The Little Dog Laughed

The Little Dog Laughed An ALA Notable Children s Book School Library Journal Best Book of Parents Magazine Best Kids Book of and Child Study Association Book of the Year Full color

  • Title: The Little Dog Laughed
  • Author: Lucy Cousins
  • ISBN: 9780140554694
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ALA Notable Children s Book, School Library Journal Best Book of 1990, Parents Magazine Best Kids Book of 1990, and Child Study Association Book of the Year 1991 Full color.

    One thought on “The Little Dog Laughed”

    1. The Little Dog Laughed is a beautifully illustrated nursery rhyme book that has 64 nursery rhymes and other short quick stories in it. The illustrations are perfect for each poem and story. They compliment each other very well. It was great to see some poems that I remember as a child, and even more wonderful to see some that I had never seen before. The only thing I was a little skeptical on with sharing in a school setting was the violence in some of the rhymes. A teacher would have to use som [...]

    2. This is a book of very famous poems and nursery rhymes, it includes Jack and Jill, I Saw Three Ships, Twinkle Little Star and dozens more. It is a very cute book to read in intervals because that many short poems could get quite boring. I would use this as a once a day read in a small children's class, possibly first grade. The pictures are very cute, it looks like someone used paper cut outs and stuck them together. I Haven't ever seen an updated fun version of all the famous rhymes together so [...]

    3. Cute book. I think the one I read was a different version of illustrations, but it was cute overall. It was a great, and simple story for children. I know children would enjoy the simplistic illustrations to go along with the "simple" language! I will be sure to have this book handy in my classroom by having it in my library in my classroom! Cute story for children who love animals!Trez, D& A. (1967). The little dog. Cleveland, OH: The World Publishing Company.

    4. I am not a fan of Cousins' illustrations (she does Maisy the mouse, and that probably is what turned me against her). I'm not one that really enjoys books with rhymes because there are always ones I've never heard before, some that shock me we even tell them to children, and those that I know and yet are told differently from how I know them. It makes it hard to enjoy them. Plus, they're never fun to read cover-to-cover. Yet this one a must-read? I certainly don't agree.

    5. The Little Dog Laughed is a great little poetry book for young children everywhere. It has a bunch of fun poems for children to enjoy everywhere and will have them enjoying them as soon as they open the book. The poems in this book are all easy reads for any new young reader.

    6. The Little Dog Laughed is a fun poem book for kids. It has countless famous poems that are great for children. I would recommend this book to any teacher that is introducing poetry into the classroom.

    7. I actually really enjoyed reading this book. It has a bunch of nursery rhythms but was in the myths and fables section at changing hands. Very easy read and fun, I like the short little stories and I also recall a lot of the rhythms from childhood.

    8. The Little Dog Laughed is a children’s picture book, illustrated by Lucy Cousins, consisting of a variety of famous rhymes. This book falls under the genre of traditional literature and it is a collection of many different Mother Goose nursery rhymes, with well-known characters including the Queen of Hearts, Tom Thumbkin, and Wee Willie Winkie. There are a number of settings in this book, such as a clock, a school, Gloucester, and a market (Cousins, 1989).

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