Battle of the Network Zombies

Battle of the Network Zombies Irreverent and nasty sexy and hilarious Mark Henry treats readers to outrageously campy urban fantasy courtesy of Amanda Feral Seattle s most glamorous zombie

  • Title: Battle of the Network Zombies
  • Author: Mark Henry
  • ISBN: 9780758225276
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Irreverent and nasty, sexy and hilarious Mark Henry treats readers to outrageously campy urban fantasy courtesy of Amanda Feral, Seattle s most glamorous zombie.

    One thought on “Battle of the Network Zombies”

    1. I picked up this book from the library thinking it would be a fun comedy about the undead, however once I was a few chapters in did I realize that the book was aimed at a different crowd which didn't include me, one that would appreciate the sadistic humor and erotic necrophilia. Since I like to finish what I started, I continued reading. It wasn't until I was half-way through that I became immersed in the mystery of the events and the outcome of the characters.The writer has created a fantastic [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book. I wanted to like the other two books in the series. Henry is a solid writer with a firm grasp of the English language, the ability to weave a tight, if cheesy, plot, and his characters are enjoyable (though not necessarily likeable). That being said - the man needs to stop using footnotes. He uses footnotes as character asides to the reader, and they're everywhere. And it's one of the most obnoxious formats I have ever seen. I complained about it on the last two books [...]

    3. I think I had a hard time relating to any of these characters. Despite their living impairment statuses, they all live so much bigger and louder than I. But it didn't take away from the laughs that were had, and cringes that happened more often than not.One thing that I have loved about all of the Amanda Feral stories are the numbered asides. Those little tidbits really made it feel like a story was being actively told In the end, I think I like my female leads either nerdy or action hero-y. Fas [...]

    4. Amanda Feral is back, but not as triumphant as she would like. Her advertising agency is on the verge of closing down. Her boyfriend leaves her because her celebrity status and material wealth is more important to her than their relationship. Then her car gets repossessed; she loses her condo; and she still owes oodles of money to the Reapers for fixing her up. Sleazebag wood nymph Johnny Birch offers Amanda her last chance for success as a judge on his new reality show American Minions. Althoug [...]

    5. The plot is fairly original, even in the paranormal subgenres that have emerged in recent years, but there are several issues I have with the text, the major one being that, though it's supposed to have been written first-person from the point of view of a callous, jaded, money-hungry, celebrity-hounding ad executive (Amanda Feral), it reads like it was written by an adolescent boy with a preoccupation with aberrant sexual habits and bodily functions (as so many adolescent boys are):1. It's very [...]

    6. Stylish Amanda Feral has found herself with a bit of a problem – lack of funds. To keep her zombie self in the height of fashion takes work, and money. Even more important than her designer clothes is her body, which takes work to keep the scratches, gashes and body parts all intact. When a zombie gets a boo-boo it doesn’t heal, and they must turn to the reapers to patch them up, which comes with a high price tag. The reapers want payment – now. Amanda’s advertising firm took a turn for [...]

    7. As a child, Saturday mornings meant a big bowl of Lucky Charms and cartoons. I was a huge fan of Bugs and Friends. That’s no-brainer. However, there was another early morning favorite…Scooby Doo. I loved trying to solve the mystery before the rubber mask was pulled off to reveal the dastardly culprit. Mark Henry’s Amanda Feral series is replacing that empty spot in my adult (notice I didn’t say grown-up) heart.I must come clean early and say that Battle of the Network Zombie is my least [...]

    8. 3.5 stars While I enjoyed this book, it failed to grab me as much as the first two entries in the Amanda Feral series (Happy Hour of the Damned and Road Trip of the Living Dead). I think my lessening enjoyment may actually be due to Amanda's snarkiness. Ordinarily, I love snarkiness, as it's so very humorous to me. However, in this third entry it was becoming juvenile. :-( However, Mark Henry did have Amanda "mature" a little bit; I was surprised and pleased to see her admit that she (view spoil [...]

    9. In the third installment of the Amanda Feral series Amanda is back, dirtier than ever. Her ad agency is on a downward spiral and her expense budget is in the toilet. In order to keep her condo and pay off her debt to the Reapers Amanda says yes to an opportunity to appear on a new reality show. Yet, things are never simple with Amanda and she finds herself in the middle of her very own murder mystery.Amanda Feral books always makes me giggle and snort like kids do when they tell fart jokes. Batt [...]

    10. Reality shows are pretty crazy to begin with, but add in Amanda Feral and the insanity gets turned up to 11. Amanda agrees to be a judge on American Minions, which is kind of like a supernatural Big Brother, because she's broke. When the lecherous wood nymph host is killed inside the house, the show becomes a murder mystery instead, as her friend Wendy follows Amanda with a camera while she tries to catch the killer. She also gets crime solving advice from her sometimes-boyfriend Scott, the form [...]

    11. Pretty much the only reason I had this book was because it was a Kindle "Free Book of the Day," so I thought, "Why not?" I don't regret reading it, precisely, but I wish I had known a few things in advance. 1) This book was #3 in a series, so the main character--zombie Amanda Feral--makes several references to things that happened in previous books. Having not read books 1 and 2, I didn't know what she was talking about. Irritating. 2) This book had footnotes. As in the main character herself co [...]

