The Adventures Of Alianore Audley

The Adventures Of Alianore Audley Roger wore his collar of golden Yorkist suns to show that he was one of the King s knights ludicrous piked shoes to show that he was fashionable and a massive codpiece to show that he had a vivid im

  • Title: The Adventures Of Alianore Audley
  • Author: Brian Wainwright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Roger wore his collar of golden Yorkist suns to show that he was one of the King s knights, ludicrous piked shoes to show that he was fashionable, and a massive codpiece to show that he had a vivid imagination Alianore Audley is a good, submissive, demure woman of the fifteenth century and if you believe that, you ll believe anything But she is a spy in Edward IV s Roger wore his collar of golden Yorkist suns to show that he was one of the King s knights, ludicrous piked shoes to show that he was fashionable, and a massive codpiece to show that he had a vivid imagination Alianore Audley is a good, submissive, demure woman of the fifteenth century and if you believe that, you ll believe anything But she is a spy in Edward IV s intelligence service, and the author of a chronicle that casts well, a new light, let s say, on the times of the Yorkist kings History will never be the same after Alianore Nor will most other novels Brian Wainwright s debut novel The Adventures of Alianore Audley is a brilliantly funny, subversive spoof.

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    1. Mix medieval history with a good dose of modern dialogue, and what do you get? A very funny send-up of the Wars of the Roses!

    2. You know what the problem with Dickon of Gloucester in historical fiction is, pro-Ricardian and anti-Ricardian alike?Let me enlighten you with a line from this extremely amusing little novel on the Wars of the Roses:The trouble with Richard was not that he was hunchbacked but that he had no sense of humour. I shall spell it out to save you from any doubts. NO SENSE OF HUMOUR AT ALL.With Mr Wainwright's permission, I'm officially stealing this as my to-go description of Richard III! Perfectly put [...]

    3. I don't know how I missed putting this gem on my bookshelf here at GR :)What a hysterical send up of historical fiction. Mel Brooks couldn't have done better. I was laughing through every page, the author's toungue must have been firmly planted in his cheek the entire time. Hard to believe this is the same person who wrote the ever so serious (and brilliant!) Within The Fetterlock. However, I would recommend that you have a passing knowledge of the Wars of the Roses, Edward the IV and Richard th [...]

    4. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 StarsIf you're looking for a little levity, you can't go wrong in spending an afternoon with Alianore, who is not your typical 15th century waiting woman - she's a saucy, savvy, sexy little spy for her cousin, King Edward IV, employed in the household of her other cousin, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. At times she is biased and unreliable - she's got some fanciful stories about certain events that take place during Richard's reign - but she's always entertaining. Alianore fin [...]

    5. Time, I thought, for a re-read of this favorite tale of spycraft for the House of York (well, for Edward and Richard) featuring the (mostly) intrepid Alianore Audley and her cynical asides. It is actually historically sound despite the spoofery with a wealth of detail referred to that a student of the period would identify; Mr Wainwright is a long time Riccardian.Highly recommended for a more light-hearted look at a most troublous historical period. Keep in mind the Richard HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOU [...]

    6. Very amusing, I found myself laughing out loud several times. This is one of those books that can't be compared to serious historical fiction, it's in a different category. This is funny and silly, while at the same time obviously has the historical facts all in order. It should be read after the serious stuff otherwise you won't get as much of the humor.It says in the 'About the Author' that Brian Wainwright is working on a book about Richard III, Francis Lovel and the Mowbray family. I would l [...]

    7. Ah!! So many laughs! So many good jokes. I laughed until I hurt. Wainwright writes with an easy and confident style, obviously very familiar with this period. even those not so familiar with the intricacies of 15th century politics will find much to smile about. Genius.

    8. Bawdy, tongue-in-cheek, satirical – this hilarious send-up of any historical fiction novel you’ve read about those seemingly endless Wars of the Roses will give you a whole new outlook on Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VII (aka Tudor Slimebag). Alianore is a distant relative of Edward and Richard and through various royal machinations becomes a spy for the Yorkist kings. No simpering court lady, she’s ruthlessly practical, down-to-earth, sarcastic beyond measure and willing to do whateve [...]

    9. The first book I have ever read that made me say to myself "I wish I had written that!" A positively hysterical spoof. Brian Wainwright writes Alianore with a very sarcastic and dry humor, and I loved every minute of this book. You may need to have a prior understanding of the Wars of the Roses in order to appreciate it in its entirety, but it can still be read for enjoyment at a different level if you are unfamiliar with the history. I'd recommend reading something like Sunne in Splendour by Sh [...]

