The Rake

The Rake A Regency romp about a young lady who vows revenge on the rakish lord who loved and left her only to find herself unexpectedly caught in Cupid s net along with the handsome viscount when her plan to

  • Title: The Rake
  • Author: Suzanne Enoch
  • ISBN: 9780061751936
  • Page: 117
  • Format: ebook
  • A Regency romp about a young lady who vows revenge on the rakish lord who loved and left her, only to find herself unexpectedly caught in Cupid s net along with the handsome viscount when her plan to love and leave him backfires.

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    1. I avoided reading this book for some time because I wasn't too keen on the idea of a hero ruining a heroine's reputation for a wager and going away without a care. Well, I should've known better than trust a book blurb!The general idea is there, but events don't fold exactly like that On the contrary, Tristan was a very likeable hero, who'd never meant to hurt Georgie and did everything he could to save her reputation - and succeeded! And that led me to question Georgie's actions: Why did she ha [...]

    2. When Lady Georgiana Halley loses her innocence to Viscount Dare she’s heartbroken and ashamed to learn it was all for a wager. Now six years later, Georgiana thinks it about time Dare get’s taught a lesson! Only when the lesson backfires Georgiana’s heart is yet again on the line and this time Dare won’t give her up without a fight!I was so happy I found this hidden away on my TBR shelf, after reading a recent Suzanne Enoch book, I wasn’t all that impressed or wanting to read one of he [...]

    3. *4.5 Stars*I first read this book so long ago that I don't exactly remember when it was. I have reread this trilogy many times over the years, but I still enjoy it each time. It's been at least a year or two since the last reread, so the dialogue and exact events had faded enough that it felt like a rediscovery.I am a fan of second-chance-romances and the frenemies-to-lovers trope, and this definitely fit the bill for both. Second chances can sometimes be hard to accept, but the author did a fab [...]

    4. Este libro lo leí hace años y no me acordaba más que de los abanicos ^^ pero si que tenía un recuerdo lejano de que me había gustado.El caso es que esta #NaderíaEncantandora fue mi bote salvavidas en estos momentos en que mi mente/estado lector está sufriendo un cortocircuito.Es una historia sencilla, sin una trama compleja, que invita a seguir leyendo para seguir sonriendo y para ver como resolverán sus diferencias los protagonistas. De los protas decir que Tristan es mi favorito pero q [...]

    5. This could easily have been a great book for me: a hero and heroine who actually have a backstory that is actually interesting (he entered a wager that involved stealing a kiss and a stocking from her, he slept with her in the process, and after thinking he only did so to win a bet (because we must have a huge misunderstanding somewhere), she is now afraid to trust anyone), great supporting characters (I hope his brothers and aunts keep showing up later in the series), and adorable banter betwee [...]

    6. This book is so good ! Tristan and Georgiana have this red-hot love/hate thing happening right up to the end. The jabs they give each other are wicked but all the while they’re aching desperately for each other which makes for top-notch romance. There are some great twists and turns and sex in some very unexpected places—refreshing for a regency! What’s so good is that it doesn’t follow the typical regency story-line: they meet, they don’t like each, there are the rules of the ton, the [...]

    7. A really sweet and slightly humorous romance without anything extraordinary but very well written.It's the story of Tristan and Georgianna who have a past; a past only the two of them know about and enmity is all that remains after 4-5 years. But now Georgianna decides to teach him a lesson about how a gentleman should really behave; break his heart in the process and leave him as he did with her years ago.Of course trying to win his love means she has to be friendlier with him and charm him. Tr [...]

    8. Ahh.lly back to a book that falls in my "comfort zone". No spies, no suspense, no clues to follow and puzzles to solve. Just your everyday rakehandsome, charming, wittywho has a stigma attached that might as well be stamped to his forehead "Caution all females! If you can read this, you are too close!" And a heroine who is beautiful, gracious, (a little too) wittywho, apparently, can't read. LOL The book begins 6 years after the heroine was duped out of her virginity by the hero who had been act [...]

    9. Witty, charming, lovely and sweet.Suzanne Enoch is becoming one of my favorite authors! She writes books of quality. The language is great and engaging. I could really feel myself walking around the streets and going to fancy parties in regency London. I could feel the grass and the sunshine. The story about Tristan and Georgiana was everything I enjoy in a romance! I loved Tristan’s family and Georgiana was so sweet, albeit a bit naive, moving in to help his aunt and to teach Tristan a lesson [...]

    10. Started off so well, witty fun dialogue and interaction between the two characters. But good golly the middle and ending of the book was like wading through molasses in winter.  The heroine's trust issues with the hero appear and then reappear and reappear and reappear. Look lady, maybe instead of flipping the freak out immediately when a stranger relays some info you're upset to hear, perhaps instead, take a breathe and ask your dude "wtf, do you know what this is about?"   I can handle misun [...]

    11. Leído hace muuuuuchos años pero aún recordado.No había puesto mi reseña y la verdad no recuerdo bien la historia. Pero las sensaciones que me dejó fueron todas buenas.De los buenos libros de la autora toda la serie 😍👏🏻

    12. Very strange book. Georgiana and Tristan seemed very fun and interesting in the latter books in this series, but strangely enough their own book fell terribly short.It had its great moments, because their backstory is actually interesting, and matters of trust always make for good romance stories. And the side-characters, Georgiana's friends and Tristans family are lovely.Unfortunately one third of the plot hinged on Georgie's plan to make Tristan fall in love with her and then break his heart, [...]