    12. Amanda is back, bitchier than ever in Battle of The Network Zombies and I LOVED it! It's sad to think of this series ending, it so is This book was hilarious!Amanda is drowning in debt, she owes a lot of money to the Reapers, the supernatural version of Doctors, and the little bitches are trying to collect their money. What is a girl to do? Become a judge on a new Supernatural Reality Show, of course.The craziness start even before we get to the show and it just gets more insane as we go along. [...]

    13. In the deliciously vulgar third book in the Amanda Feral series, we see how far Miss Feral’s finances have taken a dive. Her car is repossessed, there’s all sorts of firings/layoff’s going on at Feral Inc. What’s a zombie to do when she gets offered the chance to judge a new reality show? Amanda judges for free people, why not get paid?! When Wood Nymph Johnny Birch is found murdered closely followed by the murders of two of the house guests, Amanda goes all Magnum PI, better dressed min [...]

    14. I'm not a prude, but this book had way to much nasty sex for me. Sex is ok when it fits into the story, but this was over the top trashy and disgusting in almost every paragraph. The concept of the undead world in our live world was somewhat interesting, but the main character Amanda is really not at all likeable. She's bitchy and super concerned with her appearance. I'm wondering if the man who wrote this book thinks that all women are concerned with are their looks and fashion. I know it's sup [...]

    15. Okay, I admit, I didn't know this was part of a series before I borrowed it from the library. The blurb on the back made it sound like a fun book and I've got nothing against vampires, zombies and other non-humans. I've enjoyed Carrie Vaughan's Kitty books, for example.But I knew by the end of the first scene (set in an intentionally non-classy strip joint) that this book just wasn't for me. I might like books on the undead, but I can do without the gratuitous sexual references and foul language [...]

    16. (Advance Reading Copy)So happy to see Amanda back and snarky as ever! To bolster her struggling finances, she agrees to judge a paranormal reality show but then must figure out how to still make a buck when the obnoxious host is found incinerated. With the help of her fellow zombie chick Wendy, and (surprisingly) her newly vampirized and zombie strip-club-owner mother, Amanda sets out to solve the crime and keep herself in hot shoes and body repairs.

    17. A satisfying end to the Amanda Feral trilogy. Ms. Feral is just as feisty as ever, this time in the midst of bankruptcy issues and reality shows filled with new supernatural characters. As ever, working to keep her body from falling apart and looking gorgeous. I'm not sure why, but the reapers in this book seem even more frightening than previous books -- and Amanda's mother is in top form too. LOVED the whole trilogy, and am hoping for more Amanda books in the future (HINT HINT).

    18. I like the concept of the book but found it almost unreadable. In fact, I didn't get past the fifth chapter. There are footnotes and insets throughout that were really annoying. The sentence structure was not my style. It was just too difficult to read. It was too violent and gory for my taste. I really wish I would have liked it.

    19. I was put off by the new cover art, I know that really shouldn't matter but I liked the cover art from the first two books very much and the cartoon look just didn't do it for me on the third, not classy enough for our Amandajust my opinion. Usual Amanda shenanigansd wicked quips, lot of fun.

    20. Read this book 1st not knowing that it was part of a series and instantly fell in luv with the characters and the author So laugh riot funneh that I had to quiet myself while reading in public. Found myself talking about the book at length unable to put it down! Recommended read for sure! A do not miss!

    21. A splendid conclusion to this irreverent series about a fashionista zombie and her BFF. Amanda tries her hand at mystery-solving when the host of American Minions, wood nymph Johnny Birch, is found murdered. Much mayhem and hilarity ensue in the now trademark Mark Henry style. This is a great read and I look forward to learning what Mr. Henry comes out with next.

    22. This was my second time reading this book. As always, I enjoyed Amanda Feral's snark and catastrophes that bring about hilarious outcomes. My favorite character(s) in Amanda's world are the Reapers. Would love a book just on those scary demons(?)!!!

    23. I loved this book! It was hilarious,sexy and full of swearing. Amanda is a zombie who works in showbiz and is making a supernatural reality tv show. Add a little murder, a transexual werewolf and a very unhygenic stripper and it makes one funny book.

    24. I really like Mark Henrys snarky sense of humor and an interesting twist on zombies being in the regular world with jobs and friends. I would definitely recommend this book to zombie lovers who love mysteries and snarky humor.

    25. Mark definitely takes his snark and his naughtiness to a new level in this book. Final line from my expanded review on my blog"This book is like having sex with a dislocated shoulder, it is really uncomfortable at times but you are having too much fun to stop."

    26. Actually 2.5 stars but I'll round up and give the author the benefit of the doubt. It was okay but nothing special. As with too many series, this one got progressively worse. Thank goodness I only paid $3 for the book. Anything more and it would have been a waste of money.

    27. This book was so funny and it wasn't the first one! I had to back up and read the first one now! I love it!

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