One thought on “Toby the Tortoise”

  1. I read this book as a child and occasionally the pictures from it (specifically of Tody climbing on people and eating strawberries) would pop in my mind, but it wasn't until I was reading Gerald Durrell's book My Family and Other Animals that it triggered my memory so completely that I went on a mad google search until I found this glorious book again!Brilliant story and beautiful pictures that have stayed nestled happily in my memory for many years

  2. Loved this book! Charming story and artwork that engages the reader and the listener. It would have made the wishlist shelf, but for one odd picturee "sister" in a bikini ( ahem, well developed) uld have been done so much more tastefully.

  3. Another story about Durrell as he and his dog wander around the island where they live, making friends with the animals on the island and inviting them home.

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