The Rose Bride: A Retelling of "The White Bride and the Black Bride"

The Rose Bride A Retelling of The White Bride and the Black Bride Once upon a Time Is Timeless When Rose s mother dies her only comfort is the exquisite rose garden her mother left behind The purple blossoms serve as an assurance of her mother s love But Rose is de

  • Title: The Rose Bride: A Retelling of "The White Bride and the Black Bride"
  • Author: Nancy Holder Mahlon F. Craft
  • ISBN: 9781442430174
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • Once upon a Time Is Timeless When Rose s mother dies, her only comfort is the exquisite rose garden her mother left behind The purple blossoms serve as an assurance of her mother s love But Rose is dealt a second blow when her father dies and his greedy widow, Ombrine, and her daughter, Desir e, move in and take over the manor in true Cinderella fashion Fate has bee Once upon a Time Is Timeless When Rose s mother dies, her only comfort is the exquisite rose garden her mother left behind The purple blossoms serve as an assurance of her mother s love But Rose is dealt a second blow when her father dies and his greedy widow, Ombrine, and her daughter, Desir e, move in and take over the manor in true Cinderella fashion Fate has been cruel to Ombrine and Desir e, too So despite their harsh ways, Rose has compassion But these feelings are bitterly tested when, in a rage, Ombrine tears out the garden Rose nearly gives up all hope until a chance meeting with the king Happiness might be within her reach, but first she must prevail over Ombrine And then she must determine if she has the courage to love.

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    1. 1.5 stars. A retelling of "The White Bride and the Black Bride" though it felt more like "Cinderella meets Bambi" to me. In the Author's Note, it claims that the book was inspired, in part, by the movie Ever After. Which, by the way, is fantastic and because I've seen that movie more times than I can remember, I could certainly draw some comparisons, especially in the beginning of the book. Like when, barring one word, there is a small line directly from the movie. Some events and themes were st [...]

    2. Very confused by the French-speaking, Greek-god-worshipping society. And the requests for children directed at Artemis (seems to me if you want to pray to someone for a kid, you might not want to direct said prayer to a virgin maiden goddess who's not too keen on the opposite sex, particularly when they spy on her in the bath).Setting, cultural, and religious issues aside, this story is so very centered around the many (and I do mean MANY) trials and tribulations of Rose, a hard-working, long-su [...]

    3. SUMMARY: When Rose's mother dies, her only comfort is the exquisite rose garden her mother left behind. The purple blossoms serve as an assurance of her mother's love. But Rose is dealt a second blow when her father dies and his greedy widow, Ombrine, and her daughter, Desirée, move in and take over the manor in true Cinderella fashion. Fate has been cruel to Ombrine and Desirée, too. So despite their harsh ways, Rose has compassion. But these feelings are bitterly tested when, in a rage, Ombr [...]

    4. Genre: retold fairytales, fantasySummary: Rose's mother exchanges her life so that Rose will know the meaning of true love. This book is an odd mixture of Greek mythology and French fairy tales. With the death of her mother, Rose is an orphan because her father dies shortly after he hears of his wife's death, raised by an evil stepmother and stepsisters who make bargains with sorcerers and the God of Shadows. The king of the land lost his young wife and when he sees a portrait of Rose (painted b [...]

    5. This was the absolute WORST book I have read in a long time! Rose who is put on this "journey" to know that she is loved, loses her mother, father, everthing she loves. She is starved, abused, and ends up with a Stepmother and stepsister that put Cinderella's Stepmother and sisters to shame. And the supposed HERO of this book is some stupid heartbroken guy that ends up hoodwinked by the evil steps and married and sleeping with the evil stepsister. NOT COOL!! This whole book was painful to read a [...]

    6. By far this is the worst book of the Once Upon a Time series, and for several reasons.1) Far too convoluted. It's like the author took fifty pages of back-story and crammed it in to five pages.2) So the people in the story speak French, worship Greek/Roman gods (incorrectly), and dress like they live in some weird Renaissance-like world. Wha-?3) The descriptive paragraphs/back-story are horrifically complicated, but then we are graced with dialogue like: "True love never dies - it lives beyond t [...]

