Hacking Harvard

Hacking Harvard It s the ultimate challenge breaking into the Ivy League The hack To get one deadbeat fully unqualified slacker into the most prestigious school in the country The crew Eric Roth the good guy the vo

  • Title: Hacking Harvard
  • Author: Robin Wasserman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s the ultimate challenge breaking into the Ivy League.The hack To get one deadbeat, fully unqualified slacker into the most prestigious school in the country The crew Eric Roth the good guy, the voice of reason Max Kim the player who made the bet in the first place Schwartz the kid genius already on the insideof Harvard, that is Lexi the beauty queIt s the ultimate challenge breaking into the Ivy League.The hack To get one deadbeat, fully unqualified slacker into the most prestigious school in the country The crew Eric Roth the good guy, the voice of reason Max Kim the player who made the bet in the first place Schwartz the kid genius already on the insideof Harvard, that is Lexi the beauty queen valedictorian who insists on getting in the game.The plan Use only the most undetectable schemes and techno brilliant skills Don t break the Hacker s Code Don t get distracted Don t get caught Take down someone who deserves it.The stakes A lot higher than they think They ve got the players, the plot, and soon the prize.It s go time.

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    1. Introduction:The book I’ve read today for my book share is called “Hacking Harvard" by Robin Wasserman. This story takes place in modern times in America. The main characters are Eric, Max, Schwarz and Lex (She comes near the end of the book). The main conflict was a bet of a hundred dollars to try to hack Harvard with the worst person in school to try and get into Harvard to prove that the admissions system is not perfect or functional. The team had to find a way to get Clay (a bad student) [...]

    2. Ugh.You know how some YA literature (or any lit, I guess) can take stereotypes and cliches and make them into something more? Yeah, well, this book utterly failed to do that.From the overachieving and over-pressuring Asian family, to the socially awkward nerd, this book has a range of ick and badly drawn stereotypes that just left me feeling like I needed to take a shower. Worst of all, for me personally, was the finely drawn Nice Guy(tm) relationship between the sixteen year old College Freshma [...]

    3. Rating A+From the beginning I loved Eric, Schwarz (Carl Schwarzbaum), and Max. Their dialogue was snappy, funny, irreverent, perfect. I was surprised this this was written by a chick--chicks usually screw up male characters, but Robin (which, admittedly, is a unisex name) Wasserman did her job well. (Plus, big hint, the narrator isn't a guy and that revelation was awesome.)What I really liked about this book, in addition to the characters and their incredibly great dialogue, was the actual plot [...]

    4. I was going to rate this book a five. I was going to call it the most intelligent thing I've read in a long time. I was going to say that it was amazing and stupendous and hilarious and witty. I was going to recommend it to every single one of my friends for the rest of eternity.And then something had to happen on the second-to-last page. Something that brought the rating down to a two. And so I did the only thing I could and added both and took the average. :/ I think Wasserman was going for "r [...]

    5. I read this book because I enjoyed Wasserman's "Skinned".The basic premise of this story is a bunch of teenaged genius hackers make a bet that they can get a slacker accepted into Harvard.Sounds like an interesting plot, so I'm not sure how Wasserman was able to make this so singularly uninteresting.First of all, the characters are awful - the dialogue made me cringe, especially Schwarz, who apparently lacks the ability to use contractions. I'm not sure if that's supposed to make him sound like [...]

    6. My friend was reading the bookI asked to read the back and I instantly wanted my own copy! The plot captivated my attention mostly because I thought I could relate to it. I was a Bostonian High School Sophomore already obsessed with college. When I got my copy, I jumped into the book immediatelybut the first few pages confused the hell outta me! I was seriously thinking about putting it down but as I kept reading, things very slowly fell into place, and then it started to pick up! There were def [...]

    7. I really enjoyed the one seven deadly sins book I read by Robin Wasserman, so I was thrilled to find Hacking Harvard. The characters are a bunch, and entertain you slightly when you read it, but it definitely wasn't a book that I remembered. The plot line was a little scattered in my opinion, and seemed extremely familiar. I wouldn't suggest this book to people who like to read books once and get everything. This is one of those books that you have to re-read at least three times, in my opinion, [...]

