(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication

L The Seven Levels of Communication How many of your clients would attend your funeral One of the top real estate professionals in the country has written a book that details how he became America s Most Referred Real Estate Professiona

  • Title: (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication
  • Author: Michael J.Maher
  • ISBN: 9781452033983
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • How many of your clients would attend your funeral One of the top real estate professionals in the country has written a book that details how he became America s Most Referred Real Estate Professional In 7L The Seven Levels of Communication, Michael J Maher tells the inspiring story of real estate agent Rick Masters who is suffering through a down market when he m How many of your clients would attend your funeral One of the top real estate professionals in the country has written a book that details how he became America s Most Referred Real Estate Professional In 7L The Seven Levels of Communication, Michael J Maher tells the inspiring story of real estate agent Rick Masters who is suffering through a down market when he meets a mortgage professional who has built a successful business without advertising or personal promotion Step by step he learns to change the way he interacts with his clients and begins to focus on people instead of numbers Yet with each new success comes a new challenge and Rick soon realizes that if he is to fully utilize the lessons of the 7L , he must be willing to change himself as well as his business He soon learns, however, that the rewards for doing so are far greater than he had ever imagined 7L shows Rick how to build a profitable business and a fulfilling life in the process 7L is available now at 7LBook Pre.

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    1. I wrote it. Best real estate book ever written for focusing on those you know and those they know. But, remember, I am biased. My bias is based on research though. I've read over 3000 books. But I didn't stop there. I learned, implemented, failed, and evaluated. Over and over again. Read, learn, implement, fail, evaluate. I threw out the B.S. (<-- technical term =0) and honed what worked. I earned over one million dollars in my third year of sales and continue to receive an avalanche of refer [...]

    2. Absolutely brilliant book. A must read for sales, customer service and marketing, in fact anyone who is customer facing and wishes to grow referrals. Looking forward to applying some of these techniques ASAP. Also wondering whether there's a coach for this around here!

    3. As far as business books go, this is a good one.My notes from when I finished the book are, in total, these: "Rick and Michelle. Jay Michaels, the guru. Dial Don. The Coach." Rick's the protagonist, Michelle's his love-interest and butt kicker. Jay Michaels, the guru, knows everything about everything and always has the right answer, delivered, of course, in a series of false-humble "aw shucks, I'm just like you" homilies. But in truth, Jay is not like Michael or the other characters; Jay is a g [...]

    4. This book is a game changer for the Real Estate professional or really any sales professional looking to take their referral business to the next level. I've read it twice and continue to use it as a resource all the time. It was my #1 book in 2012 and will be in my top 3 this year as well even though it's a repeat. Do your business a favor and read it today! If I can finish it within a few days so can you. Easy to read, profound enough to refer back to consistently, and simple enough to impleme [...]

    5. This was a very easy read, in fact I found that I just sat down and finished it off one afternoon. Michael uses a story to make his points and I really think his points are very valuable, I only used that he created easy review of his points at the end of each chapter. Now when I'm wanting to implement something, I find it hard to pull it out of the over all story. His supporting website is lacking as well, I was hoping to find some good follow ups there, exercises, reference, something besides [...]

    6. Easy read reminds us to reach out and touch someone, be generous, be grateful in a systematic, storybook format. As a Keller Williams real estate broker, nothing new, just re-affirming. Recommend for those who want a quick biz kick in the butt. My big aha: easy to go from 5 to 1 hard to go from 5 to 6 via email is informational and easy to misunderstand.

    7. Quick and informative read. This book was lent to me by a mortgage lender whom I'm looking forward to working with as I take my real estate business to the next level. I'm meeting with him again later this week, and I'm excited about this book being the catalyst for our meeting.I give 4 stars rather than 5 because of the way the book is written. I would absolutely place this book in the self help/business genre, and for this genre, I expect and like my books to be written from an informative and [...]

