Noidan rippi

Noidan rippi Jylh n kaunis historiallinen romaani noitavainojen ajasta Skotlanti vuonna Corragin iti poltetaan noitana ja Corrag pakenee kauas pohjoiseen Glencoen kyl n H n on juuri l yt nyt paikkansa yhteis

  • Title: Noidan rippi
  • Author: SusanFletcher Jonna Joskitt
  • ISBN: 9789520105389
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jylh n kaunis historiallinen romaani noitavainojen ajasta.Skotlanti vuonna 1692 Corragin iti poltetaan noitana, ja Corrag pakenee kauas pohjoiseen Glencoen kyl n H n on juuri l yt nyt paikkansa yhteis ss , kun kymmeni kyl l isi tapetaan veril ylyss Corrag tuomitaan kuolemaan noituudesta ja osuudesta veril ylyyn.Kyl n saapuu irlantilainen Charles Leslie, jolla on sJylh n kaunis historiallinen romaani noitavainojen ajasta.Skotlanti vuonna 1692 Corragin iti poltetaan noitana, ja Corrag pakenee kauas pohjoiseen Glencoen kyl n H n on juuri l yt nyt paikkansa yhteis ss , kun kymmeni kyl l isi tapetaan veril ylyss Corrag tuomitaan kuolemaan noituudesta ja osuudesta veril ylyyn.Kyl n saapuu irlantilainen Charles Leslie, jolla on salaiset syyns selvitt syylliset H n alkaa k yd tapahtumia l pi Corragin kanssa Heid n v lilleen kehittyy syv yst vyys, joka muuttaa molempien el m n.

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    1. Haunting and beautiful, Corrag drew me in and transported me to the Scottish Highlands of the seventeenth century. Alternately titled The Highland Witch or Witch Light, Corrag is a magical story about opening your heart to the beauty of your surroundings. It is about learning to truly understand the people we encounter in our lives. Susan Fletcher tells this story with gorgeous, poetical and vivid prose. “What townsfolk say we do and what we truly do are very different things. I have cast no s [...]

    2. It took me a little while to warm up to this book, but when I got into it, I was all in! It took my breath away - a remarkable work of historical fiction that reminded me very much of Mary Stewart's Arthurian saga. Fletcher is a gifted storyteller - the characters and seventeenth century Scotland spring to life in this wonderful tale.The story is based on a true historical event, the massacre of Glencoe in 1692, in which supporters of King William brutally murdered members of the MacDonald clan [...]

    3. There is a stillness and beauty to Susan Fletcher's writing that will enchant the reader and take your breath away with beautiful vivid descriptions of the Scottish Highlands and a tale that will transport you to another time and place. Prepare to be bewitched Corrag is the story of a young woman who has witnessed the horrific massacare of Glencoe on a winters dawn in 1692, where William IIIs redcoats brutally slaughtered 32 of the McDonald's Men Women and Children Clan. The reason for the massa [...]

    4. I’m going to use this review as a rant at generic romance fiction. The kind that has an uncritical view of romantic love, deploys a formulaic structure of expectation and reimbursement, like readily assembled furniture, and at no point is self-aware of the smoke screens it’s pedalling. Probably the best novel about romantic love of the 20th century was The Great Gatsby because it exposed the emptiness that often lies at the heart of romantic aspiration. In the 19th century Emily Bronte depic [...]

    5. *SPOILERS*A beautiful and poetic story that could be described in many ways:1. It was historical fiction based on a true story of the slaughter of a Northern Scottish Village and almost all of its people ordered by a control hungry horrible king in the late 1600's 2. It is the conversion story of a preacher who based his world around the law, the scriptures, the biases of his people at the time. The conversion takes place while he is interviewing a witch in prison who is about to be burned for h [...]

    6. If I hadn’t read this book, I would never have imagined that there was still persecution of witches in late 17th century Great Britain, the practice of which was only banned from 1735 with the introduction of the Witchcraft Act.The story is a gripping one that recounts the political massacre of Glencoe in February 1692, told through an imprisoned woman who was condemned as a witch and was waiting to be burned, and who had earlier managed to save many lives in Glencoe. Her only audience was a r [...]