    7. It was ok. I'm not familiar with the fairy tale it was retelling, but it was ok. There times I figured I was missing a part of the story, but I kept on. It really only took me a couple of hours to read it.

    8. So I've never read or heard of "The White Bride and the Black Bride," but I decided to still read this book. When I read the synopsis, I realized that it sounds a lot like "Cinderella." In both the mother dies, father remarries, the stepmother is terrible, the father dies, and the stepfamily hate the daughter. The only thing that keeps me from thinking that they're the same stories is that "Cinderella" is French and this story is German.I started off liking this book pretty well. I felt bad for [...]

    9. This is definitely not the best of the Once Upon a Time stories. I confess I'm not terribly familiar with the original fairy tale. I know I've read it before, but I don't really remember it.I've found this series in general to be rather hit-or-miss, and this book was definitely in the latter category. It had potential, and there were even some things I enjoyed about it. I liked some of the imagery, for example.I'll admit that the writing style threw me quite a bit. I'm actually a huge fan of Gre [...]

    10. So I had to tough this one out until about seventy pages in.The good:The writing's not too bad, and once the story starts rolling, it gets interesting.The bad:Lack of knowledge of history. Did Holder not take history in high school? I'll admit my knowledge of European history isn't too great for anything before War of the Roses, but a quick trip to Google showed me that when Greeks lived in France, they weren't in "France" and they didn't speak French. The French did not worship Greek Gods as fa [...]

    11. "The White Bride and the Black Bride" is a lesser known fairytale from the Brothers Grimm. It's basically another interpretation of the little cinder girl. That being said, this book has accomplished a feat few other books have: It made me cry.Rose Marchand is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and his second wife. On her thirteenth birthday, while Rose's father is away, her mother presents her with a beautiful garden filled with purple roses. But straight after, her mother passes away. And her [...]

    12. From the first book I picked up I've liked the Once upon a Time series, and I've always loved retellings of fairy tales. I found this particular book at a thrift store, and promptly picked it up because of the others.One of the things I liked about these reworkings was, even though the books claimed it was based on one fairy tale, they were almost always a mix of two or more fairy tales. While this one is a reworking of 'The White Bride and the Black Bride', it is also has aspects of 'Cinderella [...]

    13. Themes: love, religion, magic, fairy talesSetting: fairy tale FranceRose is a sort of Cinderella. Her mother dies when she is young, her father remarries to a completely unsuitable woman with a daughter of her own and then dies, and Rose is mistreated by her new stepmother. But Cinderella didn't have all this stuff about Artemis the Goddess and have her turn into a deer.Several other reviewers here on LT, plus my own daughter, complained about the odd mesh between the Greek mythology and a fairy [...]

    14. I normally love retellings of old fairy tales, but this one was not good. There was enough french in the story that it would be confusing to anyone without a passing knowledge of french, and there were many things not rapped up. Several pages from the end actually, a lot of these untied endings are brought up in a question format before the book ends without either having answered them or using a cop out such as "the gods only know why." I appreciated the Greek mythology used in the book (for th [...]

    15. Wow, I was unfamiliar with this tale (a retelling of the story of the black bride and the white bride) and maybe that was my mistake. We all know that fairy tales have happy endings but usually have some hardship in between the intro and the "happily ever after," but this story was ridiculous. The events making up the majority of the book were so dismal and depressing that it wasn't worth reading for the very abbreviated "happy ending." As the reader I was left so shaken by all of the rest of th [...]

    16. A very confusing fairy tale full of insta-love and promises that make no sense. Pretty much, if you request anything of Artemis she will probably kill you offwhile claiming you as a best beloved. Mix of gods that made no sense (and lets face, even when they did make sense those 'gods' were utterly useless)and characters that are Evil For No Apparent Purpose (oh, except that their 'hearts were closed by hardship') Oh, and there is also a bunch of freaking talking roses.I seriously was confused wi [...]

    17. This is a strange strange book. I've never read the original fairy tale for this one, but I wonder if the original could possibly be as strange. A bit like Cinderella, the main character has a wicked step mother and wicked step sister who try to take the prince/king away from her. It's a really bizarre tale of love and hate, good and evil, deers and purple roses, and the goddess Artemis whose methods of teaching seem to me to be about the same as a tricky leprechaun. Overall it was good-ish. If [...]