    10. All the reviews I read have already underlined the wit and fun in this book. I just want to add that reading this book you realize how, given the same historical facts, you can come to a history book, a tragic historical fiction, and a humorous one, none of them betraying history. And I'm not at all sure which of them is of more service to the truth.

    11. This book is hilarious if you know the background of the War of the Roses. I could not stop laughing. I wish Wainwright had or would make a series of these books with Alianore and Roger. Just a wonderful, humorous read!

    12. Despite being pro R3, this little gem is clever, funny and highly entertaining particularly if you know your Wars of the Roses. It gives wonderful explanations for all those unanswered historical questions and affectionately spoofs current WofR historical fiction trends. Loved it!!

    13. A delight. It helps to have a general feel for the tangled politics of the period. I had quite forgotten about the extensive collection of epithets Alianor had for Henry Tydder. It rivals my own.

    14. InterestingHard to explain this one but I enjoyed it. The true story of Richard III told through the eyes of Alianore Audley. It's the way the story is told-- conversational with a modern tone describing what happened in the 16th century--Alianore- a woman ahead of her time- is drafted into the intelligence business and works for, among others, Richard and his followers in the Byzantine goings on during the War of the Roses. Alianore has a bit of Flashman in her which makes this book even more f [...]

    15. A well-researched yet light-hearted look at Edward IV and Richard III - pre-Tudor propaganda.Ah, if only we were all as pragmatic as Dame Beauchamp. Do you have problematic brothers who want to send you to a convent? Does the local witch want to train you up? Did history find your father fighting on the wrong side of a battle? Does an annoying neighbor poach the deer from your deer park? Got a husband in the tower being threatened with possible treason? Alianore Audley handled these situations - [...]

    16. Never thought that the subject of the Wars of the Roses could be made into a humorous spoof story but Brian Wainwright has managed it! Didnt know what to expect but my curiosity was piqued after reading the very good reviews. I liked the down to earth character of Alianore Audley and her husband Sir Roger Beauchamp very much. You probably have to know something about the WOTR and the various characters involved to follow what is going on and fully appreciate the humour. It was a quick light read [...]

    17. What a lovely, snarky, thoroughly well researched book. I simply stumbled across this book on Booksfree and figured I might as well give it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised. Alianore is a self aware character with modern sensibilities who is caught at court during the War of the Roses and after. With tongue in cheek, wicked intelligence, and a healthy bit of frustration at the idiots around her, she cuts a path through court as an intelligence agent for King Richard. This book might be come [...]

    18. "The Adventures of Alianore" is, from my reading experience, an unusual historical novel. The setting of the novel is during the reign of Edward IV to the death of Richard III. Despite this setting, much of the dialogue uses current "lingo." For example, "You ain't just whistling Greensleeves, honey, I nodded. Let's hit the trail, before Tudor and his bunch of oiks start knocking on the door." I did not find the language distracting, rather it add to the novel. I enjoyed the story but had diffic [...]

    19. A very fun read! I would definitely recommend knowing the history behind the story (Edward IV, Richard III) before picking up this book, but if you're like me and you've been satiated by all the serious, philosophical biographies and pieces of historical fiction about this era, this book is great way to shake things up while still being a part of your Richard III collection.

    20. Once you realise that the book is very much tongue in cheek and a way to allow someone to supply information from different parts of the country and different events, and get past some of the anachronism of modern language you can really enjoy it. So it took a while to get used to the style and to enjoy it, and then once I did, I so very much enjoyed it.

    21. The first half was a magnificent, breathless romp -- Marx Brothers meets Blackadder meets Pratchett meets Monty Python's Holy Grail -- about four gags a sentence by my count. Unfortunately it descended into the ABC's of Richard III towards the second half, and ended with a bit of a whimper. Still a quirky gem <3

    22. This wasn't quite as funny as I expected, but it's a fun romp through the War of the Roses. Since most of the fiction about the era is all srs biznss, this was a refreshing change. I came away wanting more though. Alianore is a fun heroine and I wish the author had given her story the time it deserved. I'd happily read a longer version.

    23. What a fun, delightful romp! I agree that it is best to know some history on the Wars of the Roses and the cast of characters surrounding Edward IV/Richard III/Henry VII to enjoy the jokes. Laugh out loud funny and very enjoyable.

    24. Very humorous - but you really need to know the history and the characters pretty well to really appreciate the color!

    25. An absolutely delightful, laugh-out loud romp through the 15th Century. For Historical Fiction lovers, highly recommended

    26. This book is absolutely hilarious. I was grinning like a loon when I was reading it on the train and there were even a few proper guffaws. Alianore is the absolute best.

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