    7. I may have finished reading Corrag weeks ago, I may have read five other very different types of stories since then, but I am still in the highlands and with Corrag and Charles. Susan Fletcher immediately transported me so thoroughly to a time and place, to ways of thinking and perceiving they are, for the time being, a part of me.Fletcher sets up the novel with alternating chapters told by Corrag, a young woman accused of witchcraft: "I wait for it - death. My own, fiery one" and by Charles, a [...]

    8. This book has practically left me speechless, but I'll do my best: luminous, poetic, profound, lush, divinely crafted sentences that left me in awe, a heroine so lovely and courageous that she lingers on in my imagination. Simply the best book I've read in recent memory, and I have read some terrific books.The novel is based on a real character and real events: the Glencoe massacre in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1600s. The novel's structure alternates between Corrag telling her story to a [...]

    9. In chapter 2 of Book 2: I have been tempted by Corrag for years! I finally decided to take the plunge. I like the Scottish dialect. I like the feel of the highlands and nature as it is described by simple people. I like figuring out who are on each side - there is King William of Orange and King James and the Jacobites. And where is Corrag in the middle of all this? I am listening, as usual. The Scottish dialect of the narrator (Caroline Guthrie) further enhances the atmosphere.but you have to l [...]

    10. 4 stars--I really liked it. (Warning for animal death though.)The perfect ending of this book left me with tears in my eyes. The ending is fabulous.The format of this book is unusual: Corrag tells her story about her childhood and what she knows about the Glencoe Massacre to Charles Leslie in what amounts to a series of monologues; we hear Charles' voice through letters he writes to his wife. This worked really well in audio format. My favorite part of this book was the growing friendship betwee [...]

    11. This is a very special book, one which some would say I don't know where to start my review but I do , I know because Corrag is an exceptional character who has emptied her heart in the telling of this story and in doing so she has filled mine to the brim.This is probably the most heart filling book I've ever read, Corrag will speak to your soul , if like me you love books that are atmospheric, lyrical, poetic. I want to go back to the beginning and re read this straight away, I want to see in m [...]

    12. Rarely does a book bewitch (pardon the pun) and mesmorise me quite so much as this one. It is truly one of the most beautiful and lyrical books I have ever read.The story is narrated by Corrag, a 16 year old girl who is awaiting being burned at the stake for being a witch in 17th century Scotland. Corrag is visited in jail by Charles Leslie, an Irish Jacobite who wants to prove that the recent massacre in Glencoe was the work of the soldiers under William of Orange. Corrag is English and has run [...]

    13. No doubt some readers will be put off by the rather challenging style and language used by the author in this novel, Corrag. I myself have issues with some books because of it. For whatever reason, I found it easy to get into the story from the opening pages, and for my brain to adapt to the author’s prose style. The language has been cast in a somewhat antique style, with archaic words, stilted phrases and awkward sentence structures in some passages. Because I was captivated by the story I f [...]

    14. Best novel I've read this year (2015). Absolutely powerful, beautiful and engaging.A keeper for my shelves and a later re-read.

    15. 3.5 stars - It was really good.Based loosely on actual events and people surrounding the Massacre of the MacDonald clan of Glencoe in 1692, this beautifully written book also explores faith, love, and those small moments in life that change us irrevocably. The Glencoe Massacre involved a government ordered killing of the MacDonald clan, including the women and children, and was sprung into action while they stayed with the MacDonalds, who were hosting them as friends.The author uses two narrator [...]

    16. Basic plot run down: after witnessing the events at the Massacre at Glencoe, Corrag is accused of witchcraft and imprisoned. Irish minister (and secret Jacobite) Charles Leslie comes to interview her in hopes of finding proof that King William was truly behind the massacre. The narrative is told mostly from Corrag's point of view as she recounts her life before and leading up to the events at Glencoe. This alternates with Leslie's point of view as he writes home to his wife in Ireland recounting [...]

    17. 4.5 stars. I grew up knowing that I had MacDonald ancestry and that the Campbells had committed a heinous deed against us in Glencoe in 1692. The Campbells are coming Ho-Ro! Ho-Ro! I wasn't aware of the full story until I read Witch Light (why two words when it's one in the book?), also published as Corrag. I loved the rhythm of the narration, the insight into and love of nature, the fundamental kindness of the central character, Corrag. Called a witch and sentenced to death, she is interviewed [...]

