The Girl On The Stairs: My Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

The Girl On The Stairs My Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F Kennedy On November a young Victoria Elizabeth Adams stood behind a fourth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas She watched as John Kennedy was murdered in the streets below Th

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  • Title: The Girl On The Stairs: My Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy
  • Author: Barry Ernest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On November 22, 1963, a young Victoria Elizabeth Adams stood behind a fourth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas She watched as John Kennedy was murdered in the streets below Then, with a co worker in tow, she ran down the back stairs of the building in order to get outside and determine what had happened At that precise moment, her life changedOn November 22, 1963, a young Victoria Elizabeth Adams stood behind a fourth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas She watched as John Kennedy was murdered in the streets below Then, with a co worker in tow, she ran down the back stairs of the building in order to get outside and determine what had happened At that precise moment, her life changed forever Unbeknownst to her but certainly in the forefront of the government s thinking was the fact that if Miss Adams was telling the truth, then she had descended those stairs at the same time Lee Oswald would have been on them as he made his escape from the sixth floor sniper s nest Yet Miss Adams saw no one And even though the stairs were old, wooden, and very creaky under any weight, she heard no one on them Her story presented obvious problems for the Warren Commission s conclusion that Oswald was the sole assassin When Miss Adams was called to testify before a Commission attorney, she was quickly discredited, humiliated, and eventually branded a liar Behind closed doors she pleaded with the government to conduct time tests of her actions if she wasn t believed She begged the government to question her co workers, particularly the woman who had accompanied her down the stairs, if she was felt to have been inaccurate But she was ignored And so, knowing the truth of what she had done and now fearing for her life because of it, she went into hiding and became willing to die with that private knowledge Intrigued by what little was available about Miss Adams, the author went in search of her It took him 35 years to eventually find this elusive witness Along the way, many of the rumors and speculations surrounding the JFK assassination were finally put to rest And in the end, the truth of what Miss Adams did was discovered This is an important story, unique in this mess surrounding the Kennedy assassination and buried for decades It is an account the government did not want us to hear, and actually went to the extreme of fabricating evidence in order to prevent us from hearing it This is than just another book on the JFK assassination.

    One thought on “The Girl On The Stairs: My Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy”

    1. I was generating a few conflicting thoughts in my mind whilst reading this book. Here is another Kennedy conspiracy exposition story. Another college kid troubled by the slaying of a president, and the doubts raised by another presidents commission report. Nothing wrong with that as David Lifton and others have shown. What posed problems for me was the gestatory nature Barry Ernest has brought with his 'The Girl on the Stairs-My search for a missing witness to the assassination of John F. Kenned [...]

    2. Finally had to give up around 349 349 pages about some girl's 15 second jaunt down a small wooden staircase is more than I can take. Some interesting stuff, but very repetitive, and little of it new. Author tries to buttress his credibility by claiming all the "serious researchers" knew him.One thing that has to worry serious assassination buffs is why, even after 50years, there seems to be not ONE serious academic study Or even course on the topic No one at Yale, Columbia, even Berkely publishi [...]

    3. Amazing read. I will read anything Kennedy and while I always like them, they are all mostly the same. Not so here. Enlightening!!!

    4. I have read and studied the JFK murder for years. I have read over 50 books and numerous internet articles. What impressed me about this book was the meticulous detailed search for an important eye witness to the "escape" of LHO down the stairs from the supposed snipers' nest to the 2nd floor of the Book Depository. Victoria Adams said in her statements to the bogus Warren Commission that she heard nor saw anyone during the time Oswald was alledged to have made his escape. Her testimony was alte [...]

    5. This is a very well researched book (one chapter contained 80 footnotes!)over a span of 30+ years. It took me a little while to get into the book, but once I did, I couldn't stop! I was floored by what a sham the Warren Commission was and horrified by the botched autopsy of JFK. Barry Ernest dug for every single piece of research he could find and read and re-read the Warren Report and accompanying volumes countless times. He interviewed tons of people that the Warren Commission overlooked parti [...]

    6. I read this because after I finished Stephen King's "11-22-63", I was back in a "Kennedy Assassination" mode. Years ago, I had read several books about JFK and this event; I had forgotten alot of the details that I had once been so familiar with. This book brought to my attention a story, I didn't recall hearing anything about, the story of Victoria Adams who had hurried down the Texas School Book Depository's back staircase from the fourth floor right after the shots rang out. The timing would [...]

    7. I'm surprised that "The Girl on the Stairs" is not far more popular than it is. While it' true that it is not as polished a work as I'd like, the conclusions one must draw from the facts presented by Ernest are either bone-jarring, or supportive of what you already knew. (Depending upon how much JFK research you've done.)A key witness who could have singlehandedly discredited the Warren Report is as significant as it gets. But why didn't she? And why didn't any of the dozens of people in key pos [...]

