Why We Teach

Why We Teach A collection of essays by experienced and beginning teachers

  • Title: Why We Teach
  • Author: Sonia Nieto
  • ISBN: 0978080774
  • Page: 310
  • Format: paperback
  • A collection of essays by experienced and beginning teachers.

    One thought on “Why We Teach”

    1. Overall an inspirational text-- I read a library copy, and now I think I might purchase it for myself so that I can go back to it every once in a while when teaching seems a bit too big for me. I appreciate it for the core messages that the teachers tried to send, though it doesn't mean I don't have my own criticism of it. Most of the teachers came from the East Coast which rendered them not as representative of the teacher population as well as their students not as representative of the studen [...]

    2. Thought I would love it, but not so much. While this book claims to contain essays from all kinds of teachers, most were from the Boston or New York areas and primarily from urban schools. I would have preferred a wider cross-section of stories. For some reason I found myself skimming through most of it. However, reading this made me think about what I would say if I wrote an essay of my own.

    3. Ready to begin reading this tonight; it's the book our summer institute lead facilitators decided to read this summer.

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