    18. Quand la neige sera fondue, on brûlera Corrag sur le bûcher ; en attendant la fin de l'hiver, la jeune sorcière rêve dans son cachot. La visite du révérend irlandais Charles Leslie vient interrompre l'obscurité : fervent jacobite, l'homme est à la recherche d'informations sur le massacre du clan Macdonald à Glencoe, auquel Corrag a assisté, afin de mieux braver le trône de Guillaume d'Orange. Il aura ce qu'il veut savoir, mais avant, nous entendrons la vie de Corrag.L'étrange structu [...]

    19. 'There is no devil. Only the devilish ways in a man'.Back in February, my partner took me to Scotland. For a few days in late August and early September, Susan Fletcher took me back again. Witch Light, or Corrag, as its alternatively known, tells the story of a wild young girl living in the Scottish Highlands in 1692. Learning everything from her Mother, Corrag heals with plants and herbs, and leads a beautiful, simple life amongst nature and the elements. But this simplicity gets Corrag labelle [...]

    20. Je ne pensais pas au départ finir ce livre comme étant un coup de coeur. Mais on se laisse rapidement emporter par l'écriture poétique et vrai de l'auteur. Ses très belles descriptions des paysages écossais nous font voyager depuis notre fauteuil. Je me suis vite attaché à Corrag et à sa vision du monde qui nous entoure. Bref un très joli livre sur l'Ecosse, son histoire et la sorcellerie qui nous fait apprécier les petites choses et beautés de la nature.

    21. I would hesitate to say this novel falls under the category of historical fiction (just my opinion). Yes historical figures such as King William III and the deposed King James II are mentioned. The Glencoe massacre (I am not sure if that's what the event is referred to by people from the Highlands but from what I have come to understand it was a massacre.) is described by the narrator but it's easy for the reader to forget they are reading something historical throughout the course of the noel. [...]

    22. The writing in the book is wonderful. Fletcher does have a lyrical voice. But.Actually, BUT(and I never thought I would say this about a book that is 386 pages)the book is too blasted long.I swear, after I got about halfway in, I just wanted the Glencoe masscare to start (then I felt guilty).Corrag is arrigned as a witch and tells her tale to an Irishman. The descriptions are lovely, but there is way too much padding in the novel. I found myself more interested about Lesile than about Corrag bec [...]

    23. Scotland in the late 1600s was divided: those who supported King William and those who supported King James. The MacDonalds of Glencoe were Jacobites, supporters of King James, so when they were murdered in their beds, it was rumored that the massacre was ordered by King William. Corrag, a seventeen-year-old girl, supports neither king, but because she tried to warn the MacDonalds of the impending massacre, she is accused of witchcraft and condemned to burn at the stake. Charles Leslie, an Irish [...]

    24. Dans l’Écosse du 17ème siècle, une jeune "sorcière" condamnée à mort, Corrag, raconte son histoire et les massacres dont elle a été témoin au révérend Charles. Ce dernier la méprise dès leur première rencontre, ne cherchant dans son récit uniquement les informations qui l'intéresse, mais petit à petit; il apprivoise ses préjugés et écoute les mots de la jeune sorcière. Elle raconte les arbres, les rivières, les animaux, la nature et le monde comme elle le vit et le ressen [...]

    25. Sans oser l'imaginer ce livre est un coup de coeur ! On ne passe pas à côté des magnifiques descriptions de la nature écossaise, le language poétique de la narratrice est à couper le souffle. Sans oublier le cocktail complètement addictif de ce qui fait un "bon" roman qui parle de sorcellerie, de légendes

    26. I listened to the audio version of this book and greatly enjoyed it. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - Rosalyn Landor is simply the best book narrator ever!Because this story was based on actual historical events, I found it even more fascinating because I learned about a piece of Scottish history that I hadn't heard of before (not that I know a lot about Scotland's history! But I do like learning about any historical event). Also, oddly enough, I can highly identify with bein [...]

    27. Wow, just wow. Corrag is truly an incredible piece of writing! Sometimes I struggle with reviews for books that knock my literary socks off, so instead of gushing and babbling I'll be brief. Seldom has character voice been written in such a unique, perfectly compelling way. Fletcher takes the reader inside her characters' minds and hearts with prose that's beautifully poetic, luminous, and wise. An amazing, memorable book!

    28. This is a beautifully written, up close and personal look at a real historical tragedy - the Massacre at Glencoe, Scotland, in 1692. You can read other sources for a plot summary. Let me just say that it's filled with the beauty and sadness of all life. Moving, lovely, a book with great heart, a unique point of view, and glorious prose.

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