The Greatest Game Ever Pitched: Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and the Pitching Duel of the Century

The Greatest Game Ever Pitched Juan Marichal Warren Spahn and the Pitching Duel of the Century The incredible performances of Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn on July would forever link their names together in baseball history and this dual biography of these athletes weaves that c

  • Title: The Greatest Game Ever Pitched: Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and the Pitching Duel of the Century
  • Author: Jim Kaplan Greg Spahn
  • ISBN: 9781600783418
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The incredible performances of Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn on July 2, 1963, would forever link their names together in baseball history, and this dual biography of these athletes weaves that 1963 contest throughout the narrative in a book that is sure to be a home run with baseball fans everywhere Even before their epic pitching duel, Marichal and Spahn already had a lThe incredible performances of Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn on July 2, 1963, would forever link their names together in baseball history, and this dual biography of these athletes weaves that 1963 contest throughout the narrative in a book that is sure to be a home run with baseball fans everywhere Even before their epic pitching duel, Marichal and Spahn already had a lot in common Future Hall of Famers with high kicking deliveries, they were shaped into winners by character building experiences in the military Spahn had been baseball s most winning pitcher in the 1950s, and Marichal would be equally dominant in the 1960s The Braves Spahn and the Giants Marichal began their duel in San Francisco s cold and windy Candlestick Park Four hours later, the two pitching legends were deadlocked in a scoreless tie when Willie Mays hit a walk off home run to end the greatest game ever pitched In between, Marichal and Spahn each threw than 200 pitches and went 16 innings without relief Considering today s culture of pitch counts and coddled arms, it was proved to be a legendary night that won t be repeated ever again.

    One thought on “The Greatest Game Ever Pitched: Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and the Pitching Duel of the Century”

    1. A good baseball book, although not a great one, this book recounts a 1963 game in which Hall of Fame pitchers Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal dueled each other for 16 innings before one of them (Spahn) finally allowed a run and lost the game. Most of the book isn't actually about the game itself, though; this is more like a dual biography. There are also sidebar discussions of several other games in baseball history which rank among the greatest pitching duels ever; I enjoyed those.One problem I [...]

    2. A good, workman-like account of what has to rank as the greatest regular season pitching duel in baseball history, plus even more valuable backstories of Spahn and Marichal, two of the greatest pitchers in a pitching rich era. I believe Kaplan understates two factors which have caused complete game artists such as Spahn and Marichal to have become virtually extinct: the strike zone, which was anything from the knees to the armpits, is now reduced to the bottom of the knees to the belt, and the b [...]

    3. I had been waiting to read this book for a very long time. It did not disappoint and probably won't disappoint many who call themselves students and enthusiasts of the game of baseball. Personally, despite knowing a few of the big names and the teams that they belonged to, i know very little about this era of baseball and this was a very revealing look not just at Marichal and Spahn but many other players. It makes sense why my dad named Willie McCovey his favorite Giant and rarely mentioned May [...]

    4. A good way to start the year with a baseball book. I had heard that this was a great book and had wanted to read it for a while. While it was good I didn't think it was "great." Some parts were really excellent, but the additional side-bar sections were a distraction and didn't really add much to the book and actually disrupted the flow of the read. Marichal was always one of my favorite Giants and this certainly adds to his status in my baseball pantheon.

    5. Great subject. Not so good delivery. The author employees inaccessible language way to much for a baseball book. There is also too much focus on Greg Spahn comments (son of Warren).I reach a point that only the portions about Juan Marichal were entertaining me. Disclaimer: I'm Dominican.

    6. A informative book on a great pitching duel in 1963 between Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal that went 16 innings, both pitching the whole game which is a no-no in today baseball.

    7. i was very interested in reading this book, but i have to say that it was disappointing overall. while the author claims to have written 19 books, the writing in this one is very amateurish. the story told is fascinating, at least for me, which is what get the books up to 3 stars. In 1963, Juan Marichal of the SF Giants and Warren Spahn of the (then) Milwaukee Braves pitched a game that went 16 scoreless innings, until Spahn gave up a home run to Willie Mays for the loss in the bottom of the 16t [...]

    8. Marichal is one of my heroes from the west coast Giants of the 1960s, when the team was stocked with superstar hitters and one or two excellent pitchers – Marichal being a preeminent righthander of his time. I met him at a card show in Schenectady, and asked him which game was his best pitching performance; he denied it was his first no-hitter, but that it was the 16-inning duel with Spahn on July 2, 1963. They both went the full 16, Marichal throwing 200 pitches, Mays hitting a home run to wi [...]

    9. I grew up as a Milwaukee Braves fan and of course Warren Spahn is one of my childhood heroes. I remember arguments with a cousin about who was better Whitey Ford or Warren Spahn. Anyway, this was a book to enjoy and savor for a baseball fan and I took my time to enjoy it. The book talks about the 16 inning marathon pitched between Spahn and Juan Marichal. It also talks about their careers and baseball in the 60s and today. It was fun to read the stories of my favorite Braves players and the othe [...]

