Deadpool, Volume 6: I Rule, You Suck

Deadpool Volume I Rule You Suck Doctor Bong Are you serious Uh oh It looks like maybe somebody got talked into doing something for someone who wasn t who they said they were And now the person who really is that person Steve Rogers

  • Title: Deadpool, Volume 6: I Rule, You Suck
  • Author: Daniel Way Carlo G. Barberi Bong Dazo Dave Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780785151357
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Doctor Bong Are you serious Uh oh It looks like maybe somebody got talked into doing something for someone who wasn t who they said they were And now the person who really is that person Steve Rogers, the former Captain America is kinda mad Well, really mad, actually But that s OK, because Deadpool is totally gonna fix this Just like he always does.Collecting Doctor Bong Are you serious Uh oh It looks like maybe somebody got talked into doing something for someone who wasn t who they said they were And now the person who really is that person Steve Rogers, the former Captain America is kinda mad Well, really mad, actually But that s OK, because Deadpool is totally gonna fix this Just like he always does.Collecting Deadpool 27 31

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    1. ”Wow, you look…ALLY hot with that gun. Wanna go get some tacos with me after I finish killing the rest of these Draculas?”Oh, Deadpool, you really are one smoooooth talker.Everyone’s favorite insane mutant mercenary is still on a quest to become a real hero which leads to a case of clone related mistaken identity with some Avengers followed by a punch-fest with Steve Rogers. Then Deadpool gets hired by one group of vampires to protect them from another group of vampires which ends in a r [...]

    2. On paper, this trade probably sounds lame. Half mini-clone saga, half vampires, it really isn't a promising setup. But Dr. Bong is so patently ridiculous that the clone storyline ends up being more silly than anything else, and the Deadpool take on vampires is refreshingly violent and ends with Deadpool proving, once again, that he is indeed crazy like a fox.

    3. Oh, Deadpool. It was nice to see some flashbacks of Deadpool's life before the Weapon X Program. The rest was just hilarious madness, business as usual. The Secret Avengers making a cameo was nice, too.

    4. 3/5.So, it's been a while since I've visited the "Deranged World of Deadpool". (They should make a comic with this name) Not as good as before. Still funny, though my laughs were much more "strained" then before. Could also be because I've been more judging of the books I've read, lately. (One of the curses of reviewing.)So, first, we have Deadpool trying to buy a taco from an Arab, who refuses because Deadpool has gold and no dollars. Then, a bunch of (spoilery) guys come and try to kill the Ar [...]

    5. Read a bunch of Deadpool this weekend and figured I'd mostly talk about the volume I enjoyed the most (although 8 was also pretty durn good too).The problem with Deadpool is that I think writers still hesitate because they think readers won't follow a character who is a complete bastard. BUT WE WILL. I SWEAR. Especially if that complete bastard is entertaining as all hell.What makes Deadpool work is the insanity, and I mean that both on the fun level but also in the writing.For one thing, there [...]

    6. Deadpool, Volume 6: I Rule, You Suck is an improvement over the last book, thankfully, but it’s still not up to the high quality of the earlier books of Daniel Way’s run. This volume has two stories. The first sees Deadpool join the Secret Avengers - Cap, Black Widow and Moon Knight - as they go to bat against Doctor Bong (who literally has a bell for a head with a face painted on - superhero comics!) and his army of clones. What’s he up to - nefarious supervillainy shit? Alright! I liked [...]

    7. We got clones, Dr. Bong (the bell, not the pipe), Captain America, Black Widow, Moon Knight, and a bunch of "draculas". And some great Deadpool pick-up lines while fighting those draculas.Doc- Put me down you psycho piece of--D- Sshhhh! No need for words.Doc- Why?!D- Get used to it baby! I'm a man of many mysteries!

    8. It took al while before I realised the cover gave me enough hints that this volume was going to include vampires What was I thinking?!The first part of the story continues with good ol' Wade trying to be a hero. Luckily for him, trouble finds him and brings some heroes with it as well.When Deadpool is given the opportunity to be part of the 'Secret Avengers', you just can't wait for him and Captain America to start arguing or even fight each otherThough, I thought the villain in this story was a [...]

    9. Another 3 star Deadpool book, but this one seems much more on the right track than the previous volume. This time Deadpool goes up against Dr. Bong, a patently ridiculous villain that fits perfectly into the oddball world of Deadpool. He's got a bell for a head. Go from there. Throw in a moderately convoluted plot about clones and you've got some passable comedy.This book leans less on the crutch of Deadpool trying to "be a hero" (see my full list of complaints about THAT garbage in my volume 5 [...]

