Twisted 9

Twisted Jessica Zafra lives in Manila with her three cats Her column appears in the Philippine Star For information than you need visit JessicaRulesTheUniverse

  • Title: Twisted 9
  • Author: Jessica Zafra
  • ISBN: 9789712725081
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Newsprint
  • Jessica Zafra lives in Manila with her three cats Her column appears in the Philippine Star For information than you need, visit JessicaRulesTheUniverse.

    One thought on “Twisted 9”

    1. I didn't like Twisted 8 1/2 that much because it had more product reviews than thoughtful essays. I read Zafra's blog, and thought then, Well, maybe I should just read her blog than buy any more of her books. Twisted 9, however, was loaded with film reviews, social commentary, and slice-of-life observations - my kind of Twisted. I found it a satisfying read. The book is small enough for travel, so yes, buy this book. You can read it while waiting in line somewhere.

    2. Basically, Twisted 9 is a collection of Jessica Zafra’s essays on Emotional Weather Report, her weekly column in The Philippine Star. It consists of almost everything under the sun -- gadgets, sportsmen, cats, foods, movie and book reviews, even politics, and the likes.When I read her previous Twisted series (which was Twisted 8 1/2), I gave it two stars. It was okay. I liked it. What I mean is, I liked the cover. It was black. Other than that, I found it a little bit boring, and Twisted 9 was [...]

    3. For a particularly thin book with roughly a hundred page, this took me too long to read. I didn’t like it that much. What didn’t appeal to me was the long, dragging rants about tennis—something I know nothing about. It took about three or four sections in the book, and jeez, I can’t totally relate. I was really bored. Not very engaging for readers, eh?Well, the author’s writing style was actually excellent; she has a craft for storytelling. I think it would be better if she’ll write [...]

    4. It took me only a couple of hours to finish the book from cover to cover. I guess it paid off that I was at a milk tea shop and was killing some time. I loved the Sad, Sadder, Saddest since I'm drawn to stories about new wave and/or 80's groups. The other stories were quite interesting but not as interesting as the other Twisted books I've read. I also loved her story about Michael Jackson and Cory Aquino. Overall, I still think that this is a good read from one highly-respected writer and a loc [...]

    5. Jessica Zafra's wry humor and her wide-ranging intellect (from her love of cats to attending near-empty concerts of New Wave acts past their prime) make her readers imagine her deadpan expression while uttering mental expletives with evil glee. Somehow it is refreshing to know how opinions can be blunt and wise yet enjoyable to read at the same time.

    6. Meh. Didn't like this one as much as I did with her Twisted 8 1/2. It's a quick read and had lots of movie reviews, most of which I haven't heard of. I added them to my to-watch list. Thanks

    7. I just couldn't find any wittier and more brilliant essays than those of Jessica Zafra's. She literally breathes life into words and strings them in the most beautiful melody. I love how she manages to capture every bits of teeny-tiny edges, humour, obsessiveness and ironies of this happy happy sad wacky life.

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