    8. Extremely cheesy. It makes me wonder; 'Don't authors realize it when this happens to their books?' The characters were incredibly linear and just generally uninteresting, and at times annoying. What could have been a good scene always ended in a predictable way. I wish someone else could have taken this plot and created a genuinely interesting novel about a hacker's experience in Harvard. One that is not as ridiculous.

    9. So I read this because Myra told me about it and I have to say, what a disappointment. Really. I didn't see Erich very much in this book but I'm glad that I didn't. I feel like I wasted my time reading this if that was what the ending was like. I cannot believe that happened!!! It was all wonderful until two pages before the end, no warning, not even an explanation. Eric just died in my mind. The worst part: what does that say about people in general? I don't want to give away any more of this p [...]

    10. The title says it all. Sort of. It’s about two groups of guys who makes a bet: that they can get the senior class’s worst student ever into Harvard—by hacking into their system and getting them to Admit rather than Deny. The prize? Twenty five thousand dollars. The downfall of it all? Each team has tricks up their sleeves, and no one’s giving up the few thousand grand without a fight. The idea is cool. The concepts behind it as well. The book mentions all this angst about getting accepte [...]

    11. The book caught me by surprise. I thought I would love it, and I did… until the end. I loved the aspect of hacking into such a “flawless" system and fight against “the man."It was hard to understand at first, switching between third and first person perspectives, but I eventually got the clue. It is told from a young girls perspective but is about three guys who initially started hacking when they were younger.I’m not going to go on about the book as the synopsis gives you a pretty good [...]

    12. Deception seems to be one of the main keys in Robin Wasserman’s Hacking Harvard. Robin does an extremely good job at giving the characters human like qualities that allow the reader to relate to the character and feel like they are an actual person. The ample variety of vocabulary blended with the vivid dialog makes this book a very interesting read. Three friends, Eric, Max and Scharz take on the ultimate challenge; taking the class screw up and trying to breech the system and get him into th [...]

    13. Hacking Harvard is what I thought a very informational book in the terms of college. I did not think the story was as strong as it could have been for it was very far fetched, so it is understandable why I did not consider this book for the story. The story was ok do not get me wrong it just is not as equal to the story who focus around the story. I thought the book jumped back and forth between fiction and non-fiction, so the story was not as compelling and interesting as it could be. The non-f [...]

    14. This was a well crafted book and was very intellectually written. Not in the sense that it used big words and made you feel dumb, but the intelligent characters had a higher thinking level that gave the reader a better connection. This was a really good book because the writing style worked harmoniously with the interesting story line to create a new style of books that I wish I could read more of. The beginning was really confusing because I new it was setting the scene for the rest of the book [...]

    15. This doesn’t qualify as a spy/suspense novel – not when one of the most climactic scenes is a college admissions interview. But there’s still a lot of high-tech espionage and underhanded secret-agent mystery. More important, this doesn’t qualify as an especially good novel. It’s too unbelievable, and too many of the characters are annoying. Eric’s “Mr. Angry Man” moments with Max are probably the toughest to take. But they’re not much worse than the not-quite-lovers spats betwe [...]

    16. Hacking Harvard is about a perfect kid and his friends decide to get a random slacker into the best school in the country after a challenge from a group of rival hackers. At the beginning of the book a bet is made to see what group of kids are better hackers. They end up hacking the system and getting the slacker into Harvard.The kids think they have outsmarted the system . When Harvard finds out about the hacking the risks turned out to be more then the reward. This book is a good example to th [...]

    17. Just finished last night.It was really interesting, really. I suppose it is kinda creative, but I'm sure the plot has been thought up of before.But I just love the characters, they feel like REAL people. Well geniuses, of course.There's not much to explain. The plot is really the title. "Hacking Harvard", not much to it I know. But yet it ran for three hundred some pagesOh and there are those high school romance things in there too. It kinda made me gaga bit >___>Eccckkk.The ending sucked [...]

