The Anglo-American Establishment

The Anglo American Establishment Quigley exposes the secret society s established in London in by Cecil Rhodes Quigley explains how these men worked in union to begin their society to control the world He explains how all the w

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  • Title: The Anglo-American Establishment
  • Author: Carroll Quigley
  • ISBN: 2940025650058
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Nook
  • Quigley exposes the secret society s established in London in 1891, by Cecil Rhodes Quigley explains how these men worked in union to begin their society to control the world He explains how all the wars from that time were deliberately created to control the economies of all the nations.

    One thought on “The Anglo-American Establishment”

    1. The upside down American flag on the front cover pretty much sums up Quigley's thesis. Unfortunately this warning never reached mainstream America as the book remained unpublished for 30 plus years. Coincidence?

    2. A brilliant piece of research. This book details the mechanisms by which a small number of men managed to gain control of immense power. The book shows that there had been existing power groups in Great Britain wielded by small groups who used close associations, friendships and intermarriage to consolidate their power, but that this type of power structure was intensified in the early 19th century, initially around Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner. These men were motivated by what they saw as moral [...]

    3.  The practicability of this book is not imminent. I read it as if it was a bed-time story.      But knowledge revealed in this book shall be of significance, since they underscore certain crucial aspects of the history of a hidden association that had casted great influence on British national politics prior to WWII and carried out the will of Cecil Rhodes, wealthy empire-builder and the most important person in South Africa.      This association or society was founded by Ceci [...]

    4. I am left confused by this book. This is in a large part also due to the author Quigley who clearly states his position and bias but dose a very good job on presenting the members, ideology and actions/influence of the Groups in a non hypocritical way.My confusion is also on the nature of the Groups (there were more than one) witch were not quite secret societies despite their clear discreetness and they were on an individual level good people with good intentions who can not be quite accused of [...]

    5. An amazing history of a small secretive group that placed themselves in various positions of authority to create a network of power and influence. The Group was able to manipulate world events in their favor for the most part, trying to create a world state where they would hold the keys to the future of mankind. The group still exists to this day though undoubtedly is much more ruthless than the Milner Group which Quigley writes about.

    6. Starts as a C19 and C20 roll-call and personal history of the titans of modern political history, which is strangely fascinating in a soap-opera, Donton Abbey sort of way. Ends as a back grounder to World War II, which turned my head around more that any other 50 pages I have ever read.

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