Jeder stirbt für sich allein

Jeder stirbt f r sich allein Der Stoff dieses Romans ist authentisch Fallada erfuhr aus einer Gestapo Akte vom Schicksal eines Berliner Ehepaars das mit Botschaften auf Karten und Kanzleib gen einen einsamen aussichtlichsl

  • Title: Jeder stirbt für sich allein
  • Author: Hans Fallada
  • ISBN: 9783351033491
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Der Stoff dieses Romans ist authentisch Fallada erfuhr 1945 aus einer Gestapo Akte vom Schicksal eines Berliner Ehepaars, das mit Botschaften auf Karten und Kanzleib gen einen einsamen, aussichtlichslosen Widerstand wagte und 1943 hingerichtet wurde Den Roman, seinen letzten, schrieb Fallada ein Jahr sp ter, im Herbst 1946, in knapp vier Wochen seit Wolf unter W lfeDer Stoff dieses Romans ist authentisch Fallada erfuhr 1945 aus einer Gestapo Akte vom Schicksal eines Berliner Ehepaars, das mit Botschaften auf Karten und Kanzleib gen einen einsamen, aussichtlichslosen Widerstand wagte und 1943 hingerichtet wurde Den Roman, seinen letzten, schrieb Fallada ein Jahr sp ter, im Herbst 1946, in knapp vier Wochen seit Wolf unter W lfen wieder der erste richtige Fallada , schrieb er in dieser Zeit an seine geschiedene Frau Anna Ditzen Als das Buch 1947 im Aufbau Verlag erschien, lebte Fallada nicht mehr Heute geh rt der Roman verfilmt und dramatisiert zu den eindrucksvollsten und popul rsten B chern des Autors.

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    1. «Μητέρα, ο Φύρερ σκότωσε τον γιο μου…»Βερολίνο 1940. Αρχές του Β´παγκοσμίου πολέμου. Το χιτλερικό καθεστώς στο απώτερο μεγαλείο του. Η ναζιστική αθλιότητα και η τρομοκρατία του Γ´ράιχ παραλύουν και ματώνουν την ανθρωπότητα. Εστιάζουμε στους Γερμανούς πολίτες την εποχή εκεί [...]

    2. Loved this.But first, some context:Hans Fallada is the pen name of Rudolf Ditzen. At the age of 18, Ditzen and a friend went out in the countryside and, in the manner of duellists, fired guns at each other over some adolescent sexual rutting. The friend missed, but Ditzen's aim was true. Taking his friend's gun, Ditzen shot himself in the chest, but survived. For the first of many times, Ditzen was committed to a sanatorium for the mentally ill. Released, Ditzen turned to alcohol and narcotics. [...]

    3. "Then he picked up the pen and said softly, but clearly, "The first sentence of our first card will read: Mother! The Führer has murdered my son.".At that instant she grasped that this very first sentence was Otto's absolute and irrevocable declaration of war, and also what that meant: war between, on the one side, the two of them, poor, small, insignificant workers who could be extinguished for just a word or two, and on the other, the Führer, the Party, the whole apparatus in all its power a [...]

    4. Hans Fallada has written an astonishing but ultimately tragic novel of German resistance to Nazism and the ever formidable Third Reich inferno, and I was stunned to learn it took something like 60 years for it's first English publication, and was penned in less than a month. Also Fallada could have escaped Germany; as a man whose books had been banned by the Nazis, and who had spent time in prison and psychiatric institutions as a result of a drug addiction, he should have got out. But if his in [...]

    5. Θα μπορούσαμε να δημιουργούμε καλύτερους πολίτες, αν σε ένα εκπαιδευτικό σύστημα αντί για εξετάσεις είχαμε εργασίες με υποχρεωτική ανάγνωση τέτοιων συγκλονιστικών βιβλίων.

    6. Onvan : Every Man Dies Alone - Nevisande : Hans Fallada - ISBN : 1933633638 - ISBN13 : 9781933633633 - Dar 543 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1947

    7. I should express thanks to Gudrun Burwitz, for if it was not for her ruthless news, I would not have found a brilliant book that stands for every belief which Ms. Burwitz expels from her very survival. Couple weeks ago, a news article describing Burwitz as the new “Nazi grandmother” made me explore further for its validity. Ms. Burwitz who at the ripe age of 81, still strives hard to support and nurture the most modern breed of Nazis ,keeping alive the malicious work and memory of her father [...]