    8. If you haven't read this book yet, you are missing out. Michael is a good friend of mine, so you may think that may tint my review and IT HAS! Because he is a great man, a wonderful father, loving husband AND excellent business mind and I know that personally from him. This book needs to be required reading for real estate professionals and ought to be on the bookshelf of every leader. It is simple to the point and well written storyline that grabs you into the story and keeps you turning pages. [...]

    9. I think this book had some good ideas, reminders, and positive points about communication, business, networking, and even ways to improve your personal life most of which I felt were diluted with too much schmooze and sell, giving the whole thing an almost dodgy feel. It felt like all the information could have been communicated effectively, without the story, in a few blog posts, or pamphlets, which might have made it more interesting.Perhaps the format of the book didn’t translate the messag [...]

    10. A lot of great ideas - took a bunch of notes and will be re-reading this again. Great book for sales professionals to learn/get new ideas for referrals and building a successful business by being there for your customers and providing a fantastic service. I have already used some things I learnt from that book and that helped me to get some new sales and even attract back some customers from the past. Love it!

    11. Immersion, submission and overwhelmingThroughout this book I wanted to grab a legal pad and take notes, not the scribbled unreadable ones but ones I would put on 3x5 flash cards. I wanted to outline in a single line entry that I could read through over and over. even after I knew it well. Instead I read through continuously, allowed myself highlighting, convince if you could dogear an ebook I would be bending more pages than not.

    12. Awesome book, has all the basics and essentials on how to get more referrals out of your business! Also very easy to read as the book is told in a story format, I would definitely recommend this book to all business people and sales people who would like to attract more referrals and live a successful life of balance! Check it out at 7LBook

    13. I love when nonfiction books add a story of real life to it. Using characters that we can relate to, however, the character in this book was far too negative for me. I had a very difficult time reading it when Debbie Downer was the main character. I felt it took away from helping people understand the seven levels of communication.The tips were useful.

    14. Not in real estate, so I was skeptical and the first part of book had my assumptions confirmed. Slow in the beginning. Great story and cadence second half of the book. Any person who sells, carries a quota, with autonomy from management or is a manager can find great tips in this book.

    15. Fantastic readEasy to read, detailed steps to generate referrals and the suggested books are now on my list. Can't wait to get started.

    16. Super awesome - generosity generation - great way to live and work no matter what industry you are in - buy it - read it - and share it with someone you care about!

    17. Must ReadExcellent book, lessons taught through a story that was very relatable.I will begin incorporating these strategies today. Should be required reading for all in business.

    18. Wow, This book was really good. I will be reading this a few more times and gifting it to friends and family

    19. Loved this book! Focusing on others and our relationships is what life is about, no matter what our career is. Easy, enjoyable read.

    20. I want you to buy this book now, especially if you have any interest in running a business, in present or the future. This book advances its own philosophy - that of generating business through building deeper relationships and focusing on communication and referrals over impersonal advertisement alone. The points made here are very sensible and wide-ranging. The lessons, which the author has successfully applied in his own real-estate business, are parted through a fictional story of a man who [...]

    21. Life Changing!There is something powerful and transformational about this book. Controlling your morning is the start to controlling your life. I recommend it for anyone who is trying to build their book of business. It has given me a new way of looking at what I am capable of and how to put the wheels in motion. It also surprises me that a lot of the concepts in this book are things I already do in other aspects of my life.

    22. Missed a lot of the points. The book was good but I was so glad there was a glossary at the end. I actually search back through chapters to see what exactly the author was talking about. Basically it jumped around. I'm able to take a couple of things from it but only from going to the website.

    23. Rather simplistic fable that packs a huge punch. There are some really great ideas in this book - some are obvious and some are hidden - all are valuable. It is an easy read, but it will take a lot to implement all the ideas effectively.

    24. A book along the lines of the e-myth. It takes you on a journey through the changes brought by an individual adopting a new approach to life a relationships. Some may find this concept a little bit strange for a business book but it does make the read more engaging.The book demonstrates that you focus should be external and that you have to develop systems to be successful. It also highlights that to move beyond your current boundaries may also require some personal coaching. There is no substit [...]

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