Abandoned When a man brings a pregnant border collie to King Street Kennels late one night Neil is immediately suspicious It turns out that Jesse s owner is an antiques thief and Neil helps the police put him

  • Title: Abandoned!
  • Author: Jenny Dale
  • ISBN: 9780439113250
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a man brings a pregnant border collie to King Street Kennels late one night, Neil is immediately suspicious It turns out that Jesse s owner is an antiques thief, and Neil helps the police put him behind bars

    One thought on “Abandoned!”

    1. I read this book with my mom,it was sad, but fine to start with. A little into the book things off the wall start happening like random, wild dogs, coming into the story and then after about one page of the dogs life, the strange dog dies!? At the end of the book is where things went from nice, but weird story, to literally INSANE HORROR STORY WITH CRIMINALS AND CREEPY HOUSES AND STUPID ADULTS AND CRAZY CHILDREN WHO THINK THEY CAN DO ANYTHING!?!?!??!??!? (that poor dog)I am reading another one o [...]

    2. Much as I've loved the other books in this series so far, this particular book fell a little flat to me. The mystery story felt kind of tacked in, and was at times confusing. The dogs were a little too smart, especially in the end, and I really wasn't a fan of the kids breaking into a house to explore. And there's an especially sad moment in the book, which is very real, but might be a little triggering to young readers (view spoiler)[when an abused dog dies of it's injuries. (hide spoiler)] so [...]

    3. This suspenseful bedtime read is one of a series of books set in a family-run boarding house for pets. It should appeal to boys and girls alike. It says fourth grade reading level, but it works as a read aloud for younger readers, too. I noticed the author making deliberate use of a wide vocabulary. The book may not have the same eternal charm of Stuart Little, say, but it is wonderful material for developing children's reading comprehension skills. It is good for kids to hear fluid writing like [...]

    4. I really like this book because it is about mystery and at the same time is about being brave. on page 86 the mr. who was owner of jessie was tied in the feet,hands and mouth on a empty house and neil was so curious and so brave that he decided to untie him and he went to the mystery house. on page 44 neil and his father were at the house when they heard something coming from the garage. neil was sure that it was something so he went to the garage and when e got there, there was his dog hurt. yo [...]

    5. This book is about a guy who brings a dog named Jessie in to king street kennels on a dark night and leaves her there for a week he says and he says he's going on a trip to Japan and the dog is pregnant and ended up being a antique theft and he never comes back to get her and Neil helps him get behind bars because he stole from Japan:)): sad book YOU SHOULD READ IT IT'S A LITTLE SAD BUT IT'S A GOOD BOOK

    6. I read this when I was in about 5th or 6th grade so my review won't be as good as it would if I just read the book. Growing up I wanted to be a vet and I love animals so when I saw this series on my friends floor just sitting there I asked to take them. This series is a good read for younger children it wasn't very hard to read and I loved it. I wish I still had the books because I would re-read them and give a better review :(

    7. Hi my name is Deadra Berry. I wanted to tell you that this book is the best pet book. This poor puppy has been abandoned. I felt so sorry for him but now in the middle a little boy found him. The puppy was the most cutiest thing.This is my first Jenny Dale book before. The dogs name is Jessie.Bye

    8. These are actually pretty cute books, if you like dogs. I read this a couple years ago. They aren't too bad, actually.

    9. A dog called Jesse is brought in to be watched and, as it is too normal to be true, the dog's owner has left her over time and has a serious problem on his hands.

    10. Taniya B. and Tamia M.I did not read this book, but I did read one in the series called Top Dog. Let me tell you about it.

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