    18. Hacking Harvard has a very twisted moral story. It's like you know it has a good message but the good message is hidden behind all these bad illegal things. It's a very funny novel full of twists that just make you say "I knew it!" The story is about a kid who loves a good bet and he makes the stupidest bet you could think of. It's going to be impossible and the stakes are to high. He bet his rivals that he could get a drop out failed student into Harvard. The book gets even more hilarious as he [...]

    19. A team of friends who enjoy pulling elaborate stunts (flooding the prom with soap suds, moving an entire classroom to the roof overnight) get pulled into a bet that they can get an unlikely candidate into Harvard, without hacking the computer system to do it. It was a bit hard to follow at first, with too many characters to sort out, but I found the subject engrossing enough to keep going, and it all became clear after about 30 pages.

    20. I couldn't even finish this book. . . The writing style is just not my type. It is not very flowing and it didn't make much sense to me. I do NOT recommend this book to people who like more mature writing style.

    21. I couldn't get through this book for some reason. The characters were not ones I could relate to and the plot seemed unrealistic. Just not my type of book, I guess.

    22. 4/5 starsthis was a pretty light, fun read - nothing extraordinary. the first two chapters made me think it was going to be horrible, but it turned out to be an interesting read.

    23. Hacking Harvard is a funny, contemporary teen novel set in Cambridge, Boston. Think: subversive techno spy novel meets a high school romance with a great big helping of humour thrown in! The first time I tried to read this book my brain just didn’t get it. The opening scene sees the three main characters – Eric, Max and Schwarz – mid-action. They are undertaking a hack. But because we are also given their code names for the operation, it was all rather confusing. I bought this book when I [...]

    24. Let me tell you about this book and how it affected me profoundly from when I first read it in eighth grade to my last days as a senior.Ok, when I first read this a few years back, I thought, "Hey, this is a pretty good book." I did not fully appreciate this book yet. Then I picked it up again sometime in my sophomore year and realized, I can identify with a lot of this stuff. From Lex trying to be the perfect student to Max trying to prove that he can be successful in his own way, I identified [...]

    25. really enjoyed this book. it was fun and interesting. it was also REALLY well researched. really in depth researchke, the price of Adderrall goes up when finals are near, so the kids with the scrip would stockpile and the ones that thought ahead would buy up BEFORE finals rolled around. ahhh, high school days in AP! kind of miss them. I also had friends that scammed the SAT's, but in a completely different way involved and fake id, moving your test to sunday for religious reasons and having some [...]

    26. I love this book even though it presents a rather large collection of stereotypes:The smart Asian kid who's pressured by his parents, the cynical genius, the spineless super-nerd, the brainless bully, the cutthroat girl and the Big Bad(s) that are slightly inferior to the heroes in their skills and many, many more.Max Kim, eternally in the shadow of Harvard tries to break free of his family's 'legacy' because he is supposed to follow in their footsteps and become a Harvard graduate himself. His [...]

    27. There was something about this book, and I can't quite put a finger on it, that I just loved. When this book first came out about a decade ago, I got it from the library but never read it. Spontaneously picked it up again, and I'm so glad I did.First of all, the narration was unexpected and very, very cool. The scenarios were clever and technologically, really fascinating.As a bitter hater of the college admissions process, I just liked the whole idea of fucking with the system and proving it do [...]

    28. Original/full review here: thebookpixie/2009ReviewWhen I first started reading Hacking Harvard, I thought, "Oh no! We have a dud." Well, thankfully I was wrong and it quickly picked up the pace. Of course, I’ve learned to give a book more than 20 pages before judging it.Hacking Harvard was snarky, witty, and very fast paced. It was fun and I often found myself laughing. It was also very original though it kind of reminded me of a movie called The Perfect Score.The characters were well develope [...]

    29. I have read the book called Hacking Harvard, which is written by Robin Wasserman. The book is a realistic fiction book, and is about four teenagers: Eric, the goody two shoes, Max, the troublemaker that focuses on making money and pulling off hacks for various reasons like getting his point of view noticed and for glory, there’s Schwarz, who is the smartest kid in the group and focuses on being politically correct and will do just about anything as he’s easily persuaded, and then there’s C [...]

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