is the first young adult novel to be written by bestselling author Walter Mosley A master storyteller Mosley deftly mixes speculative and historical fiction in this daring novel Set in a plantatio

  • Title: 47
  • Author: Walter Mosley
  • ISBN: 9780307206619
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Audio CD
  • 47 is the first young adult novel to be written by bestselling author Walter Mosley A master storyteller, Mosley deftly mixes speculative and historical fiction in this daring novel Set in a plantation, 47 a young slave boy is growing up under the watchful eye of a brutal slave master His life seems doomed, until he meets the mysterious Tall John who not only introduc47 is the first young adult novel to be written by bestselling author Walter Mosley A master storyteller, Mosley deftly mixes speculative and historical fiction in this daring novel Set in a plantation, 47 a young slave boy is growing up under the watchful eye of a brutal slave master His life seems doomed, until he meets the mysterious Tall John who not only introduces him to an unimaginable magical science but teaches 47 the meaning of freedom.

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    1. Onvan : 47 - Nevisande : Walter Mosley - ISBN : 316016357 - ISBN13 : 9780316016353 - Dar 240 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2005

    2. One of the most original books I've ever read. Combines historical fiction and science fiction. This is the first Walter Mosley book I've ever read, and I must say, he's incredible.

    3. This could have been a really good historical fiction book about a young slave (he doesn't have a name, just a number "47") who meets a runaway slave and stands up to his master. Then reality gets bent a bit, and we find out that the runaway slave is actually an alien from outer space who has special powers that he uses to help 47 escape. This type of genre is magical realism, and I have to admit it's just not my thing. Give me full-on fantasy or straight fiction, but please don't mix the two. M [...]

    4. man, i really liked this book. it was the first book i read since butler's kindred that combined the telling of sci-fi with historical slavery of the US. i read it in one day and felt like it was a bit unfinished, but i enjoyed it along the way immensely. i would totally recommend it to folks that like young adult sci-fi.

    5. This story was amazing I absolutely loved it! It was many things to me, so I will just say "Enchanting, engrossing, magnificent and necessary. A veracious account on more levels than one."

    6. Just as bad as Runner by Carl Deuker, but in completely the opposite way--this novel aims highbut falls flat. Title refers to the number branded on a young slave, unnamed, who becomes a messiah for the enslaved and takes on a supernatural being. After an initial back-story that feels more educational than real (47's mom was slaveowner's wife's favorite slave--the slaveowner hates 47 but has promised to take care of him--real stuff, shunted off to the side), the protagonist meets a runaway slave [...]

    7. Dredging the archives of my old YA blog--from back in the day when I was a YA para-librarian. Awesome! 47 is a young slave on a Georgia plantation. When he is 14 years old, he is sent to work in the cotton fields, branded with the number 47, the only name he’s ever known. One day he meets Tall John, another slave boy, escaped from a nearby plantation. “I say that he was colored, but not like any Negro I’d known. His skin was the color of highly polished brass but a little darker, a little [...]

    8. I am not sure what to say about 47. It is a very good book, but as I read it, I kept expecting it to be better. I am a huge Walter Mosley fan, so maybe my expectations were too high. I wanted a young adult novel dealing with slavery to knock my socks off or leave me speechless. I think Mr. Mosley did a great job describing the propaganda/brainwashing that was so prevalent in the south and an even greater job of explaining how evil that kind of thinking was. I found the characters interesting but [...]

    9. A sci-fi/fantasy, YA slave narrative. A unique telling of the High John the Conqueror tale, but a little too fantastic for me: Little beings from another planet have found on Earth (in the form of a slave, number 47) the one man who can save all the good beings of the universe from total destruction.

    10. I enjoyed much of this story but struggled with sci-fi alongside slavery. Human beings were/are quite capable of recognizing that there is no master of humans without an alien telling us so. Still, I was turning the pages wondering how Mosley would pull all the threads through the narrative.

    11. This was one of the weirdest books I have read in a long long time, and I really enjoyed this book because of that. My only complaint is that the ending was extremely abrupt and on the whole this story felt rushed. That aside though the concept, characters, and sci-fi/fantasy elements were spot on so I do recommend this book. This wasn't an easy read but it left an impact.

    12. i loved the book. the ending was good! They kill their master, 47 makes him blind and 84 kills him( which is the girl that 47 had to make babies with) tall john and 47 and 84 run away with their freedom.

    13. This book is about slaves and how they worked in early America. Main characters in this book are slave number 47, Tall John(12), Big mama Flore, Mud Albert,slave number 84, White master Tobias, Mr Steward. All slaves are working in Corinthian plantation in Georgia. Number 47 is the main character in this story who is 14 years old and is son of a slave woman who also worked at the plantation but died few years ago. Big mama Flore raised 47 and loved him like his own son. Tall John is a run away s [...]

    14. There were times when I read this book and thought it was on of the most well written books I've ever read. Then there were the really confusing parts of it that made it rather tedius and confusing. It's an interesting combination of genres. It's mixed with slight historical fiction, sci-fi, African American folklore, and history. I did enjoy it for the most part, and liked how everything ended up.The book is about slave "47", his only identity known. When he becomes of that age he is taken from [...]

