A Book for Black-Eyed Susan

A Book for Black Eyed Susan When ten year old Cora and her family leave their home in Missouri their hearts are filled with the hopes and dreams of a bright future gleaming with promise and opportunity But the journey west by w

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  • Title: A Book for Black-Eyed Susan
  • Author: Judy Young Doris Ettlinger
  • ISBN: 9781585364633
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When ten year old Cora and her family leave their home in Missouri, their hearts are filled with the hopes and dreams of a bright future gleaming with promise and opportunity But the journey west by wagon train is harsh, and tragedy strikes swiftly and unexpectedly Now Cora and her father must steel themselves for a different future from what they had carefully planned.When ten year old Cora and her family leave their home in Missouri, their hearts are filled with the hopes and dreams of a bright future gleaming with promise and opportunity But the journey west by wagon train is harsh, and tragedy strikes swiftly and unexpectedly Now Cora and her father must steel themselves for a different future from what they had carefully planned How can they move forward when their hearts are broken But move on they must, and Cora takes comfort in her new baby sister named Susan after the black eyed flowers When Cora learns she and Susan are to be separated at the end of their journey, she looks to the past to help craft a link to their new lives.

    One thought on “A Book for Black-Eyed Susan”

    1. This is a lovely picture book that goes well with the study of the wagon trails going west (Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, California Trail).

    2. “A Book for Black-Eyed Susan” by Judy Young was a beautiful book in my opinion. The contemporary aspect of it made the reading flow and want you to keep reading more. I️t started off with a heart wrenching problem that affected my emotions. I️t lead to another problem that needed attention too. Soon the solution to Cora, the main character’s, problems was that she and her new baby sister would have to separate.Her baby sister was named Susan after her mother’s favorite flowers, Black [...]

    3. A beautiful book. Not everyone survived the journey on the Oregon Trail & this story begins with the death of a mother. Some pioneers wrote diaries. The 10 year old girl in this story found a different way to store the memories for her baby sister.

    4. Pioneer stories are not uncommon, yet now and then one comes along that reminds us how difficult the journey must have been for those valiant enough to bear the hardships of traveling from Missouri to the promised lands of California or Oregon. Judy Young provides a fictional account of a family who suffers a double loss. First the mother dies in childbirth, and then the father sorrowfully decides the baby will be raised by relatives traveling on to California. The older sister is devastated by [...]

    5. Laura MuellerMarch 4, 2015EDL53500 Library Materials for Children and YouthTitle: A Book for Black-eyed SusanAuthor: Judy YoungPlot: Cora and her family are traveling west in a covered wagon. They have many hardships including her mother's death during childbirth. Now Cora and her father and baby sister must finish the journey. Cora soon finds out that her baby sister, Susan, will be raised by her aunt and they will be separated. Cora is devastated but hopes their paths will cross again someday. [...]

    6. This picture book illustrates what life was really like on the trails heading west. Cora's mother dies giving birth to her sister Susan. Her father can't take care of the baby so Cora's aunt and uncle will raise her. Unfortunately, Cora and her father are headed to Oregon and the others are going to California. Cora creates a book with quilt squares depicting Susan's life so far so she will have something to remember them by. Years later Cora and Susan meet again. This is a delightful story, hea [...]

    7. This book is a hearbreaking story that tells about the truth of traveling in covered wagon to the West. Cora's mother died during childbirth. Cora's aunt took care of the baby, and Cora named her Susan because of her black eyes. Eventually, Cora's father decided that the aunt had been doing so well with the baby, and that she needed a mother, he would give the baby to them. Cora was so sad, and made a cloth book as a goodbye present. Years went by, and Cora became a teacher. The story ends with [...]

    8. Girl's mother dies in childbirth along the Oregon Trail, leaving a baby sister (Susan) who goes to California with her aunt and uncle. Older sister (can't remember her name) makes her a patchwork book before she and her father head to Oregon. When she becomes a teacher 10 years later, she is reunited with Susan and her book.Not the best layout, some choppy bits to the story, but sweetly told in a simple manner DPL's bridging fiction. Advanced picture book.

    9. Award winning book and part of a series called "Tales of Young Americans" about 10 year old Cora and her trials as her family crosses the plains on their way to Oregon. Using her mother's sewing box, Cora creates images of this journey out of fabric and thread.For more children's books with a sewing/quilting theme see: xoxograndma/2015/

    10. While on the trail wear Cora's mother gives birth to a baby sister but her mother dies in childbirth. Cora's aunt takes care of the baby and her father decides that it would be best of aunt Alma takes the baby to California to raise. This means that Cora will see Susan again. Cora decides to make a cloth book with picture so that little Susan can remember her trek west. Will Cora ever see Susan again read the book to find out.

    11. This sweet story of a pioneer family crossing the country to a new life gave me chills! I really loved it. Pa must make some hard decisions about what is best for the family when Ma dies giving birth to 10-year old Cora's baby sister.Readers will get a sense of life on the trail West as they follow Cora and her family. The realistic illustrations complement the story well.Despite a tearful beginning, this beautifully-written story has a hopeful ending. Well done!

    12. Genre: Historical Fiction Copyright:2011A family is traveling by covered wagon on the Oregon Trail. A young girl loses her Mom. She begins making sewn squares based on animals on the trail and her old home. Soon her family has to split and her Aunt ends up taking her baby sister. Cora is very upset but makes her a book from her sewn squares. I can use this story for our social studies unit. It would be great to talk about the hardships many people had to face. I enjoyed this book.

    13. I would've LOVED this book as a kid. I would've cried and loved every cheesy moment. I do think this is a good bite-sized introduction to historical fiction and might spark interest in more developed stories.

    14. Beautiful, sweet, touching story of the Oregon Trail. A young girl loses her mother, but gains a baby sister on the journey to Oregon. Along the way, Cora, decides to make a book of cloth scraps so here sister will know what happened on the wagon train to Oregon.

    15. A picture book story about one family's journey along the Oregon trail. Beautiful illustrations accompany the emotional story, and wonderful author's note serves to introduce children to the genre.

    16. I didn't care for the story. It seemed very simplistic with a contrived ending. Even though picture books are short it this one didn't seem to be developed well.

    17. slightly morbid since it starts off a death. if i wanted to talk about death im sure there are better books to it with

    18. This book made me cry, but also had a nice ending. My daughter and I thought it would be neat to make quilt squares like the ones in the book, but related to things in our lives.

    19. A touching story of a young girl's journey on the Oregon Trail and the difficulties she faces. Readers of historical fiction will like this one.

    20. I appreciate this book for not skipping over some tough truths of frontier life, but it feels to me like it's trying to encompass too much, in too few pages.

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