    8. Bettie's Booksbbc/programmes/b00vvwq0Re-visit 2015 via R4x:Primo Levi's declaration that Alone in Berlin is "the greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis" is bold and unequivocal. English readers have had to wait 60 years to explore the 1947 novel in which Otto Quangel, a factory foreman (Ron Cook) and his wife Anna (Margot Leicester) believe themselves morally obliged to take on the full might of the Nazis.When their son is killed "for Fuhrer and Fatherland", the Quangels [...]

    9. Some books make you work for it. They're not easy, they're difficult, they're sprawling and slow and undecided. Until they're not. Until you feel the gigantic heart beating at its nervous center, its unabashed humanity and intelligence. It took me 250 pages to fully get into this one, and suddenly it took a turn and I was hooked like never before by its vital urgency. The characters were full-fleshed, fully realized, flawed and magnificent at the same time. The novel rushed towards its inevitabl [...]

    10. Ma cosa si era messo in mente? Un semplice operaio che lotta contro il Führer? È come se una zanzara volesse combattere contro un elefanteLo scrittore tedesco Rudolf Ditzen, noto come Hans Fallada, tossicodipendente, alcolizzato, finito più volte in galera e in manicomio, scrisse nel 1946 in soli 24 giorni le 700 pagine del romanzo, basandosi sui fascicoli provenienti dalla Gestapo sulla vera storia dei coniugi Otto ed Elise Hampel (Quangel nel libro), lui operaio e lei casalinga, che deciser [...]

    11. after losing their son to the war, berlin residents otta and anna quangel launch a mini-revolt against the reich and fuhrer in the form of postcards around the city which speak subversive messages directly to the people. read in the age of twitter and viral videos, this seems, at once, awfully quaint and particularly profound. there was a time, i gather, when words mattered; when there didn't exist a barrage of partisan wingnuts flooding the zeitgeist with nonsense. but lemme skip the cranky old [...]

    12. Θα συμφωνήσω απολύτως με μία κριτική που διάβασα εδώ μέσα. Αυτά τα βιβλία θα έπρεπε να διδάσκονται στο σχολείο. Ανάγνωσμα για γερά στομάχια

    13. Berlin, 1940. While Hitler celebrates conquering France, a working class German couple – Otto and Anna Quangel – mourn the passing of their son, Ottochen, who fell in the fighting. Bitterly upset at the Fuhrer, they begin a quiet campaign of civil disobedience against his Third Reich, dropping hand-made postcards with anti-Nazi slogans printed on them across Berlin. The treasonous postcards are soon noticed and the Gestapo quickly take up the hunt for the culprits – but how long can the Qu [...]

    14. Agghiacciante. Allucinante.E' un romanzo.Ma è stato scritto quasi "in diretta" (è uscito nel 1947).Quindi qualcuno che si opponeva c'era.Quindi era possibile opporsi.Quindi era possibile essere contro e non accettare acriticamente tutto quello che imponeva il regime nazista, per paura.Quindi è ancora più orribile quello che è successo.(lo so che questo discorso è da anime candide, e non tiene conto di tutte le variabile dell'hic et nunc. ma rimane il fatto che opporsi era possibile)

    15. - Μήπως είναι, πως να το πω, κάπως λίγο αυτό που θέλεις να κάνεις?Μπορεί να είχε δίκιο: Λίγο ή πολύ, κανείς δεν μπορεί να ρισκάρει τίποτα περισσότερο από την ίδια του τη ζωή. Κάθε άνθρωπος έχει διαφορετικές ικανότητες και διαφορετικό χαρακτήρα - το σημαντικό είναι να αντιστέκε [...]

    16. After having started 2011 with a couple of disappointing novels this one blew me away. Written in 1947 but set in the middle years of the war it follows a number of different characters ranging from the noble and kind through the naive and tragic to the utterly loathsome making a few stops at the fairly disgusting. All emotions are here and this reader certainly experienced quite a few of them himself. The hero and heroine,(Fallada speaks of people in their fifties or even late forties as being [...]

    17. Non conoscevo affatto né l’autore, né il romanzo. Sono stata indotta a prenderlo in mano dopo aver letto le recensioni di Sandra e di Roberto. E ho fatto bene a seguire i loro consigli, perché merita. A malapena riuscivo a posarlo, la sera, per andare a dormire. E sempre con dispiacere. Perché, nonostante lo stile asciutto, scevro da lungaggini, quasi “spartano” direi, ci si immerge poco a poco in un’atmosfera fatta di paura, di costante timore, di angoscia. Una cappa desolante di sf [...]

    18. I read this while I was also reading Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilisation The Conquest of the Middle East. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Note to self: Reading two depressing books at the same time does not do good things to one's mood. There has been a surge of interest in the German experience of World War II, particularly the experience of those who tried to resist the war mongering. This novel joins works like The Song Before It Is Sung A Novel, Valkyrie The Plot To Kill Hitler, and Sophie [...]

