Heroes at Risk

Heroes at Risk Shield Lee Mallorough and her Source Shintaro Karish have returned to High Scape It s bad enough the townspeople are robbing tombs for ashes to use in ritualistic magic It gets worse when they start t

  • Title: Heroes at Risk
  • Author: Moira J. Moore
  • ISBN: 9781101138953
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
  • Shield Lee Mallorough and her Source Shintaro Karish have returned to High Scape It s bad enough the townspeople are robbing tombs for ashes to use in ritualistic magic It gets worse when they start to murder the living for their remains.

    One thought on “Heroes at Risk”

    1. I wish I felt more positive about this book, because the world the author has created is really interesting and I quite liked it. But the lack of growth from the narrator (Lee) over four books becomes wearing, and her selfishness and self-absorption is so unrelenting, it makes it impossible to enjoy being in her head, which makes it further difficult to feel invested in how her journey and relationship with Taro unfolds. I feel like the author has taken on the incredibly difficult task of taking [...]

    2. While I enjoyed the progression of Lee and Taro's relationship, much of the rest of the book was something of a wasteland (for me). This disappoints me because you so rarely get a developing, steadily progressing relationship in fiction and this is a good one. You can see that Lee and Taro love each other (even if Lee is more than a little damaged about it) and that their love has deep and abiding meaning to each in their own way. This is rarely done so well.Unfortunately, the rest of the story [...]

    3. I was positively quivering with excitement to get my hands on HEROES AT RISK, the fourth book in Moira J. Moore's excellent and incredibly fun heroes series. With each installment I've grown fonder of Taro and Lee. Bonded together as Source and Shield, respectively, they've been forced to deal with each other for awhile now and it's always a treat to watch them circle each other once more, to attempt to navigate the treacherous waters that lay between their opposing natures and meet somewhere in [...]

    4. Well, I liked the last one and thought this would be good too and was not what I expected. Picks off where the last ended, Lee and Taro are back in High Scape, where things are circling the drain. There's a new element of magic introduced, although that they don't believe sources and shields are a bit magic is puzzling to me. The main focus of the first half or more like first two thirds of the book is the lack of communication between Lee and Taro about their newly developed relationship. Basic [...]

    5. I can't decide which is my favorite of these books, two or four. This installment in the "Heroes" series brings Lee and Taro back to their home, but there is much to encounter that is changed and a great mystery is revealed. Wow that was vague, but whatever. I have to admire all the planning and seed laying that went on in previous books, there is surely a path laid here that will surely affect books in the future. Just very enjoyable and sweetly progressive storytelling, I just love this series [...]

    6. janicuvejournal/90449mlThe Hero series so far:Book 1: Resenting the HeroBook 2: The Hero Strikes BackBook 3: Heroes Adrift****** mild spoilers for the rest of the series, go read my earlier reviews if you aren't up to this book yet *****The Premise: This is the fourth book in the Heroes series. Shield Dunleavy (Lee) Mallorough and Source Shintaro (Taro) Karesh are back on the mainland (they henceforth only refer to Flatwell as "that damned island") and have to face their old life and friends aga [...]

    7. This is a rant. And it contains spoilers. (view spoiler)[I was frustrated with this book. After really liking the second and third one it was a disappointment for me. I have to mention a few scenes that really irked me.When Lee thinks that she'll be unable to shield Taro she is trying to explain it to him and when he's all "Eh babe you can do it" she decides that she won't try to convince him how bad it is because "he's too stubborn and won't listen anyway". You could both die if you fail!! Conv [...]

    8. I went into this book pretty hopeful. I’d really liked the first two books in the series, been a little frustrated with the third, but looked forward to how certain story arcs begun in Heroes Adrift would work themselves out in the sequel.First, let me say that nothing that bothered me about Adrift got any better in Risk. Lee’s still the annoying, whiny, insecure Shield who doesn’t understand that Taro really likes her. And Taro’s still the annoying, whiny, insecure Source who doesn’t [...]