    8. Very well-researched discussion of the JFK assassination. The author starts out being skeptical that there was a conspiracy to kill the president, but as he continues to interview---and this is over decades of time---he comes to the only conclusion he can: that Oswald was not the lone gunman that the Warren Commission portrayed him to be. The evidence just didn't support that theory.Excellent book for people with an open-mind about the crime of the century.

    9. I loooooove a good conspiracy book. This book and the author's exhaustive research of the Warren Commission's documentation and transcripts, reminds me that the WC is just baloney.

    10. Relato desapaixonado do assunto O autor descreve principalmente sua experiência pessoal na busca de informações e faz um relato relativamente objetivo daquilo que encontrou. O texto atrai o leitor. Recomendo.

    11. If you were anywhere in the world on November 22, 1963 you were undoubtedly aware of the assassination of President John Kennedy. There have been questions surrounding the event since that day. Was there a single assassin? Where did the shots come from? Were there any witnesses to support the theories that have been presented? Author Barry Ernest offers some answers to these questions in the riveting book “The Girl on the Stairs: The Search for a Missing Witness to the JFK Assassination”.Ern [...]

    12. If you've always believed Lee Harvey Oswald was surely the "lone gunman" who shot JFK, this book will--at the very least--rock the foundation of your conviction there. And, if you're like me, and don't think LHO even pulled a trigger AT ALLyour conviction of that truth will be further cemented. This author's 35 years of painstaking research and search for Victoria Adams [the 'Girl on the Stairs'], who descended the only set of stairs in the Texas School Book Depository from the 4th floor to grou [...]

    13. I've read piles of books on the assassination, but few if any were as gripping as this one. Barry Ernest reveals step by step how the testimonies of Victoria Adams and her three colleagues on the 4th floor, combined with testimonies of others in and around the TSBD, make it clear that Oswald was not on the 6th floor at the time of the shooting of JFK. In addition, Ernest shows how the testimony of Victoria Adams was tampered with by the Warren Commission. Till reading this book I thought that, w [...]

    14. I liked this book very much. One of my earliest memories at 8 years old is the JFK assassination. Not sure now what I saw, and what I've become familiar with over the years as the images are the same, over and over. Anyway, I've ready this and that, came to the conclusion that something was up - just what, I don't know. Barry Ernest's story of his long try to find Victoria Adams - and how her story undermined his belief in the "official story" is very interesting. I found it was a fresh look at [...]

    15. A very good book. There are a few points where the author goes off on tangents that, in my opinion, distract from the true intent of the book. He seems more concerned with back slapping his colleagues than should be necessary. Also, in the quoted testimony at the end of the book, he should have been more clear with the discrepancies in what was stated and what was quoted from the Warren Commission's report, perhaps showing the unauthorized changes in a seperate adendum located after that. It was [...]

    16. This is a riveting account focusing on a key witness to the assassination of JFK. Thoughtfully researched down to the footnotes, the work will stand as a reference book for students of history as well as truth seekers.The author's own life adventures add much to this view of the mistreatment of a U.S. president.

    17. I absolutely loved this book. It convinced me that Lee Oswald was NOT the assassin of President Kennedy. I would highly recommend this book to ANYONE that still has faith in the contributions of the Warren Commission, FBI, CIA or Secret Service toward solving the murders of JFK, JD Tippit or Lee Oswald. Well written and illuminating! Five Stars!

    18. Got me thinking so muchI'm utterly disturbed by the way the government handled the investigation of Kennedy's assassination. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't think Oswald did it. This book was a gift- my FIL worked with the author & MIL is actually mentioned in the acknowledgements! I probably wouldn't have picked it up otherwise but an really glad I did!

    19. For those who have researched the topic, this is an excellent addition to the bookshelf. Highly informative and a captivating read. The author has an obvious passion for the true facts in the case and chases down actual witnesses. Should be more popular, I think.

    20. An interesting decades-long search for an often ignored witness of the JFK Assassination. A book that goes beyond theories and follows through on years of research finally finding the "girl on the stairs" as an aging woman who finally tells her story.

    21. Seems like great evidence. Sometimes feels repetitive. The testimony of Miss Adams is a very key piece, albeit small.d this was a lengthy book. It did not really concentrate on putting forth other theories, just discrediting the Warren Report.

    22. An excellent memoir of an. early JFK assassination researcher. His decade research for the girl on the steps reveal a government cover up of the assassination. I enjoyed reading this book.

    23. Love this book. Lots of the information withing i used as POI on my trip to dallas.Say Mr Ernest at the November in Dallas conference and listen to him give a little talk on his reasearch.

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