Little White Rabbit

Little White Rabbit One bright spring daya little white rabbitsets out from home on an adventure What does he find Look Everything is new Anything is possible

  • Title: Little White Rabbit
  • Author: Kevin Henkes
  • ISBN: 9780062006431
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One bright spring daya little white rabbitsets out from home on an adventure.What does he find Look Everything is new.Anything is possible

    One thought on “Little White Rabbit”

    1. Little White Rabbit set off filled with imagination. As he hopped through the grass, he wondered what it would be like to be green. When he went by the fir trees, he wondered what being tall was like. When he hopped over the rock, he wondered about how it would feel not to be able to move. When he saw the butterflies, he imagined being able to fly. But when he saw the cat, he got too scared to imagine anymore. He hurried back to his family and didn’t stop wondering and imagining.Henkes is a ma [...]

    2. Cute story about little bunny's imagination and about the love between parent and child. Not one of Henkes best, IMO, but still very sweet and the colors and illustrations are so evocative of spring. A great spring/Easter read.

    3. This is a really cute book. I found the story to be a little dull, but my kids really enjoyed it. It even managed to hold my 15-month-old's attention till the end of the book.

    4. Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes (2011)Genre: Picture BookFormat: BookPlot summary: As he hops along a little rabbit wonders what it would be like to be green as grass, tall as fir trees, hard as rocks, and flutter like butterfliesConsiderations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.)Review citation (if available): Weitz, Susan School Library Journal , February 2011, Vol. 57 Issue 2, p81-81Section source used to find the material: [...]

    5. "Little White Rabbit" was first published in 2011 as a picture book and I've had it on my wishlist ever since. 2014 is the first board board edition. This little book is fabulous! Full of curiosity, hopping along, and imagination. The illustrations are so beautiful which does not surprise me as I love Kevin Henkes books. Little White Rabbit, board book, will make a perfect addition to an Easter Basket for any little one. The infomration says ages 4-8, but I say birth-8 with this new board book f [...]

    6. Beautiful artwork adorn this sweet and simple picture book by master writer and artist Kevin Henkes. Children are devoted fans of his work for a reason, and this latest title does not disappoint. You feel as you are floating along a lazy, imaginative day with Little White Rabbit, taking in nature around you, with the freedom to pretend as you wish. Highly recommended for ages four and up.

    7. The illustrations are very precious and cute. The story (or lack thereof) is absolutely blah. Pick up a Henkes Mouse book instead.

    8. Parents need to know that this is a gentle picture book written and illustrated by Caldecott winner Kevin Henkes, whom readers might know from Kitten's First Full Moon or the Lilly series. The text is simple and spare, and the sweet pastel images of the little white rabbit leaping with a flight of butterflies, looking curiously at a lone dragonfly, or rubbing pink noses with his mother make this a good choice for quiet time. As parents read this book aloud to their kids, they can use the illustr [...]

    9. I love the colors in this book. It is very bright and vibrant, and just makes you happy looking at it. The text is simple, which would be good for very early readers. The full two-page spreads were very pretty, and I enjoyed them a lot. Overall, this is a very good children's book.I thought the illustrations were fun and lively. This book is a good children's book, and I think it would be a fun book heading into springtime. Students would probably like this book for its bright colors. I think th [...]

    10. Beautiful art and fun to read with my 3 year old. I liked asking him to name all the green things and imagine what it would be like to be a rock. :)

    11. Encourage children to use their imagination as they follow along on Rabbit's adventure. What would be like to be the color green? Or to sit still like a rock? Great participation opportunities for storytime!

    12. Little White Rabbit wonders what it would be like to be many different things.Truthfully I don't remember this book very well but it made some kind of impression on me at the time and I always find Kevin Henkes's illustration and storytelling style pretty charming.

    13. Kevin Henkes's versatility never ceases to astound. Whether he's writing a chapter book such as The Birthday Room or Words of Stone, an early reader like Penny and Her Song or one of the picture books for which he is most famous, he always seems to be at home in any medium, producing works of art that capture the mind and give insight into the many different feelings that all of us have from time to time. Little White Rabbit is a simple, innocent story, but it speaks to all ages, and is illustra [...]

