Songs of Power

Songs of Power Someone is trying to sabotage the underwater habitat where Imina the granddaughter of an Inuit shaman lives after terrorists have infected the earth s food supply and Imina must call on her still u

  • Title: Songs of Power
  • Author: Hilari Bell
  • ISBN: 9780786805617
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Someone is trying to sabotage the underwater habitat where Imina, the granddaughter of an Inuit shaman, lives after terrorists have infected the earth s food supply, and Imina must call on her still undeveloped magical skills to save the colony.

    One thought on “Songs of Power”

    1. Imina's grandmother did all she could to teach Imina all the magic she knows. But when she dies, Imina realizes that she doesn't know enough to become a shaman, and there's nobody else to teach her. She now lives in an underwater habitat with her parents and many other people. One day, when practicing magic, she senses someone else doing magic. Will she be able to find this person so that they can teach her how to become a shaman?

    2. It was intriguing enough to read in one sitting, but I've read several books now that make me wonder whether Bell knows how to write endings. This one was fairly abrupt and ruined the immersive power of the story she had created. Granted it was a first novel, but still. Read her more recent stuff's MUCH better. I also wish there'd been a bit more description of the underwater "habitat," as I found it difficult to imagine that experience with the scarcity of description she included.

    3. I really loved this book when I first read it in middle school. I recently recommended it to a cousin of mine and I wanted to check back in and make sure it held up. It does, barely (I blame nostalgia), but it's not as marvelous as I remembered.

    4. Read for Popsugar's 2015 Reading Challenge: a book from an author you love that you haven't read yet.I can clearly see the beginning of Hilari Bell's style in this, her first published novel. The naturalistic magic in a sci-fi setting is very Trickster's Girl/Traitor's Son. The story was well crafted and satisfying. Although I have to admit I guessed the identity of the saboteurs very early on in the narrative as a passing fancy and then proceeded to mentally scream at the characters as it becam [...]

    5. I'm totally in the minority on this, I think, but this is my favorite Bell book to date, no matter how much I adore the Knight and Rogue series. Why do I like this one so much? I'm a complete marine biology dork. So (view spoiler)[WHALE MAGIC HELL YES (hide spoiler)]. And that's most of the reason. What a wonderful, cool idea.

    6. A little obvious, and the main character is a bit snotty/obnoxious. Oh, and there's one of those really frustrating scenes where no one believes her and it's so frustrating you want to scream. So overall, not worth the read.

    7. This was a great book, though I checked it out twice because I didn't realize it was a reprint. Super amazing, great charecter developement and thought provoking, but in a good way.

    8. This was her first book and is barely worth reading. Good to see how bad someone can be who becomes a really good writer.

    9. Not my favorite by Hilari Bell but still enjoyable story of an Inuit Shaman girl who lives in an underwater habitat.

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