    19. Καιρό είχα να απολαύσω τόσο πολύ βιβλίο. Ο Φάλαντα αφηγείται μια αληθινή αντιστασιακή ιστορία στο ναζιστικό Βερολίνο δημιουργώντας εντυπωσιακά ζωντανούς χαρακτήρες και πετυχαίνοντας τη διατήρηση ενός διακριτικού αλλά απτόητου ρυθμού που βοηθά το βιβλίο να φανεί πολύ μι [...]

    20. If I could have given this six stars, I would have. Maybe it was because I read it in a day, or maybe because it was based on a true story, I know I will not forget this book for a long time.Much WW2 literature is written from the view point of the English during the blitz, the French heading up the Resistence or the Nazi's wreaking evil. I think there is only Alone in Berlin and The Book Thief that I have read, which has given an insight into the dire situation that the ordinary Germans lived t [...]

    21. Εξαιρετικό!! Ένα από τα καλύτερα βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει ποτέ!! Είναι τόσο πλούσιο σε αισθήματα και εικόνες που δεν μπορώ έτσι απλά να το περιγράψω με λέξεις. Χαίρομαι πραγματικά που διάβασα ένα τέτοιο αριστουργηματικό βιβλίο, που παρά τον πόνο και το θάνατο που περιέχει, σε [...]

    22. Αριστουργημα! Καταπληκτικός Φαλαντα αξιζει να διαβαστεί απο όλους!

    23. Nazis: history's equivalent to that team that always gets trounced by the Harlem Globetrotters, the Washington Generals. Every time you see Nazis in a movie or read of Nazis in book, you know that they're gonna get theirs in the end. It's akin to something like culturally accepted wisdom to dismiss them as caricatures. But they aren't caricatures (Godwin's Law notwithstanding) -- they existed (DO exist), and for a while there it looked like they might even run things. The period of their ascenda [...]

    24. This is an absolutely devastating novel about Otto and Anna Quangel, an older working-class German couple during World War II who wrote anti-Nazi messages on postcards and left them around Berlin. The two work on their own, not part of any larger resistance movement, and they have no way of knowing whether their messages are having any effect. It gets off to a slow start, as the Quangels start their work and the authorities begin to take notice and sift through various suspects to find the culpr [...]

    25. October 31, 2016: Just learned from my friend, Kerstin, there is now a movie about this book, Alone in Berlin. I am not surprised. This is an amazing book. Dark, DARK, Dark, but so appropriate for this age we are living in preparatory, prophetic. Into our culture of death which teaches that nothing really matters comes a book and film which teaches the opposite; even our smallest little protests against this grinding machine COUNT. We count. Each and every one of us, from the very smallest unwa [...]

    26. This is a beautiful book painting the lives of common people living through the terrible years of Nazi Germany, written just after the war by somebody who actually lived in lived through those years.Fallada introduces us to carpenter Otto Quangel and his stay at home wife Anna in the first chapter, and we stay with these main protagonists for the whole book - but all around them many diverse specimens of humanity help paint what it was like. None of these characters is flat or stereotypical: eve [...]

    27. Having read through 185 pages and disliking every minute spent with the book, I am stopping. All of my criticisms remain. Fallada wrote this book in 24 days. It shows. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO READ THIS BOOK - CONTACT ME, MAYBE WE CAN SWAP bOOKS!P.S. I went back and reread the Kirkus review. I should have read the review more carefully. It is clearly stated that the characters are "archetypal to a fault". I recommend that carefully read Kirkus's review. Here follows a link to that review: searchrnesa [...]

    28. Arendt wrote of the 'banality of evil.' Fallada's book is maybe about the futility of good, or the absence of cohesion amongst those who were not endangered directly. This WW2 story concerns non-Semitic Germans during this period. It melts into a pond of existentialism and it bespeaks another aspect of imperfect humanity.

    29. Romanzo teso e sconvolgente, che si legge d'un fiato non ostante la lunghezza. Fresco, a dispetto dell'età. E profondo. Eccellente prodotto di editoria, in cui un'ampia post-fazione aiuta a metabolizzare la lettura e a comprendere l'autore. Le vicende narrate prendono spunto da fatti realmente accaduti. Il contesto, tristemente noto, è la Berlino in guerra degli anni '40. Oltre alla trama e all'intreccio, fatti e personaggi rendono una fotografia nitida di alcune delle dinamiche che hanno alim [...]

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