Stargazer The vampire in me was closer to the surface Evernight Academy an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful dangerous students of all vampires Bianca born to two vampires has always been tol

  • Title: Stargazer
  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • ISBN: 9780061923166
  • Page: 480
  • Format: ebook
  • The vampire in me was closer to the surface .Evernight Academy an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous students of all vampires Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them.But Bianca fell in love with Lucas a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind They were torn apart when his true identity was revThe vampire in me was closer to the surface .Evernight Academy an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous students of all vampires Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them.But Bianca fell in love with Lucas a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind They were torn apart when his true identity was revealed, forcing him to flee the school.Although they may be separated, Bianca and Lucas will not give each other up She will risk anything for the chance to see him again, even if it means coming face to face with the vampire hunters of Black Cross or deceiving the powerful vampires of Evernight Bianca s secrets will force her to live a life of lies.Yet Bianca isn t the only one keeping secrets When Evernight is attacked by an evil force that seems to target her, she discovers the truth she thought she knew is only the beginning

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    1. YAY!! I finished anotherrrrr book. October is looking to be a great month!!! I can’t wait to review this one. Lucas is just absolutely adorable and these books are a great escape from reality. So excited to have found this series! ♥For more of my reviews, please visit:

    2. In a word: lame.I've been on a roll with crap YA lately, so feel free to take my gripes with a grain of salt. But guysTHIS BOOK IS LAME. I was (reluctantly) determined to give Stargazer a chance -- not because I was wow'd by Book 1, but there was just enough that piqued my interest in how future books would unfold, despite the massive quantity of dumbness in Bianca & Lucas's story.That dumbness was not improved. Rather, the dumbness was planted in a sunny location, watered daily, sprinkled w [...]

    3. Another one that scores high on my whut-meter. Seriously.I'm guessing Bianca going on and on about The Kiss by Klimt (which I think is an ugly piece of art, but that's just my opinion) is to show that she's actually Bella Swan sophisticated and deep? Don't get me wrong, I've always loved this for example (it's totally safe guys) and I'm sure there are a lot of people who think that's a piece of crap. But I don't compare everything that happens to it, or think about it at random times. The Kiss i [...]

    4. Bianca is determined to make it through the year even though without Lucas it is going to be hard. She has made it her mission to find out why Evernight is accepting human students so Lucas can tell his superiors and his mission will be complete. Evernight is completely safe and she wants the Black Cross, a group of vampire hunters, to back off and drop their investigation.Bianca’s vampire instincts are getting closer to the surface. She needs more and more blood to stay satisfied and her pare [...]

    5. I definitely thought this book was worse than the first one. I wouldn't say it was bad. It just really wasn't that good a sequel. I'm still giving it 3 stars because, while I didn't think it was great, I didn't hate it or want to put it down. It was still the same easy-to-read story the last one was.Bianca is back at school. She's still the same boring character she was before, but now there is no pretending she is painfully shy. She whines about Lucas more or less from the beginning. She gets a [...]

    6. This review can also be found at fortheloveofbooksreviewssIn the sequel to Evernight, Bianca has spent some time without Lucas, the boy she loves, but she is able to communicate with him through letters. However, they have to be careful not to get caught, because Bianca is a vampire and Lucas is a vampire hunter. With everybody standing in their way of being together, things seem grim for their relationship, but they've decided not to give up on each other. Meanwhile, Bianca finds herself the ta [...]

    7. So it seems that 2009 is "The Year of the ARC" around here. Two of the books that I was most eager to have in my grubby little hands (which both are set to release on the same day, March 24th 2009, my husband's birthday) I managed to swing ARCs of in contests held by their authors. Pretty cool, right? I thought so, too. The first book as you know because I haven't shut up about it was CITY OF GLASS by Cassandra Clare. The second book was STARGAZER by Claudia Gray. I will preface this review by s [...]

    8. Okay the book is great and sort of addicting and I could not put it down blah blah blah. But why three stars?I've given it a not so high rating because the book is not so original and rip-offs of New Moon, Vampire Knight, Harry Potter, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Uglies, City of Bones, Graceling, Hunger Games, and Dear John (why is Dear John here? o_O)My explanation (sort of):1. So first off, Bianca and Lucas were sort of apart from the first chapters and then they exchange these letters wh [...]