    18. Not my favorite in the Once Upon a Time series. The Greek gods were in there for the deer aspect, it's mostly Cinderella with a dash of Swan Lake and loosely modeled on the movie Ever After, and I wish the French language had been left out of this book altogether since I read it in print format instead of an ebook with easy translation. Honestly, a much better version of this story with the same themes of love and self-respect would be the movie Ever After. I read it before years ago and forgot [...]

    19. It was really good. I thought it had amazing description and told the story in a new and fantastic way. It really like how much it talks about the Greek gods and the characters faith in them.

    20. I really liked this book. It was very sweet and moving. The Rose Bride is a bit of the Cinderella fairy tale, and The Beauty and the Beast fairy tale with magic, sorcery and shape shifting mixed together. The main character is Rose who is the "Cinderella" and the one who is changed into an animal whose spell is broken by love (Beauty and the Beast). Rose has a very evil stepmother Ombrine and stepsister Desiree. There is also King Jean-Marc who lost his first wife and son and who needs to learn [...]

    21. This was an interesting reading experience because I was not familiar with the source material for this book, the fairy tale "The White Bride and the Black Bride." So I pulled out my trusty The Complete Fairy Tales of Brothers Grimm, Volume 1 and read it right before venturing in to this novel. (Reading the original, I can see why this story doesn't get a ton of attention anymore. Although meant to be "metaphorical," its depiction of the "white bride" as being good and the "black bride" as being [...]

    22. 2.5. It was okay, but nothing special. Also on thedailyprophecyI’m almost done with this series. I believe I need to read 2 more stories and then I’ve finished all the Once upon a time books. Are you guys interested in a recap where I show the best and worst books? This one definitely belongs to the last category. The writing-style wasn't that bad, but the story felt too stretched.I actually haven’t read the original story, which is ‘The white bride and the black bride’, so that might [...]

    23. A shrug.That’s the first thing I did after turning the last page of “The Rose Bride”. Don’t get me wrong; this book had a pretty good start but most of it dragged on. For a supposed short story, this took up quite a lot of pages; and I’m never a fan of slow paced books. I’m well aware of the original tale of “The White Bride and The Black Bride” and this book has taken in the concept very well. It was mixed in with a little mythology, which I found to be interesting. It also has [...]

    24. This fairy tale retelling is based on a lesser known fairy tale called The White Bride and the Black Bride. I like the original tale quite a bit and this retelling is much more than the original. The tale is set in a French-esque setting. The Greek gods, particularly Artemis, play a role in the story.Rose is the daughter of Celestine and Laurent Marchand. Her father is a merchant who is rarely home. Celestine wants to ensure that Rose always knows that she is loved. This prompts Celestine to mak [...]

    25. The lesser known Brothers Grimm tale of “The White Bride and the Black Bride” is used to explore the power of knowing one is loved, thoroughly and truly. In a setting reminiscent of Renaissance France, the gods Zeus and Artemis are worshipped and black magic is used by those with evil intent. Rose’s mother, a beloved favorite of Artemis, makes a dying wish that her daughter may always know that she is loved. The wish is granted, but Rose suffers through great trials beginning with the loss [...]

    26. I admit that I am not familiar with the original version of The White Bride and the Black bride, so can't really say if I like this as a retelling or not. This novel's version of magic in the form of Greek gods was written well. I liked how each character and family in the story had a patron god or goddess and continually had them involved in their lives. I also enjoyed the mindset of Rose when she was turned into a deer, she was part human and part animal, and faced those inner conflicts. My re [...]

    27. Once upon a time in the Land of Beyond, the Crown Prince Jean-Marc marries the lovely Lucienne. The priest of Zeus prophesies a son will be born and heal two broken hearts. Once upon a time in the Forested Land, Rose Marchand waits for her father to arrive home for her 13th birthday. Her loving father has been off chasing more gold for a very long time and Rose and her mother Celestine are left waiting for him to return. All Rose wants for is the love of her father. In the rose garden, Celestine [...]

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