One thought on “Five One-Act Plays”

  1. Dieses Buch gibt es in zwei Versionen [[ASIN:1405879017 mit CD]] und [[ASIN:1405881828 ohne CD]]=== Let the Boy Speak ===Kleiner Junge im Kaufmannsladen: Ein ganz klassischer Sketch, ziemlich vorhersehbar aber soweit lebensnah.=== The Right Person ===Eine Familie will ein Zimmer untervermieden. Fängt gut an nimmt aber eine mehr als unrealistische Wendung. Ganz ehrlich, warum ist er bereit einen derartig überteuerten Preis zu zahlen?! Keine Erklärung hierfür.=== An Afternoon on the Beach ===O [...]

  2. 1.Penguin Readers, level 32. 6/3=70 minutes3. greengrocer's shop, old man, picture, beach, cave, resign, professor 4. a) she isn't a good cook, but she works hard. Perhaps she needs help in the house. The dinner aren't important. We won't ask people very often.b) i like this passage because he didn't used to say those things and I could know about how changed his personally is.5. Through each short stories, I felt all stories are interesting and easy to understand. I'd like to recommend this boo [...]

  3. -Penguin Readers, level 3-Time: 80 minutes-7 Word Summary: order, greengrocer, room, old, beach, resign, papers-Discussion Questions:1. Do you live with grandmother?Yes, she is my father's mother. She sometimes give me some chocolates.2. Have you looked for something which you just bring or wear?Maybe yes, but I don't remember.

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