to bring her out of it. Not that she hadn't already experienced the pain this freak-out was brought on by an admittedly stressful situation. What would have happened if they weren't there?The second freak-out session that led to the menage, I didn't get it. I mean there h [...]

    18. This was the first BDSM erotic novel that I ever read & I nearly avoided the whole genre after reading this book.Amy was a really irritating character. The writing style & 'voice' given the character by the author didn't help either. Aside from that Amy was essentially abused by the Doms in the book. True BDSM is all about 'safe, sane & consensual' power exchange but that didn't happen in this book. After reading a multitude of other BDSM erotica & non-fiction since, I would have [...]

    19. Loved this book! It's funny because I usually don't read a lot of short books and especially singles. I love series. But for some reason after reading Comfort Food I'm all of a sudden into BDSD. Surprisingly I read the first two books of 50 Shades first but it was Comfort Food that got me hooked. And I have no idea why. There was just so much going on as far as relationships in this book. I liked the fact that Eric and Brad weren't too much. They didn't take advantage of Amy. They all actually r [...]

    20. Hmm - a hot little book, about Amy, still finishing school, and her finding a job in a bookshop owned by Eric and Brad; and there is a locked room which piques Amy's interest.I enjoyed the by-play between these three, and the dominance subtly shown by both men. Amy's eventual submission is well-drawn out - and an extremely good reason for her accepting the pain Eric gives her. Although there is one menage, only Eric becomes her Master.There are a couple of horrid ex's who play the villains, but [...]

    21. Hot, steamy romance! This was a bit longer than I had thought but I really enjoyed the story. I thought it well written and I will be looking into more books from this author. I liked how the author actually kept me guessing! When I thought I had something figured out she'd totally go the other way. I really like it when the novel isn't as predictable as I thought it would be. Although I liked the book, I thought the ending was pretty abrupt, hence only 4 stars. I would have liked to see things [...]

    22. Loved it! Abrupt ending though, I was reading it, and turned the page on my kindle and was like "What its over?" I would have wanted to see what happened to Amy and her parents, whether they continued fighting or agreed to disagree, and I differently have wanted to see more development between Amy and Eric. All in all a good story with lovable characters (besides Paul and Emily they were both a**holes maybe they should hook up, but then their would be little a**holes so never mind!)I am now a lo [...]

    23. This was a 2.5 star for me but I always round up. Amy goes to work for Eric & Brad at their book store. She, of course, ends up going into the locked store room they told her was off limits. They also have a business selling BDSM furniture, toys, etc. This could have been a really good story but it was written as if the author was a teenager. I never felt connected to the characters.

    24. Just delightful. Great dialogue. Humor. Good character development. Enough plot to be engaging (such that I'm eager to read follow-up book). I think what I liked best is the friendship that the four characters have -- 2 Doms, 1 Domme, and a brand-new on the scene sub. I've not read Anne O'Connell before but will be looking for more of her titles. What a surprise!

    25. This book could have been so much better. The premise was good and the characters were interesting. The dialogue and the writing was painful at times. The few scenes in the book where the lead characters explore the BDSM scene were interesting. Overall I would say this book was just "ok".

    26. My first BDSM book I reviewed it for a friend and was plesantly surprised. I really liked that it had depth in the story and charactors, and the sex was second (though steamy) I would really reccomend it, and its follow up with Switched

    27. I enjoyed the book, I was really into Amy and Eric's budding relationship I feel like the book ended abruptly. But it kept me interested. It wasn't the best BDSM book it wasn't the steamiest book I have read either

    28. I enjoyed this read was a little predictable (that's not always a bad thing) but was also shocked at some parts (the scene with Kali OMG). I was attracted to the main character's brad was a fav of mine :) the book was a quick easy read that I didn't put dwn, finished in 1 go.

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