    10. Deadpool runs into the Secret Avengers, only to discover that they are Dr. Bong's clones. He temporarily teams up with the real Secret Avengers in an effort to eradicate the clones and capture Dr. Bong (both of which are successful). In the second half of the trade, Deadpool is hired by a sect of vampires (or, as he calls them, "Draculas") to take down another sect of vampires. I'm not in love with Way's interpretation of Deadpool (like I haven't said that one hundred billion times by now). He w [...]

    11. Deadpool always brings a smile to my face, well maybe not always, but this was a great installment. I enjoy the flashbacks to Deadpool planning out his masterplans and I love the banter between the characters. Plus, there's a Twilight bashing moment in this, what's not to like?This is pretty much a straightforward Deadpool saves the day collection, so the plot isn't really what draws you in. Deadpool's personality is consistent with what I have seen in the past and it is still amusing. Every wom [...]

    12. When Deadpool has motivations consistent with his actions, he's like a real person - which takes *all* the fun out of reading his exploits. Thankfully Daniel Way didn't fall into that trap for too long.This book was better than the last one - more Deadpool insanity, more of the bizarre that makes these such a relief to read after all the ridiculously "gravitas"-laden work elsewhere in Marvel universe. Not complaining, but a little madness goes a long way to balance things out.Still, the jury's o [...]

    13. Daniel Way - writerBong Dazo - illustratorCarlo Barberi - illustratorAction abounds as Deadpool is recruited by the Secret Avengers to help them combat terrorism! But not everything is as it appears, as Deadpool is betrayed by his psychologist?Then, a secret society of vampires employs Deadpool to protect them from a rival sect! Witness the epic battle as Deadpool fights these nefarious villains in a busy hospital. Plus, our hero falls in love! Who is the mysterious subject of his affections?Re [...]

    14. I feel like at some point these wacky/campy stories with twists and turns are going to get old but they haven't so far. At times it's like a Scooby Doo story but I love it.I also love that Deadpool seems to get the stupidest characters. Tiger Shark, Hit Monkey, and sure, let's bring back Dr. Bong. I feel like readers of more 'serious' comics would be up in arms about stuff like this but Deadpool readers like myself are just like "A psychiatrist with a bell for a head who is now a villain? Sure, [...]

    15. Deadpool, Deadpool, DeadpoolIt's pure genius how he keeps calling the vampires Draculas.You draculas!No! We're not draculas, we're vampires!You're not getting any of my blood, draculas!Uhhh!Professor Bong has to be the lamest (but deadliest) supervillian in the history of comics, but he is given some credibility in this installment of the Deadpool Canon of Insanity. AS always Deadpool ends every trade paperback with something so brilliant that people go "He's so crazy he's genius"

    16. This actually got me interested in both reading Secret Avengers and about vampires in the Marvel universe. I had read other things recently that also got me interested in those topics, oddly enough, so I will probably pursue those interests. These were pretty amusingly well done, and the first half continued to bring in elements from Deadpool's past, as well. While I could have done without Deadpool referring to every vampire as a Dracula, the second story was amusing in many ways, and reminisce [...]

    17. Collecting issues 27 - 31, this volume has Deadpool fighting along the Secret Avengers against Dr. Bong and his clones. In addition, Deadpool is hired by a group of vampires for protection against other vampires (wrapped up like mummies?!?). My favorite page was that which made fun of Twilight and had Bella wearing a Team Deadpool shirt.

    18. As a big deadpool fan i enjoyed it, it has two storys, one about deadpool helping vampires fight vampires that want to control all vampires, and the other story has deadpool join the secret avengers (i think thats what their called, not sure) in all its funny and filled with plenty of action.Story:8Art:7Action:8Characters:7(out of ten)

    19. I just can't help it, I love the way Daniel Way writes Deadpool! I think it's fast paced, action packed, and down right hilarious. I really have trouble not giving this five stars, because it was just so damn entertaining!

    20. I think out of all of them, this is the one I've enjoyed the most so far. None of the stories included were boring to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight cameo in Deadpool's hallucination lol. Fun story!

    21. I get the love for Deadpool now. I just wish that the artist knew how to draw women as people instead of TITS AND ASS and oh look some hair wafting gently in the breeze obscuring a face but mostly BOOBIES!!!!

    22. Génial ! D'abord Deadpool fait équipe avec Captain America, Moonknight et la Veuve Noire pour combattre Dr. Bong, puis va dégommer une bande de vampires. Ayant été déçue par les numéros précédents, celui-ci les rattrapent largement.

    23. The right amount of stupid fun with perhaps a slight bit more focus on actual plot made this an enjoyable read.

    24. His team up with the Secret Avengers was great, but dear lord, Natasha. She looked like she was smuggling grapefruits under her catsuit. Ridiculous art.

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