    14. As posted on Outside of a Dog:A new Kevin Henkes book is always cause for celebration in my land. This year offers two new titles, one for middle grade readers, Junonia, which I have access to, but haven't gotten around to reading just yet, and a shiny new picture book, Little White Rabbit, which has just arrived in my library. Just looking at this cover makes me smile, because it has that wonderful Henkes-ness. Bold outlines, beautiful colors. I occasionally want to hug Kevin Henkes books, but [...]

    15. simple, large illustrations tell a gentle story of a little white rabbit who wonders what it would be like to be different than he is. But ultimately is happy to be with those who love him.

    16. Featured at An Abundance of BooksLittle White Rabbit is yet another example of why Kevin Henkes is such a wonderful children's author and illustrator. Henkes has said that he's been interested in creating books for younger children with "very direct, succinct stories." and he's done just that. This is a sweet little book with softly colored illustrations. Younger children will enjoy little white rabbit's explorations and the full page illustrations of his wanderings and wonderings will definitel [...]

    17. Genre: Concept Picture BookSummary: This book explores how it would feel to be different things. Whether that would be different colors, different sizes, immobile, afraid, or secure. The illustrations are used to tell the story through the eyes of a rabbit who is exploring his environment.Critique:a.) The author excels at discussing what it must be like to be different things through the eyes of the rabbit. The illustrations are a strong aid in telling this story and providing visual clues as t [...]

    18. As Little White Rabbit hops along, he wonders what it would be like to be green like grass, tall like fir trees, and flutter in the air like a butterfly. That's pretty much all there is to this story, which is accompanied by simple but cute colored pencil illustrations. Kevin Henkes employs the same style illustrations as he did in the Newbery winner Kitten's First Full Moon, but in color. The format is somewhat reminiscent of one of my personal favorite picture books, The Runaway Bunny: a bunny [...]

    19. Fuel your child's life with imagination: walk in the snow and photograph your footprints, make a snow angel worth photographing, and then walk briskly to the neighborhood library and find this appealing book.Kevin Henkes is said to have written and illustrated his first book, All Alone, while in high school; that's quite an accomplishment. His parents fostered his love for reading, illustrating, and imagining by visiting the library. From there, his creativity took wing and in the latest book, p [...]

    20. Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes is a simple short story about a bunny with an imagination. The little white rabbit wonders what it would be like to be green like the grass, to be tall as a fir tree, to not be able to move like a rock and to be abble to fly like a butterfly. For each flight of imagination, there is a two page spead. When the bunny encounters a cat, he's too scared to imagine anything, and quickkly hops home to his family, where he didn't have to imagine who loved hin.The text [...]

    21. A young rabbit explores his surroundings, wondering at the world around him. The text is uncomplicated with a strong use of repetition to further the story. This endearing tale’s text works harmoniously with the illustration to realize the little white rabbit’s musings, and each “he wondered what it would be like” lead is followed with a full page spread visualizing his imagination. The larger format of this book adds to the impact of these large, vibrant illustrations and Henkes makes b [...]

    22. "Little White Rabbit" follows a rabbit hopping around the grass and forest one afternoon. The story and drawings change as the rabbit wonders about being a different color, a different size, and more. After wondering all day the rabbit returns home where he does not need to wonder anymore. The illustrations make the words in this book come alive, and keeps the reader engaged. Kevin's decisions to create full page pictures to go along with the words worked very well. The only downside of using th [...]

    23. This book tells the story of a little white rabbit who sets out on an adventure. As he hops along, he wonders about many things. I think this would be a great book to read to preschool-aged children. I think this book should have won the Caldecott because I absolutely love the illustrations! There are not many words in this book, but the pictures help to tell the story perfectly! I love how the story and illustrations work together. On one page, there is only text that tells what the rabbit is i [...]

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