    9. Considering how excited I was for this book to come out, I was really disappointed by it. I became very frustrated by Lee constantly misunderstanding or making assumptions about people, and her not being able to grasp the importance of certain events. All of her bickering with Taro felt like it was plot manipulation by the author rather than actually being character driven. The mysteries of the book were obvious, and that Lee couldn't figure them out angered me. Every twenty pages or so I would [...]

    10. Lee and Taro are finally back in High Scape after entirely too much time spent running around on the now deceased Empress's errands, ready to get back to their actual job and the comforts of home. Things aren't all that rosy, however, as the change in their relationship is causing problems between them as well as with those who surround them, and strange things are once again going on in the city. A craze for spellcasting has swept into High Scape in their absence, tombs are being robbed so the [...]

    11. Thanks to Angie, I've stumbled onto many, many new series that have totally sparked my interest and have left me clamoring for more. Out of all the authors she's recommended, Moira J. Moore's Heroes Series has to be one of my new favorites. Its got danger, bucket loads of humor, intricate world building, romance, and of course, characters that you can't help but adore. Not only that, but it's one of the most original story lines I've come across in quite a while. Heroes at Risk is the fourth nov [...]

    12. Upon finishing this book I found myself increasingly angry. You might think that that would be an indication that the book was somehow powerful, to move someone to anger. That's not it, though. That's really not it. At first I was merely disappointed with my reading experience but the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. When I read something where I find both just about all the characters and the events that unfold uninspired and unpleasant I expect to be rewarded at some point. At some [...]

    13. While I can concur with other reviewers about how little Lee has changed and how she can still be incredibly self-centered and oblivious (and how it's getting a little old), if she was any other way, events would unfold differently. It might be that the way things went in this book is the only/best/preferred way by the author to get through the arc she has planned, and while not ideal, it does work, and it has not hindered me enjoying this book/series. While some character growth in Lee would be [...]

    14. I didn't enjoy this installment as much as the previous ones. The plot had the potential to be really interesting but I don't think enough was done with it. I liked the progression of the relationship between Lee and Taro but I felt it lacked in descriptive interactions. It's clear that they love each other but I didn't get to read enough about it. I had trouble believing that neither one of them believe in magic and spell-casting, especially given the nature of what it is they do regularly cont [...]

    15. Sorry, I'm stopping here. The series is going nowhere - I don't see anything building up, so if the main characters are not fascinating, there's no point in going on. I like Taro well enough, and might have loved him if this book is more about romance. The problem is utterly self-centered Lee, in whose view everyone not conforming to her narrow, restricted, contorted logic is a prat. I thought book 3 was supposed to give her some depth. It didn't. The only change it had brought is that she's mor [...]

    16. An awful lot of juggling balls went up into the air in this book, and only a few of them were caught again. This book seemed to spend a lot of time on the Lee/Taro romantic comedy and not much on secondary characters or plot -- there were many characters back from the first and second books, but only some of them had anything much to do, and the new characters introduced were only roughly sketched out. If they're going to be as important as was implied, I'd really like to know more about them, a [...]

    17. The latest installment in a fun, creative series, this brings magic into the mix of what makes this world different from our own.Most interesting was the growth and development of Lee, the heroine of the series. She's returned from Flatwell with circumstances having changed, but also having taken to heart a lot of the things she learned there. She's introspective, and, while she rails against the observations others make, she takes some things to heart, and is developing into a better person for [...]

    18. Maybe 2.5 stars, but I rounded up because I liked it better than the last one.Well, the relationship was done relatively well in this book; I liked that. (view spoiler)[Taro stating an oath of fealty as part of a declaration was pretty amazing. (hide spoiler)]But pretty much everything else is grating on my last nerve. First of all, ALL THE THINGS HAPPENED. The plot was all over the place on top of the relationship drama. There were about three other external sources of drama. One too many. And [...]