    9. REVIEW: I have to say I didn't really enjoy Evernight when I read it in 2010. The characters were lacking, the story took a strange turn that felt fake and I didn't enjoy the plot until about halfway through the book. I was glad to see that I had none of those problems while reading Stargazer.Stargazer does a great job helping the reader remember what happened in the first book. I read it two years ago, and I didn't feel like I missed out on anything when picking this book up because the recap w [...]

    10. Do you know what this book is? It’s a walking, talking advertisement for abstinence. But I think we can all agree that if we had a little brat like Bianca running around, we’d be the first in line to warn potential new parents off the sad, sad consequences that come with parenthood. You know, like ungrateful little wastes of space like Bianca, who are judgmental and oblivious to their own flaws and rude and overall just nasty things to be around. The kinds of kids who don’t appreciate what [...]

    11. Stargazer, you had me in doubt. You had me wondering if I'd ever finish you. You made me dreading having to finish the rest of the series let alone the actual book but, fear no more! For, I indeed have finished you.Stargazer by Claudia Gray was a lot better than the first book. The book starts out with a new year in Evernight. We go through the same seasons and days like the last book (You know, unlike other books where the whole entire book takes place only in the summer. . . .). It is a well-k [...]

    12. I know some people will think I’m being cynical, but I’m tired of reading books for young girls that promote the idea that love is something that should be valued above all other things: family, friends, honesty, hopes and dreams. These authors make the characters one dimensional by promoting such blind indifference to the rest of their lives.In the books, Bianca lies continuously to everyone around her so she can be with Lucas. Yet, she never wonders if that dishonesty might be a sign that [...]

    13. This is the second book in the Evernight series. There are supposed to be four books in the series. This book was much like the first book for me. If you liked the first book you will like this one. It is beautifully written, the first part is kind of boring and nothing happens, and then the last few chapters are so packed with action it's amazing. Bianca is returning to school after a grueling summer separated from Lucas. Upon returning to school she finds out that she is being haunted by wrait [...]

    14. I don't think that this book was nearly as good as the firstHowever, that is mostly due to the fact that I valued the surprises "Evernight" containedHaving said thatThe first quarter of the book was simply "okay", which is saying a lot. I went into this book expecting to be blown away! However, once I was approximately half way through the book, it began to pick up it's pace. I was appeased once I reached the endingI was a bit irritated that Claudia Gray didn't fully delve into the ending(I don' [...]

    15. I really liked Evernight. I mean I really really liked it! Loved it even! And as much as I loved Evernight– Stargazer is even better!I don’t want to go into the plot too much and really go into what happens because a lot happens! And you’re really going to want to discover it all for yourself! In my review of Evernight, I mentioned that I would like to learn more about Balthazar, and I was happy to see happen in this novel. The plot becomes even more complicated if you can believe that. Gr [...]

    16. It's hard for me to give it right amount of starts, I liked it and I badly wanted to know how it goes on. But I was so angry at Bianca all the times that I have to take away one star and give it 3 instead of 4. I really like Balthasar a lot, more than Lucas and this makes me hard to follow what happens in the book. One scene though was amazing!! What I like is how Claudia Gray mixes in some hot and erotic scenes but still be suitable for Teens, she has a way to get the right amount. Although, su [...]

    17. Já ani vlastně nevím, jestli to bylo lepší nebo horší než první díl, ale rozhodně se mi celý příběh moc líbí! naprosto jsem si oblíbila Balthazara, kterému jsem přála aby byl s Biancou, ale Lucas, kterého zrovna v lásce nemám, se musí vždy motat okolo. Chudák Balty nakonec zůstal na ocet. :D

    18. Ojo: las estrellas pueden ser engañosas. Al libro anterior le puse también dos, pero esto es un 1.5. Y no lo reduje a 1 porque otra vez sentí que son los personajes secundarios los que llaman la atención y no la historia en sí misma. Nunca en mi vida tuve la experiencia de toparme con un libro que fuera predecible en su totalidad. Es normal que uno arme hipótesis a partir de una pista que el autor deja en algunas situaciones, pero creo que adivinar el libro entero es una mala señal.Adicci [...]