    13. Una novela entretenida, con una galería de personajes encantadores que compensan algunas carencias de los protagonistas y una trama muy simple con un conflicto de pareja que solo se sostiene por la personalidad cada uno. Él es un personaje bastante plano que no me despertado mucho interés, sus pequeños defectos son perdonables por todas las cualidades que presenta. Ella, con su rencor y su insistente deseo de venganza, a pesar de lo que siente por él, me ha resultado algo infantiloide y poc [...]

    14. Me siento generosa y por eso le doy tres ⭐️ pero es un libro que no me dejará huella. Más en la reseña!

    15. This might have been a 3 or 4 star rating up to the point where an 18 year-old debutante tries to seduce the hero in his own bed, after sneaking undetected out of her own house, at 2 in the morning, by herself, finding a hackney cab and simply walking into the hero's house and finding his bedroom in a mansion of 20 bedrooms, in total darkness. I just couldn't buy into that scene at all. After that it went pretty much downhill, and the gratuitous and trashy sex scenes near the end, especially the [...]

    16. Ok, this one was my first by Suzanne Enoch and all I can say is how did I go so long with out reading her? I freaking loved this book; love the banter/fighting between Tristan and Georgiana-it was clever and witty. They were funny without being over dramatic and stupid. And I loved the fighting between them was for something that actually happened and not just some stupid big misunderstanding that could be fixed with a simple conversation. Loved the ending, so sweet without being cloying or syru [...]

    17. Mouaich. J'ai trouvé l'héroïne un peu pénible, et je n'ai pas compris pourquoi le héro avait attendu 6 ans pour essayer d'arranger les choses avec elle.Par contre, l'histoire du frère Robert m'intéresse, et je pense zapper le tome 2 pour aller directement au 3 ;)

    18. I enjoyed Georgiana and Dare quite a bit although I wasn't expecting to. The blackmail plot I could have done without.

    19. I actually thought the novel had a lot of potential and it certainly started off well. Six years after Viscount Dare seduces Georgiana she decides to make him the object of her lessons in chivalry. The whole ton knows of the animosity between Georgiana and Dare and there are plenty of opportunities for witty barbed exchanges between the two. However, for some reason I felt a bit disappointed with the direction of the plot. Some details were adorably sweet (fans is all I shall say) and others had [...]

    20. 4.5 stars.I don't know how good this review will be because I've had 4 glasses of wine. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow In the meantime.I did really enjoy this book. I had pushed it to the front of my TBR shelf because it received high ratings from some of my GR friends.Tristan (the hero) was a complete doll. I LOVED him so much. Although I think my feelings for him ultimately affected my opinion of Georgiana, the heroine, because I could see so much good in him when she could only see the ba [...]

    21. Keepin' this short -I just adore this author's stories. Great plots, great characters, LOADS of humor, and beautiful happily ever afters. I can't ask for more than that!

    22. The rake in this story, Dare, took the h's virginity when she was 18 (linked to a wager). The h, Georgiana, found out about the wager and refused to have anything more to do with him. He didn't tell anyone about it, which was nice, I guess, and does his usual screwing around etc. for SIX YEARS. She remains unmarried. With me so far? Some years later she decides to get even, (revenge is a dish best served cold taken to extremes), scheming to have him fall in love with her so she can jilt him. Of [...]

    23. This is my first Enoch books, I'm happy it's quite good I enjoyed it.I especially really liked Tristan and Georgiana's banter. It's funny and also adorable. I can feel their chemistry easily.Tristan and Georgiana as characters are also interesting. They have flaws it makes the way their build their relationship is much more interesting. I liked other characters too. They are intriguing me, especially Grey and his wife, Emma. Although they are already married here, I want to know more about their [...]

    24. Sans que l'histoire soit très originale, j'ai passé un bon moment avec cette romance grâce à ses personnages attachants et, surtout, grâce à l'humour présent et à plusieurs scènes cocasses. J'attends la suite maintenant !

    25. Review originally posted at bookstobrightenyourmoodspThe Rake,was the first historical romance book I read and I'm not frantic about it!Well,I'm guesing after reading about 10 marvelous books in the genre,I was bound to read one that didn't amaze me.It's not that The Rake was a bad book,more like one that I won't remember for long after finishing it and one whose story didn't appeal to me so much.First of all,I had a problem with the main concept of the plot.The whole thing of a woman teaching a [...]

    26. I have had this book on my TBR for a while, since I have been home sick for 2 days, I decided to read it to pass the time I am forced to stay in bed. This book a such a typical encounter between Suzanne Enoch and me. The book started great, with Tristan and Georgiana, who had a "thing", the nature only known to the both of them. There isn't much else to the plot other than Tristan and Georgiana danced their little dance toward each other. I liked both characters, which is usually the case when I [...]

    27. A love/hate romance. One of my favorite cliches, but this book portrayed it in a new angle. Lovers with some history and some mistakes who end up realizing that they really love each other. There are so many reasons why this book read well. One, the hero is actually a fairly normal decent guy, not perfect or too roguish. He had made some mistakes, but forgivable. Two, Triston's family. I loved them all. I wish there was more about them actually. I loved the part when he considered selling one of [...]

    28. It's 5 a.m It has been a while since I've read a book for the first time that made me laugh, hold my breath and that kept me awake during the whole night The first half was wonderful, but after that I thought for about 2 chapters that it would be only about Tristan trying to win Georgiana's hand and I waited something to happenAND IT DID!! And it was so funny. I couldn't stop laughingMy first Suzanne Enoch book -surely not my last!

    29. A veces creo que soy una desordenada para leer series pero WOW!! Suzanne Enoch ya me había convencido con la historia de Lucinda y Robert Carroway, pero Georgiana y Tristán tenían una historia igual de fascinante, siempre prefiero la de Lucinda, la considero destronable. Espero que la de Evelyn me atrape igual.Enoch se suma a mi lista de autoras favoritas, en definitiva :)

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