    19. Lee and Karish are back in High Scape, the city notorious for more natural disasters than anywhere else in their world. Though for some reason, there don’t seem to be any. Just a sickness stalking everyone who lives by the riverfront. An infatuation with casting spells that is leading people to dig up ashes of the dead and set fires inside their own houses. Oh, and the disaster that is Lee & Karish’s relationship. Another fast-paced volume in Moira Moore’s Hero Series.

    20. It says a lot for any book that takes me this long to read (due to LIFE) that I at no point got bored or lost interest. It also says a lot for this series that I dig it so much even though I'm not a huge fan of Lee (the main protagonist). It's simply unlike anything else I've read, and oh so enjoyable.

    21. In the beginning this book felt like it was going to be a filler book, but it picks up towards the middle and that ending leaves you wanting more. I have so many different emotions about this book. First Dunleavy (Lee) did sort of get on my nerves. I tried to understand where she was coming from, but the fact the she constantly was not able to see what's right in front of her was so annoying. Also the way that she felt the need to protect or find someway to justify the actions of those who were [...]

    22. 3.5 starsLee and Taro have finally returned home after their experiences on Flatwell, but things are far from calm. High Scape is undergoing a strange plague and people have a fanaticism for spell casting. (Lee discovers she can sense a spell being cast.)Someone is trying to kill Lee. Lee makes some very bad friends. Lee is being fought over, sort of, by Doran (the little cretin) and Taro. Taro cannot understand why Lee is acting as she is, trying to distance herself from him because she is sure [...]

    23. So while I really enjoy this series, I'm also getting a little frustrated on a couple of points. I'd still classify this as "light fantasy" - which so often seems to be a term slapped on to really poorly written and plotted books about dolts but isn't in this case! I think the author makes a lot of smart choices in her characterizations and has created an interesting political landscape in the world she built. In this book the poor folks of High Scape that live along the riverfront are falling s [...]

    24. Maybe it is better to have read the first Novel before continuing with this review.--------------------------------------------"Heroes at Risk" is the fourth volume in the Hero series and it is full of action.Lee and Taro are back in High Scape. Their post for three years now, even so they are more often away than on the roster. Now, someone seems to pillage grave markers and of course, Lee and Taro stumble over the secret association behind the happenings. Moreover, harmony bobs and spell casti [...]

    25. The Heroes series includes seven titles (Resenting the Hero, The Hero Strikes Back, Heroes Adrift, Heroes at Risk, Heroes Return, Heroes at Odds and Heroes' Reward), the last of which was self-published as an e-book. Each novel is a complete story in itself and they do not have to be read in order, although later books may provide spoilers for some of the earlier titles.Lee and Taro are back in High Scape, but definitely not back to normal. Oddly, this book is more of a sequel to The Hero Strike [...]

    26. Originally posted on my blog here.Another bloody ridiculous cover. I swear! Not a fan of how Lee and Taro are portrayed, but my biggest grip is that this implies that stuff is going to happen with magicd it does, but not to the extent that Lee and Taro actually learn about how to do it. I think that they may as the series continuesor maybe notbut it could have played a much bigger role than it did.So, Lee and Taro got together in the third book and that was awesome. I expected a lot more from th [...]

    27. I really. really like this series. It's quite hard for me to stick to one series unless it's good.This series interests me hard enough for me to stick and care to finish it.Everything turns me on and the plot stirs your interest.Our hero is great. Yes, i admit he's like child sometimes. He acts and thinks later. But that is not a turn-off. I always like mature, sensible men but our hero is really hard not to love. He does not take things that seriously and always manages to stay on the lighter s [...]

    28. Moira J. Moore delivers once again. Taro and Lee have returned from their island mission to find that High Scape has changed. The city is becoming a "cold" site, which means that there are not as many disasters happening as there once were. This also means that the city no longer needs so many Pairs and three have been assigned elsewhere. Taro and Lee also find out that some group has been stealing ashes for an unknown reason, that spell casting has become prevalent even though it is against the [...]

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