    19. This was so much better then Evernight!Stargazer continues the story of Bianca who as to find a way to survive at Evernight without Lucas. Though she's apart from him, there love is still very much alive and soon enough she plots ways to be with him again. Bianca isn't that shy, unknowing girl we read in Evernight, she's finally embracing who she is and the friendship between her and fellow Vampire, Balthazar, has made feel less alone. Eventually the two come together and devise a plan to help e [...]

    20. After reading (& severely disliking) Evernight, I probably wouldn't have bothered to read Stargazer had I not already had it ready to go. While it's still not the best thing I've ever read, it is a hell of a lot better than the first.In addition to vampires and maybe halfbreed vampires, now we have wraiths running around Evernight Academy. And that is awesome.I know we're probably not supposed to like the wraiths, but I do. I do so hard. Those things are ruthless and fun, just going around g [...]

    21. I did enjoy Stargazer more than Evernight. It had more action, and a couple of twists. What i liked: The ghost - The identity of the ghost that Bianca saw alot, really surprised me.The wraiths - They were really interesting, and the twist about why they were there was really good. The ending - It ended with a lot of action, and Bianca making a decision that could change everything. What i didn't like:The story takes forever to get interesting. In both books, nothing really happened until the hal [...]

    22. Stargazer, is the second book to Evernight. The book wasn't as good as the first and I think that's because there was less of the Lucas and Bianca parts.I liked how Claudia Gray got Balthazar and Claudia together. If she decided for them to stay together I don't think I would have minded. I like Balthazar and his personality definitly. He cares and loves Bianca but the sad thing is she will never feel the same way.One thing I disliked about the book is the ghosts or shall I say 'wraiths' I prefe [...]

    23. Çoğu kişi bu seriyi sevmez, kabul. Arkadaşlarımda sevmiyor Çünkü biraz kasvetli okuduğunuz o distopyalar gibi romanlar arasınız biliyorum ama beni bu seriye bağlayan bir şey var. İlk kitabını da bunu da bir gün de okudum bitirdim Aklımı dağıtıyor, severek de okuyorum .3. yü de merakla bekliyorum

    24. AHHHH, that ending, seriously?!?!?!? Now I'm going to have to frantically rush out to get the 3rd bookThis is such a good series for those of you who like the whole vampire thing It might have a few similarities to Twilight, but all in all this feels like such an original story.

    25. Había empezado esta saga por el reto got y cuando vi que este mes me pedían en el mismo reto una portada que tuviera negro y rojo no dude en retomarla con su segunda parte, ya que su primer libro me gusto mucho. No es que haya cambiado mucho la cosa ya que la historia sigue siendo tan dinámica y entretenida como su primera parte. Los personajes principales siguen siendo exactamente igual excepto un leve cambio de Bianca que no voy a contar ya que es un gran spoiler. Lucas este vez me ha puest [...]

    26. I must confess, I failed to locate Evernight, book 1 of Miss Claudia Gray's vampire YA series, so I have to make do with reading Stargazer, book 2 of the series first. *plot spoiler warning* I also learned that the true identity of Evernight Academy's students as vampires is supposed to be a major plot twist for us, but too bad I found out who they really are by simply looking at the book introduction on the back cover of Hourglass, book 3 of the series.*end of spoilerSo to me, the major plot tw [...]

    27. Also dieser Teil war definitiv besser als der Erste. Bin jetzt ziemlich gespannt wie es weitergeht. Hab genug Fragen die beantwortet werden müssen. Aber eins Steht fest ich steh wirklich auf keine Internats Geschichten, deswegen heute mal 3 Sterne, weil dieser Teil spannender und etwas abwechslungsreicher war. 👌

    28. ** Spoiler's contained** Finished this on Friday and waited a few days before writing the review - wanted to let the ending sink in. The writing was good. Although I struggle a little with Bianca's relationship with her parents. I think the writer is trying to go for something other then a "normal" teenager/parent relationship, because the relationship is sooo one-sided. Bianca caves to everything her parents want, and barely even argues with them over it. I liked getting to see more Balty. He i [...]

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