    15. 47 by Walter Dean Meyer's is a gripping tale about a young slave boy whose known only as 47. He has an abusive master that keeps a close watchful eye on him making escape almost impossible. Until 47 meets a run away slave called Tall John who is as mysterious as his name. Tall John read dreams, fly between galaxies and make friends with any kind of animal. As the two becomes fast friends 47 gets wrapped up in Tall John's mysterious otherworldly activities and begins a personal pursuit of his own [...]

    16. 47 is a plantation field slave, forbidden to have a name of his own -- he is simply assigned a number. He lives a life of downtrodden misery until the mysterious Tall John arrives at the plantation. He refuses to think of himself as a slave and claims that freedom comes from within. This is not a typical historic account of slavery. Tall John has a mysterious background and odd magical gadgets he carries in a carpet bag. This is a very unusual hybrid of history and science fiction. Read-alikes: [...]

    17. Walter Mosley's depiction of slavery and a human capacity for both freedom and brutality is portrayed vividly in 47. Mosley's ability to illustrate the interconnectedness of life raises questions about the capacity of the mind to transcend conditions of a current reality in order to move towards a future that stands in stark contrast to that which is often perceived as normative. Mosley's articulation of plantation life in 1832 contradicts a belief that the lynching of blacks in mass numbers was [...]

    18. What I especially liked about this book was the positioning of the central character as both a person experiencing slavery and as someone who is part of a broader context and experience. Mosley weaves discussions about the meaning of freedom and humanity into a narrative that centers on a young boy's struggle for freedom from slavery but includes another story with aliens and saving the universe The alien and his world brought me back, a bit, to the trippy aliens in another of Mosley's sci-fi st [...]

    19. I didn't realize this was a YA novel when I got it based on the premise on the back - a slave on a cotton plantation in the 1830s is visited by a mysterious stranger named Tall John who has mysterious powers. And our hero lives to modern day, not aging.Well, I was expecting more introspection from a modern standpoint and less action - I wanted Tall John to not explain himself, and Beyond Africa to remain a mystery to the reader.Maybe I wouldn't be disappointed if I had known going in that it was [...]

    20. I'm really not sure what to make of this book. It is listed as a juvenile fiction book, but I definitely think it is more suitable for a young adult audience. There is some very graphic content. The book is about slavery, and what it truly means to be free. But, it is also a fantasy novel. I was actually really liking the story, until it got really deep into the fantasy stuff. The fantasy stuff is just confusing and weird. No other way to put it, just plain weird. However, I would recommend this [...]

    21. I thought that it was a good book and it really explained slavery in a fictional way that I could understand it easier. It nicely tells you the horrible things that African Americans had to go through. I really enjoyed the end when the main character and the other slaves on the plantation burn it down and run free. How the author writes it is very interesting. this book is made for adults or kids anyone who is interested in learning what slaves went through.

    22. This is a gripping, bone-tingling, spellbinding story about a boy who rises out of slavery with the help of his magical, mysterious new friend. As the story progresses, he slowly tears himself away from predjudices, as well. This incredible tale is part fantasy, part historical fiction, and 100% worth reading!!!!

    23. Awesome Mosley book!Another side to Walter Mosley. Fiction; but filled with truth and lessons. Was it coincidence that I read this book in February. Maybe not!

    24. Appreciated this book's charms, but couldn't shake the feeling that the mythology reminded me of the Operating Thetan levels of Scientology.

    25. I loved what this book set out to do. It's rare that we see the POV of a teenage slave going through his day-to-day and how difficult and awful it is. The way that character was fleshed out was rather beautiful and poignant, and captured how someone at that age might process such atrocities being done to himself and those around him. However, the world-building started to fracture soon in. The book spent so much time on the lovely historical fiction world that it seemed to run out of speed once [...]

    26. 47 Walter Mosley Little, Brown and Company May 2005 232 pagesIn 2005 Walter Mosley wrote a teen novel called 47. The novel went viral reaching teens worldwide. Informing them how life was for African Americans in the early days. Specifically for a fourteen-year-old boy named 47 in the year of 1832. He takes you on his and his friend Tall John's journey and tells you how Tall John changed his life forever."I lived as a slave on the Corinthian Plantation my whole life up to the time that Tall John [...]

    27. Working in the fields was tough because the slaves didn’t get to choose what to do as a job. Also, working in the fields was the worst because it was so hard to pick cotton and it could be painful too. In the historical fiction book 47 by Walter Mosley, the theme of the book is that everyone should be treated fairly, no matter what color skin they have. I think this is true because on page 204 when they got free they said, “free to do what we wanted to do. Freedom - what every slave dreamed [...]

    28. Walter Mosley has a book on my favorites list which I try to keep short on purpose. So when I saw this slavery era mixed with sci-fy description and saw the reviews I couldn’t pass it up. And the Audible was read by none other than Ossie Davis. Need I say more. He gave such life to each character in this short novel by Mosley. It’s hard to believe many will only read this and it will be great but they will miss out significantly on the special one of a kind narrator. And believe me ‘47’ [...]

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