    10. I enjoyed the book even though the title is horribly misleading. There's actually very little about the game itself; nothing about pitch selection, what the hitters were thinking, pretty much just a written narrative of the box score. What makes the book worthwhile is the biographical information concerning Spahn and Marichal and the franchise histories of the Braves and Giants. We find out why the Giants were always coming up short and how the Braves came close to being one of the dominant team [...]

    11. I enjoy almost any baseball book, and there were many interesting subjects covered in this book, including the Latin baseball movement, the transition from WWII era baseball to "modern" baseball in the 60's, as well as biographical stuff on Marichal and Spahn.I feel compelled to give Kaplan credit for the mechanism of proceeding through the game inning by inning, with long segues between innings to provide the background and historical information. It was clever and bold. However, I was ultimate [...]

    12. This amazing 16-inning pitching duel between Marichal and Spahn becomes the framework for dual biographies of these two Hall of Fame pitchers. The author brings the game to life, and gives the reader a deeper understanding of the two lives that intersected on this legendary night. Readers can debate whether this truly was the greatest game ever pitched, but it certainly is one of the most unbelievable nights in baseball history. In today's game of intense scrutiny of pitch-counts, here was a gam [...]

    13. I liked this book a lot. First of all, I am a huge sports fan and I love baseball so if you don't, I wouldn't recommend this to you. For me, I enjoyed the book because I was surprised about how many thing I didn't know about baseball. The book focused on no hitters (when a pitcher plays the whole game without letting anyone on base). This is the dream for any and every pitcher. While reading this book, I learned about some of the greatest pitcher in history such as Sandy Kofax, Pud Galvin and ma [...]

    14. This book doesn't work because Jim Kaplan takes a great story and then reduces it to a really disorganized mess. He hits the nail on the head when, almost in passing, he calls the 1960s the second dead ball era. He focuses exclusively on the passing of baseball from the era when a pitcher was expected to finish what they started but he missed a great chance to talk about the 1960s and how is represented a dominance of pitchers. He also focused on the incredible life stories of Marichal and Spahn [...]

    15. Last week the author of "The Greatest Game Ever Pitched," Jim Kaplan, came to Collected Works book store in Santa Fe to promote the book, talk about it, answer questions, and sign books. His enthusiasm and respect for baseball is contagious, both in person and in the book. I found the book disjointed in a few places as it skips between the great Marichal vs. Spahn 16-inning pitching duel in July 1963 and backgrounders on their lives and other great pitching duels. Nonetheless, the book includes [...]

    16. Clearly written and tells a great story; not just that of the game the title references, but that of the lives of the two seemingly antithetical yet legendary protagonist pitchers: Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn. Some reviewers were expecting the game itself to figure in more prominently, which I think is fair given the title, but I also think the game can be viewed as the serendipitous intersection of two great characters of baseball yore; i.e. merely the jumping-off point of the real story.Too [...]

    17. While there was a description of the game itself, more time was spent talking about Marichal and Spahn and their respective teams and careers. Very interesting. With respect to the game itself, in this day and age it seems crazy to let a pitcher throw 16 innings, so the fact that both of these guys did it is impressive.

    18. The most boring baseball book I've ever read. Seemed like a good concept - two compelling mini-biographies told interweaved with the story of a single baseball game. However, the execution fails on so many levels. Genuinely amateurish writing. If you feel compelled to read this book, RUN like you're trying to steal home - too many other good stuff out there.

    19. Did not enjoy this book. Found it hard to read and confusing. There was very little flow to the storyline and so people would be referenced all of a sudden and then dropped quickly, so it was difficult to get a handle on the main characters. There were also several typos. The story of the pitching duel is a very interesting one, but unfortunately it was not captured well in this book.

    20. Liked the story on the game and the bios on the two pitchers, but some of the filler information on other well-pitched games was unnecessary. Full review is posted here:sportsbookguy/201

    21. the promise of a great story failed to live up to its promise. learning about two of baseball's greatest arms was modestly engaging. however the use of second hand evidence rather that primary was disappointing as was the layout of the book comparring the title game to too many others.

    22. Some interesting anecdotes, but overall drudgery trying to read it. Lists and lists of statistics and names of players you have never heard of and will not remember in the next chapter. Quite a shame, because there could have been a good book in there somewhere.

    23. A decent baseball book, but not a great one. I'm not sure the topic was full enough to fit into a book. It would really have fit into a well written article. Not much new or surprising information.

    24. I have read many Baseball Books and I am a huge fan. In my opinion, this is quite likely, the best Baseball Story ever told. Jim Kaplan is a tremendous story teller and has the ability to put the reader back in time to the 1960's

    25. Couldn't finish. Not enough of a details fan. Interesting information not told in a compelling way. For huge baseball fans

    26. A wonderful baseball that explores a matchup between two great pitchers, Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn, and compares and contrasts their lives.

    27. Good read for baseball fans about both picthers going 16 inngs, won't see that happen again. To bad someone had to lose.

    28. As a fan of past baseball eras, I was glad to see this event get an entire book to itself but it did drag in places and was ultimately a bit long.

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